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      Hi there ,

      update from the train bringing me to Halle Germany for a week's work from there (almost an easy journey Montpellier Paris and Paris Frankfurt via plane then 2 trains and a total of 12 hours on the roadster with tons of stress like delayed plane, delayed trains etc...) . So how did it go since the 10th ? Ebbs and flows...

      11th rest day => I was simply too tired and fed up with everything

      12th run 8.97km in 40 minutes

      13th played around with the kids in the garden
      pistols RL 5 singles per side (right only box level)
      ring pull up 2
      skin the cat 1
      hanging leg raises 5
      kids carried up to the rings, too much
      evening session
      goblet @16kg
      TGU squat @16kg RL 3 + arm bars
      MP@24kg RL
      swings @24kg 10x50 in 45 sec interval
      clean@24kg RL 1.2

      14th was again off =pattern lately one day on and one off...

      15th S&S
      goblet squat @16kg 5.5.5
      TGU @16kg 10
      OA swings @24 kg 10x10

      16th nada

      goblet squat @16kg
      TGU squat @16kg RL 3
      MP@24 kg RL
      swings @24kg 10x30 45 sec interval
      GS style long cycle @16 kg 1 rep every 10 sec for 10 minutes straight (= without putting the bell down...)
      test @12 reps per minute for 2 minutes
      81 reps in 12 minutes

      18th did nothing

      run 10.86km in 48 minutes

      20th very late 23.00 start
      goblet squat @16kg
      TGU squat @16kg RL 4
      TGU standard @24kg RL 1
      MP@24kg RL 2.2
      interrupted by my smallest one that caught a stomach bug and puked all he had and change... So clean up duty up to 2am...
      Don't really like this on and off rythm but this is how it went.... let's see how it goes for this week
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        Originally posted by xingyiquan View Post
        interrupted by my smallest one that caught a stomach bug and puked all he had and change... So clean up duty up to 2am...

        How is your knee these days? Still going easy on the goblet squats, if I'm not mistaken...


          Thanks a lot for asking Redline. It is already a lot better, I can do full ROM squats but it is still a little shaky sideways and doesn't allow a lot of volume. It will require lots of time and build up to get strong again. I managed to do a 24kg TGU on both sides which was impossible a couple of weeks ago but I wouldn't try a 32kg before it feels safe to do a good swipe ... The squat TGU is a very good replacement for the moment because of its strengthening effect on the knee and side of the body but weight wise it is subpar.... I don't think weight for squats would be a problem but actually I use the weight to force the stretching while building stabilizers so there is no point in rushing to heavier weights right now. Generally though my loaded leg work is more on swings thus squat is more there as a balance anyway (I used generally 24 in goblet and 2x20 in front )... for leg strength pistols are what I favor... don't really need to go beyond that and running takes care of the rest... my my legs are already big and a standard pant is already at its limit so no thanks for more... after a couple of months a pair of pants is already good for the bin because it is consumed because of friction between the legs.... strangely it seldomly bothers me while running but that is probably because I stick to shorter ones...


            Should we start a "French bees against the French railway" team ? I am struggling to get compensated for last Friday's train tickets despite all their saying loudly people will be reimbursed.


              Hahaha PetiteSheWolf good idea though I would have a doubt about French bees against the German Railways maybe international bees united against Railways could work


                wish you a great start into your weekend.