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    Seri's Log

    After having my other log for close to 2 years, I decided to create a new log as I have wanted to refocus on what I want out of my fitness plan and goals. The reason for this is that I know that the last couple of months I have felt that I been just going through the motions and needed to really think about what I wanted to accomplish and focus on how to get there.

    One thing that I stated that I wanted to accomplish in my last journal was to do an unassisted pull-up. I have never attained this goal, and it is still definitely on my list.

    Lately, I have been focused on doing mostly bodyweight exercises, and would like to ensure that I add some cardio to my routines which would include adding running (both treadmill and outdoor), cycling (stationary and outdoor) and jump rope (with a jump rope - trying to not get tripped up can be challenging at times). With the running and cycling, the outdoor running would be seasonal for me as the winter months (usually the end of October to late March, early April) involves snow and periods of extremely cold weather. A short term goal for a distance to achieve in running is 10K.

    Two things I really want to add to my routines are yoga and meditation. I feel that that would be beneficial to my physical and mental well being.

    I have included the link to my previous log for anyone that is interested in my fitness journey up to this point. Seri's Training Log


    [] Pull-Up unassisted
    [✔] 5K run - for the second time since I have been with the Hive
    [✔]10K - completed December 14 2018
    [] 2 months of yoga at least 2 times per week
    [✔] 2 months of meditation at least 3 times a week

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    ..and we're keen to follow your progress and journey


      Originally posted by noname View Post
      ..and we're keen to follow your progress and journey
      Thanks noname


        Now to add my first workout log ....
        In keeping with my plan to add some running to my routine, I have started with day 1 of the 8 Weeks to 5 K running program. When I made the decision to add this to my routine, I wasn't sure how easy I will find to add it to my workouts on the weekends as there really seems less time for everything in comparison to during the week. I have to say that I think that my dogs were wondering what I was up to when I put them into the van after our walk this morning and took off to do the intervals. I didn't attempt to do this while I had them out. The Border Collie, even though he is the older of the 2, is almost 12 and I think that he would have enjoyed the sprints. The German Shepherd is a couple months over 11 and has a much more laid back pace.

        I also completed day 1 of the Calves of Steel challenge. I had added a 10lb sandbag to the workout and started with a wooden block that my husband created years ago just to get a bigger range of stretch for the calf raise s. I did end up going to just doing calf raises with the sandbag. I will be attempting to use the calf raise block again on day 3.​​


        Instead of trying one of the programs that I haven't done yet, I decided to revisit Hero's Journey again. Day 1 has been completed at level 3 (+300). I had used 1 lb ankle weights for the side leg raises, toe tap hops and climbers, and used my 10lb sandbag for the squats. I found that it made the workout more fun. I realize that I will have to play with adding a little extra weight to the ankle weights for the weapons days when they come as I don't have any ankle/wrist weights that are 2lbs. I'm not ready to rush out to buy heavier ankle weights, but I figure that I will try using a couple of longer socks that haven't been used yet and adding some weights from a weighted vest that I have and see how that works.

        Finally, I did do the DD (2 minutes of High Knees) with EC.

        Consecutive workout days 5 / 15
        DD with EC 579

        HJ points 300


          what class did you do Hero's Journey as the first time? Which one will you do this round?


            Originally posted by grockette View Post
            what class did you do Hero's Journey as the first time? Which one will you do this round?
            I'm guessing that you are talking about the Weapons Practice here. I had a hard time picking which one I really wanted to do the last time, so I tried to do at least a couple on the days that there was weapon practice. I want to make sure that I do the Hammer (so I know that there is some focus on the back muscles) and the Lasso (jump rope) this time around. It will be likely that I will do the Sword as well, with the only catch being that the pull-ups will be modified throughout the program in order to help me work towards doing an unassisted pull-up.

            Of course, I have this problem in that I keep on going back and look at all those pretty weapons, and each time that I do, there is one that looks prettier than what I noticed before and I change my mind, kind of like a kid in a candy store.




                Good luck, it sounds like you're making it fun for yourself which is always good.


                  HJ Have fun!


                    Day 2 of 8 Weeks To 5K completed as well as the Calves Challenge and Hero's Journey. For Hero's Journey, I opted to Get Involved and did it at level 3 (+300). By the time I got to the 9th set, I figured that my hamstrings will be sore tomorrow. I am just hoping that it won't be a terrible experience where stairs are my enemy for a couple of days.

                    The DD (30 Side to Side Lunges) done with EC.

                    Bonus for me today is that it rained during the night so I didn't have to water my garden . My Border Collie didn't care much for the rain though since it came in the form of a thunderstorm. Unfortunately the thunder wasn't done by the time we went for our morning walk, so he was pretty stressed out

                    Consecutive workout days 6/15
                    DD with EC 580

                    HJ 600 points


                      All best wishes to reaching all your new goals! You'll do it!


                        Thanks Cabriel. I think that the running may be one of the tougher things achieve for me.


                          Day 3 of 8 Weeks to 5 K completed, done with the dogs wondering what the heck I was doing by making them wait in the car after our walk.Day 3 of the Calves Challenge also has been completed.

                          I did have the day off from work today, which gave me the time to try out all the weapons for Hero's Journey.
                          Heavy Sword: modified pull-ups 10-7-7 = +120
                          Hammer: +50
                          Bow: 30 minutes walking = +200
                          Lasso (&LT): +150
                          Ribbon (with body armor): +100
                          Ring: +100

                          I also did the DD (40 Butterfly Dips) with EC.

                          I was almost hesitant to do today's DD and the Ring practice today because my left shoulder/upper back area has been bothering me for about a week and a half now. I decided to give it a try and I am happy that I did. It got injured last week due to an incident that occurred (non exercise related). I do have a physio appointment lined up at the end of the month to help work out the kinks that are lingering. I know from past experience with an injury to this area that trying to do some strengthening exercises will help, so that is why I was willing to try doing these ones today.

                          Consecutive workout days 7 /15
                          DD with EC 581

                          HJ points 1320


                            Which weapons did you enjoy the most?


                              Good luck and a ton of fun on your journey, not only the Hero's. I am looking forward to read of your experience, cause it's definitely on my todo list.