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    Originally posted by Zastria View Post
    If not, sitting outside their house playing Baby Shark for several hours once they're done with their party could be an effective strategy to get them to never do it again. I was tempted to do that to people in a nearby house who thought it was ok to have a loud outdoor party until 4am last year. I can't imagine the horror of that song is improved by a hangover.


      Thank you LizardFriend95 Zastria and Whirly!

      Yes, the neighbours have been better. In fact, very quiet. A lot of this is within me rather than a realistic or appropriate reaction to the world (I think!). I've emailed one counsellor but not heard anything back yet. I've had a lot of counselling over the years, usually related to addiction issues and have had good and bad experiences. Fingers crossed! I hope you are doing well with your counsellor Whirly.

      At the moment I'm just trying to short-circuit some damanging behaviours of mine: namely, sitting at home getting upset that I can hear kids in the street and obsessively starring at twitter or YouTube. Basically, I'm going out. I spent a long time out of the house yesterday, going round town, walking through the park and watching a cricket match I came across - despite the sedate reputation of cricket, this amateur park game nearly ended up in a fight; an umpiring controversy and a talkative wicket keeper... Dear me!

      Last night I did:

      I was pleased with that: a level 4 at level III.

      Today, I went for a 3 mile run first thing, then walked 10 miles along the coast, and during the day cycled 15 miles.

      I'm pleased with that!

      The big challenge for me this week is attending the taijo class, which is now taking place in person.

      Combat workout tomorrow. It's likely I'll do what I've done this weekend: try to work in the morning and get out and about in the afternoon.

      I really value everyone's help and support here. As ever, thank you.


        sitting at home getting upset that I can hear kids in the street and obsessively starring at twitter or YouTube
        I used to do that, I totally get you. I now put on music or close the windows and turn the AC on. At least you are working on improving and very functional all together


          That looks like a tough workout. Great job!


            (For this year's hobbit-themed Hungarian Tolkien camp we're planning a cricket match that ends up in a verbal fight )


              Thank you Mianevem, Dawn, and GF!

              Much appreciated.

              Where I am from is near where Tolkien did some of his archeological work, Mianevem and local people (well, former-local journalists like me) like to say that the place - Dwarfs Hill especially and a place called Puzzle Wood - may have inspired his creation of Middle Earth.

              Peaceful cricketing to all!

              Trying to keep positive and active! I had a trip to the allotment last night and now have a lifetime's supply of runner beans (Phaseolus coccineus), which are notorious for producing gluts - I will have to try to find the recipe for bean pickle we used last year. I hope to go to collect my partner's bike later on today and in the afternoon I will go out for another long walk.

              Back into the Fighter's Plan so today was Combat Day. Sadly, the YouTube channel for Montrait Muay Thai hasn't uploaded the final part of their 90-day challenge, so I'm just starting part 1 again. I hope everyone at the gym is OK, I don't have Facebook so I can't check in on them in a more immediate sense.

              These workouts are about the hardest I can manage so they've been a really good challenge and a very empowering thing to complete. I do recommend them!

              This one this morning at the lowest reps (I use the written instructions as I don't like the music):

              Thank you again, I hope you have beautiful days.



                That is so cool that you have found cardio muay thai, warms my heart every time someone has some form of exercise that they really enjoy!


                  I have followed the link to Montrait muay thai as well and I enjoyed the comment most: ""Ready, ready, ready??!!" is going to haunt me in my dreams tonight!!"
                  I also have it in my ears, even though I did not do the workout, just watching it. Have fun!!

                  I love games like cricket for which obviously there is a compulsory requirement that you had to be born in a (at least former) Commonwealth country otherwise it is completely unintelligible. An Indian student of mine who plays cricket once tried to explain the game to me, a pleasant waste of time for the two of us. The minuscule rest of my encounters with cricket is the series Downton Abbey I'm afraid.


                    After a quick Google search I found this tourist guide which I would gladly follow if I ever happened to be in Wales.


                      Thank you, Gray Lynx, I can't remember how I found them now, but, yes I am lucky!

                      Ready! Ready! Ready! Botenlauben. I do love cricket and I caught a shot session of another game in the park yesterday - again, quite an aggressive encounter!

                      Thank you Mianevem. I knew Tolkien was interested in Welsh (Cymraeg) but not those other links. This is Puzzle Wood:

                      Click image for larger version

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                      They are old mines I believe, and you can see a Middle Earthish vibe to them. JK Rowling spent quite a lot of her childhood in the Forest but I don't think there's much Harry Potter stuff there oddly. Anyway, both Wales and the Forest of Dean are beautiful and great places and welcome any and all tourist spending! We look forward to seeing you all!

                      I finished off yesterday with my long walk routine: I cycled just under 5 miles and walked about 15, to get to Castell Coch, another local attraction. It's a sort of folly that looks rather like one of those Bavarian forest castles.


                      It was a good walk, and I spotted a couple of houses for sale. It seems we are going to move but I have filed such things under Adulting and feel very incapable of them to be honest - it doesn't feel real to me. However, one must adult at some point I suppose.

                      A run this morning of just over 3 miles in nicely cool weather.

                      I potentially have a taiji class this evening but I am really unsure about attending for a number of reasons, all of which can be filed broadly under "anxiety". We shall see. It's a rest/casual day today with strength tomorrow.

                      Thank you lovely bees and on we go!


                        Oh, my, that photo! Wales is definitely moving up on my travel bucket list!


                          What a beautiful picture. I'll probably come around some day.
                          Did you make it to the taiji-class? Send you some conquering-anxiety-vibes anyway…


                            What a beautiful spot.


                              Puzzle wood looks really nice! And indeed very much Middle Earth like!
                              I once heard that JK Rowling came up with the idea of HP in a train.

                              Good luck with finding a counselor, it's not the easiest job to find someone that truly fits


                                Thank you, MamaT, mavie (nice to meet you!), Librarian and Nancy!

                                I just got a too-busy response from the first counsellor I contacted. I will try again today.

                                I didn't make it to taiji. I sort of knew I wouldn't as soon as I started talking about it as a challenge. It's not a terrible thing I guess. We're in a bit of a weird place with Covid here now. Basically, we're "living with it". Because lots of people have been vaccinated fewer people are getting seriously ill but in a lot of the UK life has gone pretty much back to "normal" (that's not quite the same here in Wales). I feel great in a lot of ways; in very good health, but I do have this "clinically extremely vulnerable" tag on me and I don't quite know how to deal with it. Public health authorities have sent me a letter to say, "be careful" but I'm not quite sure how to do that. It's not an easy situation - though I know I am very lucky. This weekend I'm due to go to the football, and I've insisted my friend who I'm driving with takes a Covid test before we go.

                                I should make it clear that that is a tourism authority photo of puzzle wood not my own! Also, Puzzle Wood is in England, though not far from the Welsh border.

                                I continued to cycle and walk yesterday but I think a busy walking week caught up with me a little so it was a much shorter walk (around 5 miles I think) at a much gentler place. I did some rowing in a park boating lake too. That was nice.

                                Have lovely days lovely bees. x