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    Day 9 of 30 Days of Change:

    Another day, another nice workout Feeling good overall.

    Today I tried a different layout of meals that the Modern Hero Diet allows (breakfast, then small snack, and then a bigger meal in the evening), as it would work the best when I'm attending classes when new year of university starts. And honestly, maybe the servings were to small, but I felt hungry and even a bit weak throughout the day. Not what I want when I have to study... So I guess it will take some adjusting.

    I'm aware that I'm pretty big, and if I get too ambitious with the diet my calorie deficit can get too large, and actually make me feel weak.

    Also I'm not sure - the diet plan states that I should get up to 280g of dairy/meat/rice/etc. per meal, but does that include breakfast and snack? Or only meals A, B and C? Because I only had a small 150 g yogurt with half a banana and a bit of muesli, and a similar amount of cottage cheese with ham and tomatoes as my snack. Are these portions too small?


      Originally posted by Jaśko View Post
      if I get too ambitious with the diet my calorie deficit can get too large, and actually make me feel weak.
      Me too. Usually I get headaches and become cranky. Sometimes I’ll go cuckoo and end up binge eating later on in the day if I lower the calories too much.

      Trying to take it slow this time..

      Sorry I’m not sure about your question. As for me, currently I’m following a calories budget and trying to hit macronutrient goals. I’m just referring to Darebee’s hero/vero/vego diets for meal ideas.


        Hedwiga Thank you for responding The Modern Hero Diet has some general rules about serving sizes, and I decided to just follow them and not count calories. I know it's the most efficient to count calories when reducing body mass, but I tried it a few times before, and never had the patience to keep at it I'm still eating much less and much healthier than what I used to in recent years. I guess that last post is more of a doubt than a real question... In fact only I can find out if my deficit is too big, by counting the calories.

        However, it's good to hear that I'm not alone and it's normal to sometimes feel weak when on a diet. Especially as I switched from eating a lot of bread, rice, potatoes etc. to a diet with mostly lean protein and veggies. I guess my organism will adjust with time, and I will learn to choose meals which make me feel good.


          Day 10 of 30 Days of Change:

          In the beginning of today's run I started feeling pain in both my calves (or maybe ankles and it radiated up a bit?), but I pushed through to the end. Not sure it was a good idea, because after coming home the pain got strong enough that I had some trouble walking... However, I gave myself a few hours and I was able to do the second part of the workout, but I substituted jump squats with normal squats to put less stress on my legs.
          Tomorrow I have to do an hour of any type of cardio. Definitely won't go running . Instead I will probably go either for a bike ride or to the swimming pool, to put less stress on my calves. The day after tommorow is only an upperbody workout. So fortunately it seems I might be able to work out without any breaks and still go easy on my legs for the upcoming two days.

          Maybe I will incorporate some additional stretching as well.


            Usually I hate counting calories, but for some reason right now I don’t mind it that much, so I figure I’ll just keep doing it while I’m still motivated.
            Ideally I’d like to someday “intuitively” eat.. eat exactly what I need in just the right amounts.

            Rereading your question though.. I am thinking the measurements applies to breakfast and snack as well probably.. and it says “up to 280g” meaning less than that amount suggested is okay too. But if you don’t want to go hungry, maybe try and eat the maximum recommended.


              Day 11 of 30 Days of Change:

              Calves still feel a bit sore, but it's nothing compared to yesterday's pain. I went for an hour long bike ride and did the core exercises.

              Interesting observation - today was probably the first day when going for a workout didn't feel bothersome at all. I'm aware this doesn't mean an instant fitness success :p But I think I'm on the right track to creating healthy habits.
              Hedwiga if you feel the motivation to count calories, definitely keep doing it! That's a great habit to have


                Day 12 of 30 Days of Change:

                Uh, so that bodyweight cardio workout with my body weight was pretty intense :p I even thought about just doing level one. But then something else came to my mind:
                Come on, don't be lazy, the Darebee community is helping you and cheering you on, and you're not even going to push for level 2?
                And so I did level 2. And I feel great about it. <3

                Also, today was my first cheat meal since starting the diet (almost 2 weeks). I had a burger and sweet potato fries, and I noticed two interesting things: First, I picked the one with most veggies inside, just because I craved some veggies. Second, I didn't have any soda or beer with it. I just didn't feel like it. Hopefully some good habits are developing?

                Still a bit of calf pain, but it's manageable. Besides that, another great day


                  Respect for pushing for level 2!! Good job!


                    Day 13 of 30 Days of Change:

                    Unfortunately a 1/2 hour run turned into 15 minutes of running, my calf pain getting too strong, and then slowly walking back home. The second part was stretching, which was supposed to be done right after the run, but I'll do it as soon as the pain gets a bit more manageable.

                    I suppose I'll have to start substituting running with some low impact cardio, like bicycle or swimming, for some time. No idea what that pain is unfortunately.


                      One calf, or both calves?


                        Both equally, in the lower part (close to the ankles). Now, after resting I dont feel it at all, but during running it intensified pretty quickly. I did the stretching already and didn't feel pain. Also I'm sure it's not a cramp.


                          Day 14 of 30 Days of Change:

                          Shadowboxing and leg workout - done! Tried to maintain proper technique of the punches, and that was a bit harder than I thought


                            Day 15 of 30 Days of Change:

                            I ended up substituting the 20 min run with a half-hour march to go gentle on my calves. It was ok, nothing hurt. After that was an ab workout, which got really hard in the last set.

                            Overall - a nice day


                              Day 16 of 30 Days of Change:

                              Soooo, I'm halfway through 30 Days of Change!

                              This makes me look back and think - did the "Change" start happening? Well, depends on the point of view.
                              - My size didn't really change yet, that pair of used-to-be-comfortable-but-got-too-tight jeans are still tight. But, I did not expect this to change that soon!
                              - However, I did my first weigh-in since starting, aaaaand... I lost 4 kg! I know it's not fully trustworthy, I surely lost some water... But still, push-ups are 4 kg easier now :p
                              - Sleep and general wellbeing got better.
                              - Still too short to judge strength and fitness, so I don't worry about it just yet. These will come, no doubt.

                              Generally speaking, I'm very satisfied with where this is going. It's been a long time since regular exercise and healthy eating felt like an obvious part of my everyday life. I used to take up intense and challenging routines and drop them after a few days. I also don't remember the last time I actually lost some weight, it used to just keep slowly increasing in the last years.

                              I know it's way too early to be all happy and grateful. But if we look at working out and eating well as lifestyle changes, it's not the final effect that matters, but the journey to it. So hey, I'm heading in a pretty good direction, I'm happy, and probably none of that would have happened without you! People I have never met, but who have given me selfless support and motivation. And now even when I'm to lazy to workout for my own sake, I still want to show up here and be able to say I put in the effort.

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                                You're doing great-- keep going!