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    Okay, something's gotta be done.

    I have not been able to stick to a daily workout since I finished Totals, my arrhythmia is acting up again, and I have all kinds of back and knee pain. I've got to get back to working out every day!

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    Keeping a check-in log and using a rewards system have been good motivators in the past, so I'm going to try them again to see if I can get through 90 Days of Action. Here's to getting back to a routine, having less pain, and getting rid of my cardiologist!

    Day 1: 90 Days of Action, Level 3; Full Body Stretch

    Spite can be such a wonderful motivator, you know?

    I had a bout of arrhythmia back in June. The cardiologist didn't find anything wrong with me, but the treadmill test indicated I was VERY out of shape. (Considering I hadn't been working out for a two months at that point because I was afraid of having a heart attack, no wonder). He was kind of a jerk about telling me I needed to Join a Gym and Do Cardio and Lose Weight, and he wouldn't listen to me at all when I tried to talk to him about my experience with what works for me.

    I have never been and will never be NOT overweight. All my other biostatistics (blood work, glucose, etc.) are well within normal ranges, so I am healthy, but I am also fat. I dieted throughout high school, college, and grad school and turned myself into a mental wreck just trying to fit a BMI number. That's not something I'm ever going to do again.

    I left that appointment deciding I was going to show him. I was going to start working out again, and if I lose a few pounds as I get fitter, so be it, but weight loss is not going to be my ultimate goal ever again. I've been working out (at least 3 times a week) AT HOME ever since. My next appointment is the beginning of December.
    I'm going to be the fittest fat girl he's ever seen. BWAHAHAHAHA!


      All the best for your 90 Days of Action! Show that cardiologist-jerk how well you do without a gym!
      It seems you're on a good track for your December appointment!


        Thank you PhoebeGilmore !

        Day 2:
        4.5 miles walked at work
        90 Days of Action, Day 2, Level 3
        Finish Line workout

        Inspired by BlondeJaneBlonde's advice to Magical Girl, I decided to buy some new armor/magical transformation clothes to get me in the spirit of things. Clothes shopping is a battle in and of itself for me, what with most major stores not believing fat people exist or have money or something, but sometimes I can get lucky at Target or Walmart.

        And how, this time around! Tar-jay was having a clearance sale on their workout clothes, and I found the cutest light turquoise tank top for $5. And it was a XXL! I found a pair of pants, too, but only bought one so I could see how they fit.

        Now that I know how they fit (tank top: perfectly, pants: a little tight) I can head back and raid the clearance rack like a proper pirate and make off with ALL THE CUTE.


          AquaMarie Good luck on your journey I know you can do it I'm rooting for you

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            Thank you, BlackButler!

            Day 3:
            4.23 miles (6.81 km) walked
            90 Days of Action day 3, level 2
            Part 2 workout

            For the most part, I like to listen to video game soundtracks when I workout. The battle music is PERFECT, especially from fantasy RPG games. For 90 DOA, though, I've been favoring Two Step's From Hell's Battlecry album, especially Stronger, Faster, Braver.

            This track is a straight-up training montage - starts low and builds and builds to something EPIC. I love the horns and the vocals. I want to be stronger and faster and braver, and this track reminds me that no matter how simple and quiet the start with time I can build to something awesome, too.


              Day 4:
              3.18 miles (5.12 km) walked
              90 Days of Action day 4, level 3

              I love to cook, so you know I was excited a few months ago when Darebee added a bunch of recipes to their site. I've tried a few (lemon potatoes are fantastic!), and I've messed around with a few more.

              By messed around I mean I've made additions or substitutions - I'm just now getting confident enough in my culinary skills to do so without worrying I'm going to ruin a dish. My two favorite things to 'mess around' with: the No-Bake Protein Bars and a roasted eggplant and veggie medley that, um, USED to be on here .

              Anyway, I like to add chocolate chips and cinnamon to the protein bars (my sweet tooth is insatiable, seriously) and have them for breakfast. The veggie medley gets a heavy sprinkle of whatever spice mix I have available - I've used Greek spice blends, Old World spice blends, even Penzey's Frozen Pizza seasoning. My last batch had a Salsa and Pico blend added. It had some heat to it, but it was sooo good!


                Day 5:
                3.33 miles (5.36 km) walked
                90 Days of Action, day 5, level 3
                Fighter's Warmup
                Tempered Steel, one set
                assorted horrible dance moves

                I'm trying to finish the 30 Days of Fitness challenge and get the two badges for consecutive days of fitness. Since the requirements for the challenge is 15 consecutive minutes of exercise, I've been adding a stretching routine to the day's workout to bump me up to time.

                Today's workout WAS stretching so I added a warmup...and still had 5 minutes. I added a set of the first workout in my notebook of printed Neila Ray/Darebee workouts (one set was all my poor shoulders could handle )....and STILL had 2 minutes left! Hence the horrifying but entertainingly enthusiastic 'dancing' to my workout music to round out the day .


                  Day 6:
                  3.18 miles (5.12 km) walking
                  Classic Warmup
                  90 Days of Action, day 6
                  1 set of SAO Survivor Workout
                  Stretching for Back Pain Relief

                  I work in a public aquarium as a fish keeper. Last week we had four Atlantic stingray pups born! They are adorable, about the size of a potato chip (which is why I'm calling them Lays, Pringles, Ruffles, and Dorito in my head) and have no skittishness around humans. They're really curious, and they're more likely to swim all over your glove investigating when you feed them than they are to go straight for the food.

                  Our PR department took a video of them last week. If anybody's interested, I'll post the link when they put it up on Facebook.


                    Day 7:
                    0.86 miles (1.38 km) walking
                    Precursor workout
                    90 Days of Action, day 7, level 1
                    Full Body Stretch

                    My cat likes to walk circles around me while I workout, meowing at the top of her lungs, especially when I do floor work. I don't know if she's cheering me on or criticizing my form, but it's led to a few squished paws and more serious close calls.

                    She's learned that when I call "Be careful! You're gonna get kicked/smacked!" that she needs to get somewhere out of the way or I will put her somewhere out of the way where she can't see me (usually her kennel, or shut in the bedroom). So now when I tell her off, she will jump up onto the couch or the bed. And continue her constant commentary.

                    I love my girl.


                      Day 8:
                      90 Days of Action, day 8, level 3
                      Chest and Lower Back Stretch
                      4 minutes of fast march steps

                      It's been raining buckets all week. Perfect reading (and sleeping) weather! My top three favorite books are:

                      1) Castle Hangnail by Ursula Vernon. I love the characters in this book so, so much, and some of my favorite quotes from books and movies come from this book. It's all about found families, y'all.
                      2) Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire. It's a portal fantasy and a murder mystery with some of the best world-building ever. I love the diversity and the amazing homecoming and home-finding themes.
                      3) The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle. Lovely, lyrical, dreamy language that just fits the subject matter perfectly. There's a reason it's a classic.


                        Nothing better then having a personal trainer cat. Your cat sounds absolutely adorable.


                          Thank you Rissa! Here, let's see if I can upload a picture...There she is! Sorry the picture is so blurry!


                            Day 9:
                            2.62 miles (4.22 km) walking
                            90 Days of Action, day 9, level 2
                            Finisher workout

                            Rewards are my go-to motivator. For 90 Days of Action, I have a printed off sheet of the 30 Days of Fitness challenge that I put a stamp or a sticker on each day I finish. It's surprising how satisfying that stamp is. Every 10 days I'm going to get a "small" reward - a Kindle book, or fabric quarters for crafting, or a trip to the tea shop. Every thirty days I'm gonna get a "big" reward - something like $75 dollars at Barnes and Noble or my favorite bath shop, or a new video game. A lot of times my coworkers will take me out to lunch when I finish a challenge (I keep my stamped up sheet on the refrigerator at work ), so that's a reward, too.

                            I'm trying to decide if I want to do a completion reward at the end of the 90 days. It will be right in the middle of December holidays, so I may be too busy. I'll just have to see when I get there!


                              Day 10:
                              3.99 miles (6.42 km) walking
                              90 Days of Action, day 10, level, uh, 0.5
                              Man Down workout
                              one set of Professor X workout (seated upper body workout from

                              Welp, here we go. The first setback of the program - about halfway through the second set of the workout my right knee went 'POW' and I couldn't put any weight on it while bent at all. I tried doing the movements on just the left side, but even then the lunges were too much. I still got my 15 minutes in, though!

                              I put some Tiger Balm on it before bed last night, and it's still a little sore this morning, but I can walk on it alright. I put some KT tape on it before work. Hopefully that will be enough support that I can get through today and maybe the jumping jacks tonight. If not...well, I guess I'll be doing some abs routines, or something.