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    Congratulation on the completion!


      Monday 4th February

      Touch your Toes Challenge Days 28 - 30 COMPLETE!
      Dead Hang Challenge Days 15 - 17 Done!

      All is back to normal! My car is fixed so crossfit all week woohoo! Also now that I have finished my Touch your Toes Challenge and Full Circuit I am now starting THE ARMORY workout using all of the Hero's Journey weaponry (This will be updated every Monday)

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot 2019-02-04 at 09.43.50.png Views:	1 Size:	90.6 KB ID:	546032

      30 Days No Choc or Doughnuts Challenge - They say the first few days are the hardest, THEY WERE NOT KIDDING! I actually had dreams these last 3 nights where I was eating chocolate and realised what I have done and woke up depressed. But then suddenly realised I didn't actually eat it, so thank god!

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot 2019-02-04 at 09.45.51.png Views:	1 Size:	31.1 KB ID:	546033 Click image for larger version  Name:	ezgif-2-8ccae03d2799.gif Views:	1 Size:	430.3 KB ID:	546034

      Rainbow Dragon thank you for joining me it makes me happy to know I am no alone in this
      BravoLimaPoppa3 Thank you buddy! That really sucks I can't imagine not having milk at all
      daejamurrachan Thank you so much for the picture that is me to a T
      Brunsonja Thank you hehe
      Kakarot Thank you also for joining in with me team detox!
      Amirsh Thank you for joining our club Team detox!
      crossthebreeze Thank you buddy
      Caesg Thank you its all good now Actually every time I have a craving for chocolate I grab a couple of nuts crush them in my hand and eat them. That way I am eating healthier and getting forearm strength at the same time
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        Congrats on your new badge!


          Congrats on touching your toes and getting shiny new Full Circuit badge


            Congratulations on completing Full Circuit and the Touch Your Toes Challenge, BlackButler!
            Cheers for working cars and a return to regular CrossFit!

            Re: dreams of eating chocolate: You need to turn these into nightmares that will turn you off of wanting to eat the stuff. I offer you inspiration from my own youth:

            When I was in high school, it was well known that I ate a lot of chocolate. A really unhealthily large amount of the stuff. I got away with it because I was super skinny and also an elite runner--but my coach would always ask me, "Laura, imagine how much better of a runner you could be if you ate a healthy diet." Foolishly, I ignored him. But on with the story:

            During this time, I used to have a recurring dream that I would show up to school one day to discover my entire school was made out of chocolate. The walls were chocolate. The floors and ceilings were chocolate. The windows were chocolate. The lockers were chocolate. The desks were chocolate. Everything. All morning, I and all of the other students sat in our classrooms, nibbling on our desks. By lunch time, everyone--even me--had had more than our fill of chocolate and was ready for some real food. So we all eagerly headed off to the cafeteria. When we arrived, we discovered a problem: Our cafeteria was separated from the rest of the school by a hallway ~ 10 metres in length. And, unlike the rest of the hallways in our school, which were still passageways within chocolate shells, this hallway was solid chocolate. No one was getting through to the real food unless someone ate a tunnel through the chocolate hallway. Knowing my propensity for eating enormously large quantities of the stuff, guess who my schoolmates elected to do the job?

            Now: aren't you glad you don't need to tunnel your way through 10 metres of chocolate by eating the stuff and instead have ready access to all sorts of healthy and nutritious food you can eat instead?


              Happy badge day and congratulations on finishing TYT


                Congratulations on TYT and Full Circuit ! Nice badge !


                  Well done on badge day! Onto the next one...


                    OMG! So many Congrats!


                      Gifs, Graphics & Gusto Update!
                      Hey guys! Hope the training is going well

                      As you know I will be doing THE ARMOURY (Updated every Monday) for 7 1/2 weeks this involves the weapons used in Hero's Journey. But I will be doing 2 weapons a day and have categories them as followed under my weekly routine:

                      Mon - Thu [The Ranger] (Lasso & Bow)

                      Tue - Fri [The Dwarf] (Ribbon & Hammer)

                      Wed - Sat [The Knight] (Ring & Sword)

                      As I have been having difficulty with The Banded Muscle Ups in my failures log, I have now changed this to Hips to Bar (Updated every Friday).

                      I am no longer doing Love & Hate WODs on Tuesdays, I have now moved this to Thursdays and on every 5th week I will be doing a 5km Obstacle Workout

                      Finally on days that I am not able to go to CrossFit I am now doing a Home WOD which involves bodyweight training but in a CrossFit style (Thank you Kakarot for linking that to me).

                      Happy Training Everyone!

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	ezgif-2-a8885fe09bfc.gif Views:	1 Size:	319.8 KB ID:	546123

                      Manticore EmChey Lyra_H_W BusyBumbleBee Louve rose Scott PhoebeGilmore CODawn Amirsh Thank you all so much for the congrats on the badge. The ab days were the toughest for me lol!
                      Rainbow Dragon That is one vivid nightmare lol To be honest it felt like a nightmare when eating the chocolate


                        Congratulations and Happy Badge Day!


                          Congrats on Full Circle and for standing up to chocolate.


                            Congrats on your new badge and finishing the challenge!


                              Happy badge day


                                Not a problem BlackButler happy to finally be able to help someone. I'm actually having trouble ATM with training and decided to try and get back to waking up early to workout. I did this during remembrance weekend last year, and it was great, felt energy for the day and had time to lol with the family and do RBL stuff.
                                How's the no chocolate and Doughnuts going? I'm on my third day straight of no fizzy pop (Pepsi, cola, etc, but today I had some boost).