An Amazon's quest of Self-Improvement

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    An Amazon's quest of Self-Improvement

    Ok so this thread is where I'm gonna be sharing some of my training logs and hopefully some progress as well

    I'm a computer engineering student and I do freelance writing jobs, mostly D&D related. Even though that means I live a pretty sedentary life I enjoy exercising and do it often. It's a form of clearing my head, like meditation. I always did some type of exercise, horse riding and Karate was what I did for longer and I still have a lot of leg strength because of it, specially comparing to my average upper body strength. Still I want to become a better version of myself, and for me that includes improving all of my physical prowess.

    For now my long term goals are:

    [ ] run 5k
    [ ] do one Pull up
    [ ] 5min plank

    So today I had a pretty full Rest Day ... so a quick recap.
    First off today was the Turkey run event, and since I'm a sucker for collectibles on timed events I had to do it, here are my comments on it from the check-in thread:

    Originally posted by BiaTDias View Post
    Ok finally finished this. Stats first:
    Stage 1 - Got 5 turkeys
    Stage 2 - 34 attempts, got 16 turkeys
    Stage 3 - done so + 10 turkeys

    Total of 31 Turkeys!

    Ok when I looked at this challenge I assumed stage 2 would be the easier one since I could pace myself and there were less burpees per turkey.
    I was wrong
    Because there was no timer I payed way more attention to my form, and that's good but also more exhausting. And then when I started I thought I was going to do the 10 high knees + 1 burpee in sets of 3.
    After the first set I opened exactly 3 empty boxes

    So I immediately changed to sets of 5, and there were 2 times were my playlist played a couple of songs that really got me going and even did a set of 10 during the song's time. Which makes stage 2 the one were I was going at a ridiculously good pace for someone who's awful at cardio and hates burpees with every fiber of her being

    But I do recognize they're one of the best full body exercises there is so I'm pretty happy with my results

    But besides that I've been doing a 30 day challenge since the begging of November, and because of my complete lack of free time in the past 2 weeks I've been missing out on some days, so I'm doing 2-3 days of the challenge per day this week.

    SPARTAN - 30 day challenge - days 18-19
    Why am I doing this challenge? Because I've been playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey way too much and Kassandra is such a great inspiration on just about everything.
    But I am doing it with some changes. Instead of lunges I do knee taps and I only rest 10 sec between each set of knee taps. This change is because I need to do more cardio and I don't want to do more strength training on my front thighs.
    I also can't do a plank for more than 1m30s (for now) so I do that multiple times until I reached or exceed the plank time requested

    So now I'm completely exhausted, but feeling pretty accomplished as well


      Welcome and have fun while reaching your goals!


        BiaTDias Welcome to the Hive Those are really good goals. For the Pull Up I think I can help with that. I gave some advice to kandy on this, I hope it will help you too Follow to Link

        Good Luck on your journey


          Happy training


            Peterpan noname thank you for the encouragement!
            And BlackButler thanks for your 1 pull up guide! I'm going to pin it here and try the first part as soon as I get home

            Originally posted by BlackButler View Post
            1: 1 Set Failure Chair Row
            2: 1 Set Failure Chair Row
            3: 1 Set Failure Chair Row
            4: 1 Set Failure Chair Row
            5: 5 Chair Rows
            6: 1 Set Failure Chair Row
            7: 1 Set Failure Chair Row
            8: 1 Set Failure Chair Row
            9: 1 Set Failure Chair Row
            10: 10 Chair Rows
            11: 2 Set Failure Chair Row (Split Sets throughout the day)
            12: 2 Set Failure Chair Row (SSTTD)
            13: 2 Set Failure Chair Row (SSTTD)
            14: 2 Set Failure Chair Row (SSTTD)
            15: 15 Chair Rows
            16: 2 Set Failure Chair Row (SSTTD)
            17: 2 Set Failure Chair Row (SSTTD)
            18: 2 Set Failure Chair Row (SSTTD)
            19: 2 Set Failure Chair Row (SSTTD)
            20: 20 Chair Rows
            21: 3 Set Failure Chair Row (SSTTD)
            22: 3 Set Failure Chair Row (SSTTD)
            23: 3 Set Failure Chair Row (SSTTD)
            24: 3 Set Failure Chair Row (SSTTD)
            25: 25 Chari Rows
            26: 3 Set Failure Chair Row (SSTTD)
            27: 3 Set Failure Chair Row (SSTTD)
            28: 3 Set Failure Chair Row (SSTTD)
            29: 3 Set Failure Chair Row (SSTTD)
            30: Attempt 1 Pull Up


              I had to travel to my hometown today so I knew there was not much time to workout. When I woke up I did day 20 of the Spartan challenge. Afterwards I had to make a very brisk walk of 30min while carrying +/- 20Kg (was too close to missing the train).
              Unfortunately we already arrived quite late and still had to celebrate my lil sis birthday so no more exercise

              Now in my parents home I still managed to get some space to exercise for a bit (the balcony outside which while pretty, was really really cold)
              I started with day 1 of BlackButler 's one pull up guide and only managed to do 2 chair rows. I know my shoulder length is really lacking so gotta work on that as well. After that I did days 21 and 22 of the Spartan challenge .


                Welcome and happy training!


                  Spartan challenge days 23, 24 and 25
                  Got back home and finally caught up with all they days I've missed from this challenge. On a bad note I still can't do more than 1m30s of plank in a row so I gotta keep improving that. On a good note today I realized I'm so much better at doing the push ups. I can do 5 reps with ease (which was not the case when I started the challenge) and can do way more to failure reps than before

                  BlackButler's 1 pull up guide day 2
                  First off today since I'm back at my own apartment I don't have the literal steel rod I used yesterday so I had to rely on my 5 euros broom. So for my first rep I was pretty scared that the thing would snap at me.
                  Luckily it didn't

                  I still only managed to do 2 reps (and a half) so I'm thinking that I'll be stuck in day 5 for a while at least. But my back muscles are sore, so it means it's working!


                    Arm day at the Gym!
                    BlackButler's 1 pull up guide day 3 still can only do 2 reps but today I did 2 sets of that since I was fired up and using the Australian bar of the gym, that thing I'm sure will not snap
                    Spartan Challenge day 26 I'm so much better at push ups, it makes me happy

                    3x12 bicep curls with 5 Kg dumbbells
                    3x10 side arm raises with 2.5 Kg dumbbells
                    2x12 chest presses with 7.5 Kg dumbbells then I decided that I could up my weight and did 1x10 reps with 10 Kg dumbbells, next time I'll do them all with 10 Kg, nice level up!

                    3x12 shoulder press machine with 5 Kg
                    3x10 lat pull with 32 Kg

                    And to finish a 5 min HIIT in the rowing machine (30s of calm rowing followed by 30s of intense rowing)

                    Also I always warm up before and stretch afterwards working out at the gym.

                    Some comments: My shoulder strength is soooo lacking, it's getting better, but still I can't put almost any weight in the shoulder press machine or in my dumbbells when doing arm raises. Buuut I leveled up my Chest press weight!
                    The HIIT part of the workout is something I added recently because I recognized the rewards on doing some intense cardio type of exercise (even though I really dislike doing it). And I do it at the end of the workout because that way I can pump more reps/weight in the other exercises. If I did the HIIT right after the warm up I would have to do the rest of the exercises at 50%


                    BlackButler's 1 pull up guide day 4 back on doing chair rows with my flimsy broom, still can't do 3 reps, but it's getting closer.
                    Spartan Challenge day 27 Gosh I really need to improve my plank time, I split the requested 4 min plank in 3 sets in order to do it.

                    I never reached the end of a Darebee challenge, so seeing I'm in the last couple of days for the Spartan challenge really makes me happy (even if I couldn't do the planks properly, it's just more motivation to do it again on another time)



                      BlackButler's 1 pull up guide day 5 (attempt 1) I couldn't do the requested 5 reps, so I'm going to keep myself on this day until I can. As a great note, I not only managed to do 3 reps this time but I gave it a second try and managed 4 reps!! (though the last rep was very shaky form wise). So I don't think I'll be stuck in this day for long

                      Spartan Challenge day 28 I can see the end of this challenge, and it feels great to be nearly done with something!

                      And since today was supposed to be a HIIT/Heavy Cardio day, but I didn't have time to hit the gym I decided it was the perfect time to start the Age of Pandora Program. I loved the story line type of workouts and I'm sure I'll have loads of fun doing this. I also picked this program because I learned it features a lot of running or high knees as replacement, which is good for me because I'm terrible at running and cardio. There's nothing better to improve than doing the thing you want to improve.

                      But even having that in account I'll still rant about cardio every time I have the chance X)


                        BiaTDias you are doing awesome! Keep up the excellent work Also congrats on your first badge


                          first of all: my legs HURT from yesterday. I didn't stretch enough it seems, I'm so stiff today X)
                          But that ain't stopping me, specially since today is a more casual training day

                          BlackButler's 1 pull up guide day 5 (attempt 2) Still couldn't do 5 in a row, but I'm slowly getting closer. Also my broom still hasn't snapped.

                          Spartan Challenge day 29 in the last set to failure I managed to do 10 push ups! That's a great improvement from when I started and I'm really happy

                          Age of Pandora Program. Chapter 2 Well doing that first part while my legs are stiff was... interesting. But I did it anyway because I'm not gonna die in the jaws of whatever is chasing me! And well, as a first-hand proof on how unbalanced my fitness level is I am doing this program at level 1, there's no way I can do any of the cardio exercises on the above levels. But wall sitting? I spent so much time in horse stance because of Karate, 4min is completely doable for me, so I did that part in level 3.


                            Keep going, you will get there!


                              I suppose D&D means something other than Dungeons & Dragons?

                              There's some sweetness in the pain, as in: see, I exercised! It was hard! I even need recovery time!
                              I kind of love that feeling.