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    Cjell I would not be surprised if he turns out to be a hearless kittendrowner. Hands are weird. Left is okayish, just some bruises and abrasions ( is that the right word?). Right hand looks bad. A lot of bruises, one tiny abrasion but my knuckles look reversed. The spaces between the knuckles are swollen and bigger than my knuckles. Sounds bad, looks kinda funny. Professional help takes time, because doctors want to seem important and since I am not thinking about suicide yet I am not a priority case. First "session" could be in 5 weeks, maybe earlier if my oncologist can work some "doctor connection magic". I really hope he is magic...

    29.1.19 Day 71

    8 Glasses of Water done. Maybe Day 17? No idea, counting is weird.

    Foundation Day 15: Not yet. Those bridges look painful unless I somehow manage to get my hands off the ground. This is going to be interesting...

    3 Sets. Bridges without hands worked well, but those reverse prone flyers were impossible. There is not enough space here! Had to move a lot of furniture for that...


      You have a PM about the therapist thing. Regarding the bridges: You can just place your hands on your stomach or beside it in the ground. The exercise doesn't depend on the positioning of the hands. Just try it.


        30.1.19 Day 72

        8 Glasses of Water done. As always.

        Foundation Day 16. Ouch. I can still feel yesterdays DD in my calves, but at least today my hands are better. Okay, just the left one. The right one has now 6 shades of purple and feels worse than before. Only 2 sets Foundation today because I had to stop due to pretty evil calf cramps.

        Also new: our stove and oven died today completely, so only microwave heated food from now. Which is somehow good since stuff made by a microwave always tasted extremely weird so I eat less. Todays goulash tasted like garlic. I love garlic, but not in my goulash... Finding a new flat is as hopeless as ever. I swear, I´ll die in this rotten hellhole with this *censored* of a flatmate.


          Finding a new place to live seems like a good course of action! There are always options. Just keep searching Maybe you will even find a place with cooking equipment in a working condition.

          Untill then: Do you happen to own a camping stove that you could operate on the balcony? I did that once when I had to live without any other equipment for heating food for a while.


            Cjell Nope. Just that weird microwave that makes everything taste like garlic... Even after I cleaned it with nearly half a bottle of cleaning stuff.

            Little bit late but 31.1.19 Day 73

            8 Glasses of Water done. Maybe. I stopped counting somewhere along the way because it works. I drink enough water, I don´t have to count anymore.

            Foundation Day 17: This day was confusing. I never really figured Side Jacks out and even the video was not really helpful. So I just did normal Jacks. Worked too and I think they are even "better" than Side Jacks, because you move more. Or not, since I have absolutely no idea how to do Side Jacks. 4 Sets done.

            I have to wait with todays workout until my sport shorts dried. Somehow the drying machine dissappeared from our washing cellar...


              Finally! My sport shorts are dry-ish. Okay, they are still kinda damp. I thought about drying them with a hair dryer, but synthetic stuff and heat don´t mix well. So yay, damp shorts.

              1.2.91 Day 74

              Foundation Day 18: This was pure evil. Strength days aren´t really my favourites. Actually nothing is really my favourite yet. Still have to wage a glorious inner war every time I think about working out. Luckily most of the time my mostly reasonable site wins. Today focused only on the areas I already hate, my knees and my smashed shoulder. I somehow dragged myself through 3 sets, barely. But hey, another day done. I feel like I am sitting in a sauna. Due to the mysterious disappearence of the dyring machine in our cellar I have to dry my laundry manually. Clothes horse and everything. Still find that word weird... It´s 25°C in here, which is unreasonably warm compared to my normal 17/18°C. But at least I am drinking a lot of water. That burning cat describes my feelings incredibly accurate...

              A special thanks to my most regular guests here. Your likes and comments mean a lot and really help to keep me going. Thank you Cjell BlackButler TheLibrarian neilarey noname and Gandhalfit


                That thing is a cat? I always thought it was an undefinded furry blob or maybe a hamster (<-- these things obviously being furry dragons) .
                As to side jacks, I always do them somewhat like this cat , just that I drop the inward arm to my hips.


                  3.2.19 Day 76

                  I really need somebody to kick me every day I don´t do my workouts. My motivation has basically never been so low... And there is literally nothing I can do about it! Music that inspired me to move a week ago has now no impact at all, I barely leave the house anymore, going to work or shopping for groceries being the exceptions. And even at work people noticed something was wrong when I kept insisting to ditch all the happy Swing numbers and playing more Blues instead. They even looked really concerned when I suggested to take the Shotgun Blues into our repertoire...

                  As for working out Foundation started to bore me. I want to finish the programm but I need some fresh new stuff to do or I might just quit and only come back to this site for the social interactions Right now I am seriously considering quitting Foundation to start another programm, most likely Pandora or Heroes Journey. In 15 minutes I should have made a decision and edit the post accordingly

                  So, 15 minutes later and I finished chapter 1 of Pandora. The combat segment was cool, something I missed in Foundation. FLight had some combat days but they are completely missing in Foundation. The second segment was difficult and I only managed to do 4 sets. But I am sweating, I feel exhausted and I like it. I think I will stick with it.


                    It's hard figuring out how to want to do something. It's much easier know how not to want to do something. For example when I feel I _have_ to do something then I suddenly don't want to do it anymore. It can go really far. Once at a doctors appointment the guy told me I had to pee in a cup ... Even after drinking 4 large glasses of water before going to the doctor and having to go real bad in the waiting room. The minute the guy said 'Fill this up please' well I suddenly did not feel inclined.
                    Too much information, right ...

                    Anyways what I really wanted to share is this little link that I read when I don't want to go running and absolutely nothing is stopping me. Just reading it gets me out. I can only hope it can help you too

                    Also, a wise man once told me : rest is also training. So don't beat yourself up (or ask someone else to do it ;-) ) if you decided to add a rest day to your program. You'll be able to train twice as hard the next day.




                        Uhm ... kicking doesn't seem to work. May I try tickling? It's less violent, too.



                          Cjell Oh, so that´s what you´ve been doing!


                            Originally posted by Legolo View Post
                            3.2.19 Day 76

                            I really need somebody to kick me every day I don´t do my workouts.


                              6.2.19 Day 79

                              I kept imagining Cjell poking me in the side to do my workouts, so I finally got up and did them.

                              Pandora Chapter 2. Segment 1: 5 sets. Still pretty hard. But if I keep at it I should get better, after all my body is not going to improve from sitting around...
                              Segment 2: Wall Sit. I didn´t even set a timer, just started the clock and sat. 1:45. Way better than I expected.


                                That's the spirit