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    Those. Are. A lot. Of. Push ups!


      This is one of those days the pain almost gets me down. Almost, but not quite, because I won't let it. That time is passed.
      I still take it a bit easier. Pain drains energy, so I do what I can and don't overdo it (much ).

      What pain? The right side of my neck. I can hardly turn my head. So today I only look forward

      It might have something to do with yesterday's workout. I went full throttle with the punches, faster than ever before. After today's Cardio Trim and Daily Dare I thought I move my shoulder and neck muscles, because that often helps. I did #4 and #6 of Fitness Drills for the punches and overhead punches. I should not have done that. It made it worse, big time.

      12 mar 2019:
      Cardio Trim day 22 level 3 with all the trophies (I&II in one workout, bonus go, 60 leg raises)
      - part I: 240 march steps, 540 high knees
      - part II: 120 leg raises, 80 side-to-side moves, 80 second leg raise hold, 120 side leg raises, 80 raised leg swings, 80 second side leg raise hold
      Daily Dare: 30 side-to-side ape hops with EC
      Fitness Drills #4: 60 punches, 15 push-ups
      Fitness Drills #6: 60 squats, 120 overhead punches
      Meditation: 22 min

      CT: 60/66 trophies

      Daily workout streak: current 97 / max 97 / total 97/97
      Daily meditation streak: current 11 / max 25 / total 29/30


        Neck is a bit better. I can even look to my right again I still did the punches a bit more relaxed than I normally do. But that way I could do the whole workout, including all trophies, and even the Daily Dare.

        My calves wheren't happy with all the jacks. I had to jump through the pain after the first few sets. Because I know the pain subsides very quickly after the workout, I soldiered on.

        13 mar 2018:
        Cardio Trim day 23 level 3:
        - part I (trophy: extra set): 420 side-to-side hops, 420 half jacks
        - part II (trophies: 1 min rest, extra set): 120 sit-up punches, 120 sitting punches, 120 reverse crunches, 60 dead bugs, 60 back extensions, 60 back stretches
        Daily Dare: 60 second plank punches with EC: 52 punches
        Meditation: 22 minutes

        CT: 63/69 trophies

        Daily workout streak: current 98 / max 98 / total 98/98
        Daily meditation streak: current 12 / max 25 / total 30/31


          Neck is a bit better. I can even look to my right again
          I hate when that happens. Get well soon


            Yes soldier on!

            Two more days and you're on 100 days of workout! I'm on 1. Wow!

            How's the neck progressing, by the way?


              Amirsh Thank you

              Fonzie! After today only one day left. Woohoo Neck keeps getting better.

              The Cardio Trim workout consisted of high knees and nothing else. Four minutes of them in one go if we wanted to get the trophies. And of course we wanted that and so we did.

              Last time when we had to do a lot of high knees it was harder than expected. But we did that without warming up. Hmmm... could that be the problem. So we started today with a warming up of 3 sets of 20 seconds marching steps and 20 seconds of butt kicks. And indeed the high knees were a lot easier after that. Who could have thought that

              After that the Daily Dare with 30 leg raises. I didn't feel my abs as much as I expected, so that was nice.

              My back felt a little stiff, so I ended with some side-to-side steps, knee-to-elbows and torso rotations. I didn't count them and didn't time them, so I don't know how much I did.

              I had to get to the airport and postponed my meditation until I was in my hotel room. I couldn't find a position where my back didn't hurt and ended up doing a short one. Tomorrow I will meditate on the chair.

              14 mar 2019:
              Warm-up: 20 sec marching steps, 20 sec butt kicks, 3 sets no rest
              Cardio Trim day 24 (all trophies): 4 minutes high knees (aprox. 630)
              Daily Dare: 30 leg raises with EC
              side-to-side steps, knee-to-elbow, torso rotations
              Meditation: 10 minutes

              CT: 66/72 trophies

              Daily workout streak: current 99 / max 99 / total 99/99
              Daily meditation streak: current 13 / max 25 / total 31/32


                Originally posted by elitw View Post
                Daily meditation streak: current 13 / max 25 / total 31/32
                meditation! Very nice. Click image for larger version

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                Otherwise, an impressive workout schedule. Impressive discipline!
                cheers, Martikkk


                  martikkk Thanks!

                  First morning in the hotel and first workout limited to 15 minutes. I'm on the second floor, that's why I decided to do workouts from the silent workouts collection. For today I selected Plan B. With the 15 minute limit I managed to do 5 sets with EC. A nice all-round workout that got me sweating nicely. Not from set 1 like some workout, but in the last 2 sets. Finished with the Daily Dare.

                  Oh, and not unimportant... Badge Day! 100 consecutive days of exercise! Yeah!

                  15 mar 2019:
                  Plan B: 5 sets with EC: 100 squats, 100 calf raises, 100 side leg raises, 50 push-ups. 50 crunches, 50 bridges
                  Daily Dare: 60 seconds hollow hold
                  Meditation: 20 minutes

                  CT: 66/72 trophies (no change)

                  Daily workout streak: current 100 / max 100 / total 100/100
                  Daily meditation streak: current 14 / max 25 / total 31/32
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                    Congratulations on your 100 day badge!
                    I like the silent workout collection, I'm going to save those.


                      Whoop whoop! You and EstherS ticking down badges! (well mostly EstherS last week...)

                      I'm bookmarking the Silent Workout Collection as well, might come in handy!


                        100 Days journey


                          Thanks NancyTree , Fonzie! and Amirsh

                          Today again something silent: the Gravity Control workout. Push-up plank is hard. I'm glad I went for level 2 with 20 second duration. All the other I think I could have handled on level 3, but with this one even the 20 seconds was long.

                          After that the Daily Dare. My balance was off. Both in the Gravity Control and the Daily Dare. So much so, that I didn't get the Extra Credit, because I had to put down my foot now and again to prevent falling over.

                          16 mar 2019:
                          Gravity Control workout level 2
                          Daily Dare: 40 double side kicks
                          Meditation: 17 minutes

                          CT: 66/72 trophies (no change)

                          Daily workout streak: current 101 / max 101 / total 101/101
                          Daily meditation streak: current 15 / max 25 / total 31/32


                            Congrats on your bagde, hon
                            100 days, whoohoo!!


                              How long till this push up (&) plank challenge?