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    ...going on...

    There will be some content, soon...

    Let's go:

    I decided to start a new log, cause...
    ... I don't like to write forever in one thread.
    ... new log, new motivation. (That is my hope.)

    I start the new log now, cause...
    ... one year with darebee is done.
    ... september is my birthday.
    ... the new working year starts in september. Back to school.

    The title? I build a habit the last year, with ups and downs, but I do not have to start over any more. I am going on with what I have started last year.

    Update: 24.03.2020

    A short summary of what I may have already posted (and maybe a bit more) about my personal life...

    I am a father of two boys (3 1/2 and 2) and husband of a lovely wife, who loves baking especially when she is stressed...

    I was a very active child myself. I did "track and field" for a few years, I was always better at coordination disciplines, rather than running itself.

    I did hurdles and got into pole vault very early. I stopped when I was going to confirmation lessons, cause they overlapped timewise. And at that time I desperately wanted a PC. Priorities! It was the time of Windows 3.11… Now and then I regret the decision of stopping pole vault training, cause it was a lot of fun…

    When I got to 5th grade I joined the climbing club at school and since then I am more or less addicted to climbing and bouldering. I had a phase between "Abitur" and university where I did not do that much…

    But I got back into it with some friends and started to earn my money in a climbing gym for years behind the reception, as coach and route setter. In that time I climbed about 3-4 times a week.

    After graduating and getting a job… there was a lot less time to do sports or go climbing… so I gained a bit of bad weight… you know how it works...

    While my wife's 1st pregnancy, I was able to hold my weight more or less, by being active and eating in an acceptable way… as it is with a toddler, there is not enough time to go on like you did, and therefore I wasn't as active, slept not as good and ate more than I should... During the 2nd pregnancy I reached a point where I wasn't happy anymore. And I started with Darebee. Which was brought to my by the husband of my sister in-law.

    Here is were this journey started….

    to be continued...

    Originally posted by HellYeah80 View Post
    There will be some content, soon...

    Click image for larger version

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        Congrats to your calves of steel !



          01.09.18 - 284 Days of Workout with Darebee

          [WallSitChallenge - Day1]
          [HollowHoldChallenge - Day16]

          [30Days of Gravity- Day1]
          LungeStepUps: 4 sets of 30 w 1' rest
          2' rest
          SideLegRaises: 2 sets of 60(10 each side) w 1' rest
          2' rest
          Squats: 6 sets of 20 w 30"rest (2' rest between set 3 and 4)
          5' rest
          Part2: WallSit: 43"/40"/40" w 2' rest

          [Back & Core - Day8]

          LogStreak: 1
          HealthierEatingStreak: 1

          PullUps2018: 3200
          PushUps/Dips2018: 8420
          DD w EC 230

          Streak2018: 7(1)30(3)10(3)65(1)66(3)1(1)16[31days of Gladiator]5(1)[new log]


            Thx Cabriel Nebulus grockette BusyBumbleBee


              for calves of steel!


                Congrats on finishing Calves of Steel!


                  Thx, daejamurrachan Syrius


                    Congrats on finishing Calves of Steel and good luck with the wall sits


                      Thx, Zastria


                        02.09.18 - 285 Days of Workout with Darebee

                        [Back & Core - Day9]
                        [Back & Core - Day10]

                        [WallSitChallenge - Day2]
                        [HollowHoldChallenge - Day17]

                        [30Days of Gravity- Day2]
                        Part1: 30Backfists and no rest
                        10' rest
                        Part2: PushUps: 25/10/7

                        LogStreak: 2
                        HealthierEatingStreak: 2

                        PullUps2018: 3200
                        PushUps/Dips2018: 8462
                        DD w EC 230

                        Streak2018: 7(1)30(3)10(3)65(1)66(3)1(1)16[31days of Gladiator]5(1)[new log]


                          A late congratulations on completing Calves of Steel.


                            Thx Seri


                              Congrats on finishing Calves of Steel!!