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    What ...?! Why didn't you walk away the minute you realized you were alone and expected to carry all the stuff? Do you know any decent people at all?

    (I mean, once, I was the sole person to help a stupidly unorganized friend move, too. But he told me beforehand, excused profoundly and carried at least half of his own stuff.)


      Cjell I tend to have really bad judgement when I am tired. Or sober. Or both. I turn into a really nice and helpful guy...

      As far as decent guys go, I figure they are something like leprechauns or unicorns. There are some cryptic tales that tell of their existence but I have never seen any of them


        HAHAHAHA! Some people, you just gotta love from a distance or they'll wear you down! I'm proud of you, though! Helping ingrates isn't easy.


          17.2.19 Day 90

          Lazy sunday. Chest & Shoulders, 2 sets Samurai and two rounds in the park.


            18.2.19 Day 91

            I am so sick of this. I´ve been halfassing this since the 11th. Because I was kinda proud I did 4 days in a row my body decided to give me some rest by getting sickly, even though that was not necessarily what I wanted. I did some small workouts every day, mostly not to cancel my streak, but nothing of that was really exhausting. And exhaustion is good. Exhaustion and sweating mean that I did something and I am actually working on getting rid of those dozens of extra pounds. So today I decided to man up and do my workouts seriously.

            First Chest & Shoulders light. 3 sets as a warmup. Then Pandora Chapter 9(?). Going from the Lighthouse to the Resistance camp and then into the mines to kill stuff. Those 156 Marching Steps were okay, but the actual workout was not as nice. Why does it has to start with Push Ups? First set was okay, I actually managed to do the push ups. Second set had to do the "light" version with knee support. Third set one normal and one knee Push Up. Two times. The other stuff was okay, but I still struggle with Push Ups. And quitting on my short term Push Ups goal did not help at all.

            But I did all my workouts. I´m off to take a shower, then I´ll walk some rounds in the creepy park. Because it´s sunny and warmish out there. It´s finally spring again!

            I love the winter because it is cold and windy and there is very very very rarely some snow. But I also love spring and fall. It´s starting to get green again, you can hear the birds and you can finally wear sunglasses again. And fall is great because it´s windy again and there are all those colorful leafs. But I really hate the summer. Too warm. Everything warmer than 18°C is pure torture... I just wish I´d be back on Møn, I really miss the place. I kinda grew up on an danish island. Sea, woods, fields, seagulls, the smell of the harbour. I miss all that. And spring was the most beautiful time of the year there.

            Edit: total walked distance for today: 4.28km. That´s good. Now I will revert back into my natural form as a stationary being.


              Legolo Sea, woods, fields, seagulls, and the smell of the harbor....that sounds wonderful.


                24.2.19 Day 97

                I´m back! The last week sucked. Stomach flu, Darebee down. Aside from sprinting to the bathroom several times a day I got barely any exercises done. But now I´m starting to feel better again and that means my training continues. Been awake since 4:45 so I figured to do some morning workouts, this time at a time that actually deserves to be called "morning".

                Pandora Chapter 10: done. I thought about doing chapter 11 directly after that, but the push ups kinda scared me off. But there are so many nice things I can do instead... Will update post when necessary

                And now for something completely different. I like the new updates to the page. Especially the new thingys for writing (haven´t found anything else yet.) All those new writing toys to play with!


                  Legolo welcome back buddy! Ouch! sorry to hear that buddy I've been there it really does suck! Glad you're getting better and awesome job on the program day


                    3.3.19 Day 104

                    Shut. This week was a complete bust. My doctor got me some weird experimental meds and those things messed me up good. My body is slowly learning how to work with them so I can at least walk again without having to use walls as a support, but I am still forbidden from doing real exercise (and other fun things like drinking or taking drugs. Not that I am drinking much anymore anyway. And drugs are stupid). And not being able to do any exercise sucks. I am now maybe two weeks out and I can feel it. And sadly see it on the scale. I´m back at 103kg. All that stress eating because of the exams, the lack of proper ways to cook and all the late nights at my desk or at the library have taken their toll. I´m feeling completely sucked dry, without energy and am not in a really good place emotionally. After over 100 days I am basically back where I started without any lasting improvement. I´m actually worse off than before, with all those health problems that are just piling up on me. It´s really quite depressing...

                    Monday I have to get back to my doctor to do some tests to see if my body can handle those meds and if I am allowed to do fun stuff again. I really hope so


                      4.3.19 Day 105

                      YES!!! I did all those pesky tests my doctor wanted me to do and it looks like I am clear to start having fun again. Just have to ease back into working out slowly. I know myself and I tend to get way to excited, so I have to watch myself carefully. I don´t want to overdo it and end up hurting myself. I don´t want to be sidelined again just because I am too stupid to know my limits...


                        Legolo Yeah boy!! Get it!! Hey, being overzealous and stupid are two different things. You are not stupid. Realizing you can get overzealous about something is part of knowing your limit. You can have unlimited limitedness or limited unlimitedness, knowing the limit of that limitedness is another part of knowing you're limits. If you know you tend to overdo it, do the opposite for a while until your comfortable enough to add more and then do that bit until your comfortable enough to add more and so on and so forth...


                          Brontus you actually managed to put the word "limit" seven times into one sentence. Nice one! And I see it´s your birthday today. Happy birthday!

                          As for my limits, no idea where they are. Since anything I do depends heavily on how I am feeling that day I have to play it by ear most of the time. But I´ll take it slow and start with some easy level 1 and 2 workouts. It would be insane to jump right back into Pandora.


                            Legolo Thanks man!

                            And hey, there's limits based on what you are physically ABLE to do and what you physically CAN do. Right now you're limit is only what you CAN do since how you're feeling determines your level of activity. Maybe you can eventually get to what you're ABLE to do, but right now go for the easy stuff to ease back into things like you're doing.


                              6.3.19 Day 107

                              Okay, let´s do this! I´ve basicaly been asleep for the last two days. I´ve barely been awake long enough to make me something to eat, so I am pretty weak right now. But I´m awake, I´m not feeling that tired and so I figured now is as good a time as any to start training again. Because I wanted to know how much power I´ve lost in the last three weeks or so I started out small. Porter 3 sets. Went pretty well. I´m not really out of breath, only my arms don´t want to go up anymore. So for tomorrow I´ll do an easy workout that does not have Standing Shoulder Taps.

                              But I´m a little bit proud. While browsing through my log I discovered that I haven´t worked out seriously since the 18th of February. That´s 16 days. I am a little bit shocked that I didn´t do anything for 16 days, but I´m back now. Hopefully I´ll manage to keep at it for longer this time...


                                Legolo Good job bro! Little bit at a time. One foot in front of the other. I get overzealous about stuff too and I have to keep reminding myself to take it one step at a time.