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    YESTERDAY: Buff Dudes Phase 2 Week 6 Day 2

    Chinups 3xfailure (3x3)
    Diamond pushups 3x15
    Elevated push back pushups 3x15
    Reverse angels 3x15
    Russian twists 3x30


      Caught up on Fitness Advent Calendar, Days 16-21. All before breakfast. Next stop, closing on our first house!


        Happy New Year to all my fellow Bees!

        My 2019 goals are to finish up the Buff Dudes Bodyweight Plan, and start off the year by trying to do the Daily Dares each morning along with the Power Walk Challenge.

        Also, in case anybody cares, I'd like to post a little year in review for 2018:

        Got married!
        Settled into my new position at my university
        Took a stronger leadership role in my church group
        Purchased my first house with my wife, started working on renovations

        Did a lot of DareBee workouts and challenges
        Researched and planned my own workout plan
        Started a new 12-week bodyweight plan that I will finish in 2019

        As my tagline says...

        Further up and further in!


          Looks like you had a great 2018, best of luck in 2019!


            noname thanks!

            Started the Power Walk Challenge yesterday, did Day 2 this morning. Good to have something consistent every day, even if it's small. Hoping to get back to my Buff Dudes workouts tomorrow as well.


              YESTERDAY'S WORKOUT:

              Power Walk Day 3
              Buff Dudes Phase 2 Week 6 Day 3

              Basic burpees 3x15
              Curtsy/lateral squat 3x20
              Single leg RDL with knee raise 3x30
              Pistol squats 3x20
              Single leg calf reach 3x30
              Twisting planks 3x15


                Power Walk Day 4
                Buff Dudes Phase 2 Day 4 - Week 6

                3:30 march steps
                Side to side pullups 3x5
                Windshield wiper pushups 3x5
                Pike pushups 3x15
                Tricep extension pushups 3x10
                Supermans 3x15
                Otis ups 3x20


                  TODAY'S WORKOUT

                  Power Walk Day 5
                  Buff Dudes Week 7 Phase 3 Day 1

                  0.25 mile warmup walk
                  Squat jumps 3x15 superset Bulgarian split squats 3 30
                  Stability ball hamstring curls superset sprints 3x15 / 3x0:30
                  Lateral squats superset jumping split squats 3x30
                  Calf reaches 3x20
                  Side plank dips 3x30
                  0.25 mile cooldown walk

                  Kept it to 3 sets instead of the original 4 per exercise, felt a little tired tonight. I'll work up to it next time.


                    TODAY'S UPDATE

                    I did Power Walk Day 9 this morning, caught up to that point. Also forgot to post my Buff Dudes Week 7 Phase 3 Day 2 the other day. Hoping to do another workout this evening, then I have a couple of days to workout later this week as well.


                      Buff Dudes Week 7 Phase 3 Day 3

                      Pushup with knee tuck (or plank jump in) 3x20
                      One arm assisted pushup superset windshield wiper pushup 3x10
                      Chest dips superset pushup 3x10
                      Leg raises 3x20


                        YESTERDAY'S WORKOUT

                        Buff Dudes Phase 3 Week 7 Day 4

                        Pike pushups 4x15
                        LYTs 4x15 each movement (fist L arms forward, Y arms forward, T arms to the side)
                        Elevated push back pushups superset plank rotations 4x15 / 4x20
                        Wall slides 3x15
                        Crunches 3x25


                          Buff Dudes Week 7 | Phase 3 Day 5

                          Diamond pushups 3x15
                          Alt cross bench dips 3x20
                          Praying mantis pushup 3x10
                          Elevated tricep extension 3x10
                          Close grip chin ups 3xfailure (I only did 3)
                          Underhand single arm inverted row w/ slow negative 3x10
                          Inverted 21 rows 2x
                          Chin up holds 3xfailure (didn't hold very long)
                          Scissor kicks 3x40


                            Glad I finished up a full week a few days ago, but I have to put working out on hold for a while. There's lots to do to get our house ready to move in, and my schedule is jam-packed. Gotta buzz away for a bit, hoping to get back to it next month. I'll finish up the Buff Dudes Bodyweight Plan, only 5 weeks left out of 12 so I'll need to kill it when I start back up, but for now I gotta push pause. Sorry Bees...


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                              brandonjohnson Looking awesome buddy Wish you the all best for the month buddy! Take care


                                Hello again everybody!

                                It's been a while but I'm back again. We moved into our new house last weekend, now we're going through the lovely process of unpacking and emptying 47,623 boxes (okay it just feels like that). The move itself was very quick & easy with plenty of help, and we are actually on a good pace for getting unpacked. We've got lots of DIY projects still to do, but budget will slow us down on some of that. One step at a time...

                                In workout news, I decided to start something small first thing in the morning. I did the Morning Stretch workout, which did wonders for my stiff neck, and also did Day 1 of the Back & Core program. I also remembered seeing the First Thing Water challenge and jumped on that too. Starting off my days stretching, loosening up, and getting hydrated!

                                As things start to settle down, I'm hoping to get back into my normal routine (or at least figure out a new one). In addition to those workouts first thing in the morning, I would like to get back to working out in the gym 2-3 days a week, throw in an extra DareBee home workout sometimes, plus my wife wants to start walking around our new neighborhood as a way to get active. I hope to tackle a few more Buff Dudes workouts over the next few months, and also finish their Bodyweight program that I started last year. I'll complement that with locking down my nutrition, not dieting but getting back to eating consistently healthy. I just finished a meal plan for the next few weeks yesterday that covers my macros, which hopefully should keep me on track.

                                I would also like to get some more personal stuff back in line. My faith walk has been pretty shallow lately, so reading and praying more will definitely become a priority. I miss writing and blogging, plus just reading for fun... and movies and video games... so in my spare time (laughable as a new homeowner I know) I'd like to kick back and relax a little. All the biggest expenses are taken care of with the house, now it's just keeping it up.

                                Hope all my Bees are doing well out there, trying to keep up with people's threads as best I can. Let me know what you're up to.

                                Further up and further in!

                                TODAY'S WORKOUT

                                Morning Stretch
                                Back & Core - Day 1
                                First Thing Water - Day 1