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    I enjoyed this too - it coincides with what I think and some of the reading (thank you Twitchy!) I've done lately:


      Yesterday a 5k run, then Day 18 of Express Tone with some very poor quality split lunges I think - I've never really got the hang of these. I did the DD during the day.

      I also meditated last night.

      And this morning.

      And then I did a 3-hour walk. It was not supposed to be a 3-hour walk, it was supposed to be a 1 hour walk, followed by a dental appointment, followed by a 1-hour walk home. I looked up the route last night, but didn't really go into it in detail and when I set off this morning I assumed I would find my way easily. But, the signs on the footpaths ended and I found myself in endless suburban housing with no-one around to ask and every street looking exactly the same - it was like some nightmare from a movie! I Got directions, but got sent to the wrong dental surgery. I rang the surgery and they gave me more directions, but they weren't very precise and I went wrong, so in the end I had to call them and cancel it. They can't see me for another month at least. Oh dear!

      I got very angry about some of this - the signs, the huge housing estate... but it has passed more quickly than I thought and I quite enjoyed pushing myself to keep walking relatively quickly all the way home. I would be amazed if I haven't walked 10 miles. I hope my teeth don't get worse in the meantime.

      On we go! x


        Well, apparently you just were not supposed to get to the dentist today!


          At least you got some sightseeing...


            So annoying though, missing an appointment and waiting for the next one ...
            My dentist managed to call me to cancel my appointment right as I was nearly arrived, about one block away. I wasn't the happiest camper!


              Look forward to the coming movie: Journey Beyond the Dentist: My Llanderyn Hell Trek.

              Thank you, Dorothy, Nancy and PSW/Luna - No, I would not be happy either!

              I am quite pleased with the way I coped with my anger from that little episode: it didn't become really self-destructive.

              Last night I did,

              At level I, stepping down from my usual Level III workouts at Level III on account of being quite knackered from the walking.

              I had intended to do Express Tone but left that for today.

              The plan is to have a strength workout this evening too.

              The weather is lovely. I hope you all have happy, safe days. x


                I am quite pleased with the way I coped with my anger from that little episode: it didn't become really self-destructive.
                Well done!


                  Thank you MamaT!

                  "Do the next right thing" is a sort of mantra at the moment. It seems to be helping.


                  Express Tone Day 19. This is starting to get challenging now.

                  And, for my Strength workout in the Fighter Programme, I did:

                  I really loved this and treated it rather like a HIIT workout. Push ups in small sets throughout a workout is great for me.

                  I've been for a run and a swim this morning. The run was about 3k I would guess, and I did about 15-20 minutes swimming. I am not a strong or confident swimmer, but I think I would like to do more. The pool near me is open from 7am. Numbers are very limited and you have to book.

                  Then I went for a two hour walk with a friend. Probably something over 5 miles.

                  I meditated yesterday and am about to do the same now.

                  Take care everyone. On we go! x


                    Sounds like an awesome morning 🌄
                    Very inspiring


                      Thank you, Gandhalfit!

                      I had a really good week last week. On Sunday we went to the beach and I had my first swim in the sea this year - not for very long, it's still cold!

                      And then I had a bit of a crash yesterday, with a relapse on my internet use.

                      So I need to deal with that without it becoming an ongoing issue.

                      I just went for a walk yesterday.

                      On we go!




                          Ooh, I will say. Today comes up as my birthday at Darebee. It's not my birthday, it's my sober anniversary - seven years today!

                          And thank you Mamat!


                            Happy Sober Birthday!


                              Congrats on 7 years of sobriety!


                                Congrats. That is amazing.