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    Wednesday 6th May 2020

    Hey everyone! I hope you are well and staying safe ! So sorry its taking so long on posts and apologies for not checking out everyone's posts. I am sooo behind, but I promise I will catch up to you and cheer you on at some point in all this

    Thank you Amirsh Nevetharine NancyTree CODawn Rissa HuskyDog Rainbow Dragon Hbomb3383 PrincessFancy Colin Louve rose WSMC27 for your very kind words and congrats you guys are

    Good news is I've finished the Turf Games 2.0 and here are the results!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot 2020-05-06 at 09.23.14.png Views:	17 Size:	90.6 KB ID:	688030

    I am VERY happy with that result! HOLY COW!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	ezgif-1-996f7c96ef83.gif Views:	13 Size:	529.0 KB ID:	688031

    The workouts weren't easy either see below the workouts (maybe give them a go yourselves )

    Workout 1
    100 Squats
    90 Mountain Climbers
    80 Lateral Jumps
    70 Ankle Taps
    60 Shoulder Taps
    50 Reverse Lunges
    40 Sit Ups
    30 Pike Toe Taps
    20 Push Ups
    10 Burpees

    Workout 2
    3 Rounds
    2min AMRAP

    40 Step Ups (40cm)
    Max Hand Release Push Ups
    1min Rest

    Workout 3
    10 Rounds
    5 Walkout & Push Up
    10 Jump Squats
    15 Single Arm V-Ups

    Workout 4
    1km Run
    80 Reverse Lunges
    1km Run
    60 Reverse Lunges
    1km Run
    40 Reverse Lunges

    Workout 5
    10 Burpees
    10 Burpees / 20 Pike Toe Taps
    10 Burpees / 20 Pike Toe Taps / 30 Reverse Lunges
    10 Burpees / 20 Pike Toe Taps / 30 Reverse Lunges / 40 Mountain Climbers
    10 Burpees / 20 Pike Toe Taps / 30 Reverse Lunges / 40 Mountain Climbers / 50 Prisoner Squats

    I was going to be doing the European Championship this month but I looked at the workout and with VIDEO requirements and as my house isn't really fit to do certain things, it was a very dumb workout to do. So I'm staying clear fo that one!

    Stay safe everyone and take care!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot 2020-05-06 at 10.11.55.png Views:	13 Size:	44.1 KB ID:	688032​​​​​​​


      Congrats on the Turf Games - those workouts look crazy tough!


        Congratulations !






              Always nice to see you back, BB, I hope you're keeping well down there on the coast! Stay safe and keep banging out those achievements and personal bests! (I take your presence here as a big positive and a big hello - you don't need to wade through my thread to say so! Always a pleasure to see you wherever it is!)


                That is awesome, congrats!!


                  That's a great result, congratulations


                    Congratulations! Nice to hear from you again. I was just mentioning to my husband that I hadn't heard from you in a while and I was hoping you were ok. I'll never forget how you helped me out with my ITB injury a couple years ago.


                      Nice to see you back, BlackButler; you’re looking awesome as usual🥳😎


                        This was legen-- wait for it-- and I hope you're not lactose intolerant, because the second half of the word is-- dary! Legendary! - Barney Stinson -


                          Awesome, congrats!


                            Wow, that is amazing! Congratulations! A big accomplishment!


                              Great job on the turf games BlackButler

                              It's good to see you back posting. Keep up the good work pushing yourself.


                                Congrats on the Turf Games! Looks like your lawn is gonna be safe for a while