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    HJ day 3 - armor day... chose hammer because my arms didnt hurt and my legs where still very much in the DOMS. Yay did the whole work out with body armor on my wrists because 5 lbs is too light but 10 lbs is too heavy. So it was 6. Could have been more for the curl ups but 6 was just right for the shoulder presses.. ok triceps are in the DOMS party today.

    Thank goodness today is ab day.


      HJ day 4... did I really not post an update? It was good. Made it through all exercises as written. No body armor.

      HJ day 5... did level 1 but had to substitute for jumping lunges... did bulgarian squats and cross country things. ALSO did the Daily Dare but No EC.

      Legs are back to tired and sore...abs are now sore from HJ day 3. all in all I question my sanity. I mean how do people live with being tired and sore all the time? I felt sooo good yesterday before the work out... lol.


        HJ day 6 ... can I just say I really had no idea how many things you use your glutes for? DOMS are still visiting after my Day5 lunge-o-rama. be that as it may... I was very happy to have an arm day. Chose hammer as my weapon again because well... jumping rope did not seem prudent. also I was very tired and went to bed at 8pm for the night. First hour on the floor after working out. Just had a little snooze on my yoga mat. OH ya I did 15 mins flex and twist for my back.

        For Friday I will do day 7 but Sunday I have a hockey game so may pause and do Day8 on Monday.


          HJ day 7 went well. Was pretty pooped after. did my 4 sets (because of karma from day 3)

          HJ day 8 was good! Even did the daily dare of 40 twists with EC

          Sunday - played hockey for the first time in months.. was looking to see what a month and a half of exercise would do.. well I am not as tired and sore. So yay! but I still got so tired I couldnt lift my legs to block shots or cover people. I also had a hard time with sprinting up ice and back. I got mentally tired from the fast brain pace. I did ... ok. I have another 3 weeks till the season starts. Lets see if adding some epic 5 minutes helps!


            HJ day 9 was fun! Found a good playlist on 8 tracks. Did a good warm up. Tried Yoga after... sadly was only able to do ten minutes. But... we did the Daily dare in with HJ day 9 making the set longer. Oh and my girlfriend is doing the journey with me because we are having trouble with our xbox kinect camera and nike fit isnt seeing her movement. I think she could do level 2. she doubled all the reps. I on the other hand am just happy to complete at level 1. If I keep that up then I can try level 2 when I am no longer too tired to get up in the mornings. lol.


              HJ day 10 .. (Into the Storm) arm day... arms are tired today. I did Hammer for weapons practice and added wrist weights because my 5's are too light but my 10 is too heavy. Made it through level1. YAY. Was so tired yesterday could have gone to bed at 7 but stayed up and worked out watched tv during rest breaks. Did the pushups on the stairs because "to failure" would have been 3 on regular and 1 on wide grip. I didnt get 10 in every time so I did between 75-100 pushups

              worked out alone because GF did hers during the morning because she worked late yesterday. Go us for being motivated.

              Did the daily dare but no EC


                So took a night off... first time in a while with no stuff. But.. I did the daily dare that day with EC and then again so 100 heel taps. and 40 calf raises. So the day wasnt a complete waste.

                Last night I continued the HJ

                Warm up was 8 mins on the bike and some hops, high knees, arm lifts, twists.

                HJ day 11 ... so this was a multiple choice day... honestly level 1 looked too easy (even for me), but level 2 was too hard (7 sets?!? like 7x30squats who can do this lol) So I made a hybrid that was mostly the moves form Level2 (its hard but not that hard) and did 5 sets. I took the 100 pts and added some for doing the harder exercises. But not all because I didnt do 7 sets.

                10 high knees
                10 half jacks
                10 squats
                20 high knees
                20 half jacks
                20 knee strikes or jumps (like a half squat and a hop) or both

                As to the karma... I split that as well. I will do 50 skips today at work. In steel toed shoes.

                To cool down I did 15 mins flexability yoga and 15 mins twist and align.

                Then made a small smoothie with strawberries and vegan protein powder.


                  Oh and I did the daily dare yesterday


                    HJ day12 - yoga...loved it

                    HJ day13 - was good. did ok. Did hammer agian. I have to buy a 10 lb weight because finally my 6 is too light.

                    took day off without meaning to just ran out of time... still working on fitting everything in... like how do you socalize and work out and make food and rest? it is impossible..so far anyway. I always put the socializing off.

                    HJ day14 - HJ day15 did them same night. Because... day14 didnt feel too bad.. so I must have done it wrong. Like maybe should have done level 2. Anyhoo because I missed a day I decided to do the boss fight. Made it 7 rounds. Feeling kind of proud.

                    Did not get any daily dares done until today back at work.


                      HJ day 16 - Ab day! Ok this looked easier than it was lol... but I tacked on another round of part 1 just to push myself. No body armor.

                      Did the daily dare at work YAY.

                      Will be adding more plant based whole foods meals to my week. breakfast is plant based unless I have eggs and or bacon ... which is on the weekend and not always. Next up.. Suppers.

                      I found a very nice organic non gmo sprouted grain bread at Costco. So buhbye white bread.


                        HJ day17 - really hate pushups to failure...because I fail so quickly. At least if it said 5 or 10 I would feel accomplished if I made it there lol. Still feel like I am punching incorrectly. Working on form for everything. Why waste time.

                        Very excited for some cardio tonight! on HJ day 18

                        Will try daily dare today...never done v sideways ups before


                          So, I am stalled on my journey.

                          I took a couple of days off due to plans not working out...not enough hours in the day..bad planning

                          Burned my elbow ... played hockey next day for 90 mins...covered the burn really well. Took next day off. Then did 2x epic five mins. modified to not use arm. (abs and cardio)... Went to doc. Elbow worse then I thought. Took last night off because wanted to rest it fully and let it try to heal.

                          Trying to think how to not use right arm at all and still get some exercise in...

                          On the plus side hockey wnt really well. while I was muscle tired I recovered in a day. YAY. No DOMS pain except in abs.


                            doing day on / off for work outs til elbow is a bit better healed. Heros Journey is suspended.

                            Last night off

                            today at work ON.


                            - half of the anywhere cardio (marching steps and half jacks 4x40) did extra marching steps
                            - 70 squats (5x10 and 1x20)
                            - 30 dead leg lifts Daily Dare...what are they called again? lol
                            - 75 calf raises (3x20, 1x15)

                            treated self to vegan lunch from take out resto (check pea salad with quinoa vegs and beets, green smoothie kale spinach cilantro apples, and a banana bar with cranberries and nuts)

                            The lunch was to help my body heal and I really wanted the reusable glass salad jar for my diy lunches.


                              7 Oct 2018 - Did the DNA workout level1 plus 5 mins cycling warmup and 30 heel taps. And a couple of things I cannot remember now... dang. Oh some bicep curls with weights.

                              Elbow is healing up nicely so I feel better about trying pushups and jacks.