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    Congratulations on 7 years! ​​​​​​

    Keep it up!


      Thank you so much Dorothy, Dawn and Nancy!

      Still going along well.

      Run, swim, and walk on Friday.

      Another taiji course (I really meant to ask Gentle Ox about any functional difference with the term he used!) on Saturday. I'm reading a book on this too.

      I also did my Muay Thai workout on Saturday morning to complete week 2 of the 90 day challenge. Then a walk and a sea swim on Sunday - with fish and chips afterwards.

      I need to find the right balance for the way I log stuff and set targets and challenges. I seem to be on the right path at the moment though and looking forward to a bright day. It's got cold again here!

      On we go. Thank you bees, have beautiful days. x


        Doing fine! Busy. . .

        Catch you in more detail soon!


          Not a great deal to report. I seem to have settled into a routine of doing the Fighter Exercise Programme, and a taiji course, which is:

          Monday - Combat workout,
          Tuesday - rest/casual training - taiji class in the evening,
          Wednesday - HIIT
          Thursday - Strength
          Friday - rest/casual training - usually a run and swimming
          Saturday - combat - taiji class in the morning
          Sunday - rest/casual training

          For the moment I have paused Express Tone. I really love this programme, but I found it was too much. I am doing other things too. I run occasionally, and I would like to have a regular running routine. My 10k race has been cancelled again this year (the first weekend in September) but last year I did the training programme for that. I may do that this year and do a 10k run of my own if I can work a nice route out. I cycle. I walk, usually doing quite long walks on Fridays with friends - and I hope to be able to do things like go up mountains soon. My partner and I swim in the sea when we can, and we swam in the River Wye at a place called Kern Bridge on Sunday - it was beautiful. There is also gardening work.

          In many ways I'm doing pretty well. I still have my battles around addiction and compulsive behaviours. That's a long-term, ongoing battle. I'm enjoying watching the football: I hope your team is doing OK if you're following the Euros, Wales are surviving at the moment. I'm in otherwise good health.

          My combat workouts remain these Muay Thai routines which are released as part of a 90-day challenge. I'm on week 4 of that and I've really enjoyed it.

          The the last HIIT I did - very enjoyable and rather tough, recommended! - was from a district council in Scotland, who were uploading their exercise classes to YouTube during lockdowns. I can't find it now, sadly.

          I hope everyone is doing OK. I haven't kept up with your threads very well and will try to get around as many as I can.

          Have lovely days. x


            That looks like a nice routine that you have settled into, Colin. I am glad that you are doing well.


              I'm glad you are doing well and have found a routine you are enjoying!


                Yay for having settled in a routine! and I hope your struggles will ease a bit


                  Thank you so much MamaT, Whirly, and Nancy!

                  Yes, I'm bobbing along OK.

                  Wednesday was HIIT, with this one:

                  Yesterday was:

                  This morning run and swim.

                  I'm hoping to swim in the sea tomorrow.

                  I hope everyone enjoys their weekends. x


                    That's a solid looking workout regime.


                      Thank you, GF. I seem to have found something that works for the moment. I'm a bit loathe to change it to be honest.

                      The weather over the weekend wasn't up to outdoor swimming sadly, but:

                      Saturday: Combat, the final week of the first part of Montrait Muay Thai 90-day challenge. 1.5 hours tai ji class.

                      Sunday: Rest/casual training. A cycle and a walk.

                      Monday: Combat, starting the second part of the 90-day challenge with this:


                      That's really at the top end of my capabilities at the moment and I feel amazing having done it.

                      I'm boasting a bit now - but I also highly recommend this challenge if you're at my sort of level, which is hardly super advanced! - but the full workout is:

                      Warm Up:
                      Double Pump Squat 15
                      Forward Back Forward 30
                      Plank walkout to Push Up 8
                      Alt Kick Ups 30
                      Burpees 10

                      Circuit 1
                      Alt Jump Lunge 16
                      2 Point Push Kick (speed) 20+20
                      Switch Hand Push Ups 15
                      Mountain Climbers 30
                      Cross + Hook + Knee + Elbow (power) 10
                      Burpees 10
                      Half Spring Up to Jab+Cross 30


                      Circuit 2
                      Alt Double Jump Squat to Double Knee 10
                      Speed Knee 40+40
                      Double Push Up to Double Jab+Cross 10
                      Climber jacks 30
                      Double Cross Hook Switch Knee Power 10
                      Burpee 10
                      Tall Plank Shoulder Touch 20


                      I did that in around half an hour with no real breaks and was absolutely done in at the end, but really buzzing!

                      As I say, I'm loathe to mess around too much when I seem to be in a sustainable pattern. I'd like to run more, I will say that, and I'd like to meditate every day.

                      Otherwise, physically I'm doing pretty well.

                      Life is change.

                      On we go. x


                        You are doing great, Colin!


                          Wow... tough workout! You rock!


                            Thank you Dawn and MamaT!

                            Showing off over now and on we go!



                                Thank you Nancy!

                                Last night was a 2 1/2 hour taiji and qi gong class. I'm really tired at the end of these, not least from standing for all that time - a loooot of focus on standing! But I do feel the benefits already, mosty in my posture. The version of The Form we're doing is closest to this one I've been told:

                                This morning we went for an hour-long walk (about three miles I think) in beautiful weather, and I did:

                                So, thank you to Fife Sports and Leisure Trust for their lockdown workouts! The production values aren't the highest but it's a good workout for me at this stage.

                                Tomorrow is Strength day, so either a little weights thing or an Al Kavadlo 5 by 5.

                                I tried to do a pull up on the gym equipment in the park and, erm, didn't manage that! I'm sure I've done one in the past - with a chin up grip - but couldn't really move myself at all this time. I feel generally fitter and stronger at the moment but I haven't done any specific pull-up focused stuff. If I do want to do my Al Kavadlo Century I obviously need to work on that.

                                We're hoping to go sea swimming this evening and I might book a pool session now.

                                More generally, life goes on. I wish I was braver and I wish I was more free - I wish everyone was more free (freer if you prefer, not a word I like).

                                I wish you a free day - as far as you can manage it - and a happy and healthy one.

                                Thank you Bees. On we go!