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    Grockette's Transformation

    progressive bodyweight workout and Foundation Program starts July 27 2018:

    (Original Post)
    As the sun prepared to slink behind the hill overlooking our valley, my mate and I walked downhill and across a bridge to get to the local waterhole. Many families dipped in and out of the water, with great laughter and many squeals. We walked along the waterbank, looking at the huts that overlook the water. In some ways I'm jealous of their view, and in other ways I'm glad I don't live so close to the blood suckers, the smell, and the sounds of the waterhole and awakening geese.

    In the middle of the island sat a white water unicorn, glistening from the sunlight. The unicorn rested beside it's young rider as she read from her scroll. A fisherman and his children told us stories of the great fish that can be caught during the spring time, and mourned the drastic reduction of fish dinners the rest of the year. Perhaps they would fare better in a boat.

    Eventually we reached the bridge again, and watched a bald eagle soar so closely over our heads that we could see his eye. We walked back up the hill and headed home. My mate immediately stood under our personal waterfall while I fed and watered the wolves, and collected an egg from our hens.

    ((It wasn't a darebee workout, but it was movement, and I still sweated. That hill ain't exactly easy, either. A total of about 1 mile walk.))

    edited to add: spent 3 minutes trying to punch the blood suckers away +EC
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    Foundation Light d15 murder, d16 murder
    couch back pushups 28 in one go...sweet. (I'd forgotten to break things up into sets and wasn't paying attention.)
    standing incline ring rows: 7/6/5/4/3

    DD: 'picked 50 fruits off a tree' = 50 calf raises


      Foundation Light d17 murder, d18 murder

      Something kept tugging at my hair while I was laying down, but I couldn't seem to catch whatever it was. (DD: 40 Bridge Taps (almost gave up half way through))


        Foundation Light d19 murder, d20 murder
        Have been quite lazy today.


          Foundation Light d21 murder, d22 murder

          While walking to the couch a viper tripped me up. As the couch held my upper body out of the way, I had to do a little dance to avoid the viper's fangs. (DD 40 plank jacks. Unfortunately I don't get credit for it because I had to be in modified plank form.)

          I'm having difficulty staying motivated to do the workouts. Right now the only thing keeping me going is that I'm so close to getting a badge.
          There's nothing much wrong with the formats, nor the workouts. And while I feel some changes in my capabilities over time, I don't feel that I'm able to challenge myself where I can, and take time to work on areas I'm already challenged. Basically, I'm having difficulty personalizing the workout format...which isn't really what it's for, I know. So I ordered a couple of calisthenic ebooks and a physical book. Most calisthenic books start off at a higher level than I can do (even though they call it Novice or Beginner). I wish I could find a Pre-Beginner, lol. But I'm learning some stuff from Darebee's workouts. For example, today's knee-to-elbow march would be a precursor to doing it laying down; all the low impact jacks have helped build traps and delts strength/endurance; and that I dread 'fighting' workouts even though they're helping prepare my muscles for other stuff.

          So, I'm feeling a strong urge to do what I always do...modify. In this case, modify my workouts. Which means researching and learning more so I'm not messing things up too much. Which means I'm getting aggravated due to using that mental time/effort on workouts rather than on other areas of my life.

          Another option could be doing a modified version of the Hero's Journey, and adjust points accordingly. (Since the storyline format inspires and motivates me.) And mix in the calisthenics stuff I'll also be working on throughout the day.


            If you prefer selecting your own workouts you could also use a Darebee Training plan: . This way you can chooses your workouts from the Darebee library but still have a guidance line to work with. You could probably also fit some off the calisthenics workouts into such a training plan.

            On the other hand the Hero's Journey storyline is a good motivator and depending on which "weapon" you choose, you can adapt it to your own liking a bit.

            Go with whatever motivates you, just don't forgot rest days and such if you do your own thing.


              My mate and I just explored the neighborhood a little more today ((walked 1.1miles)). When we got home I jumped for joy that I'd gotten up the hill without stopping ((DD 20 hop heel clicks)).

              My hip's been spasming again and I've had a few cramps in my hamstrings, calves, and toes. So today I took it easy and just focused on stretching here and there, no official workout.


                Walked 1 mile this morning. This evening walked 2 miles. Not such a good idea. I'll be lucky if my hip will move tomorrow.
                Foundation Light D23 murder

                I've been brainstorming a fitness rpg. I've purchased a couple, and while they had good ideas, it wasn't quite what I want. Critical Fit ( is probably the best of the two.
                I haven't solidified anything from the brainstorming yet, but a few things keep coming up as a great way for figuring out the encounter difficulty. These are the scales for Quality/Technique, Effort/Ease, and Discomfort/Pain. For example, using this chart:
                Maximum Effort and Broken = 1pt each. (Your body/mind aren't prepared for these exercises yet. Do some more foundational work first.)
                Challenging and Rough = 2 pt each. (These exercises are a little too rough for you, if you don't ease up some, things can go south.)
                Solid and Smooth = 3 pt each. (Just right. You're in control of the movements yet they still require some effort to do.)
                Relaxed and Snappy = 2 pt each. (These exercises are now too easy for you and it's time to work on some that require more effort.)

                So for example, my 2 mile walk I would say that I'm pretty happy that I kept going and didn't stop, though I was hurting towards the end. Broken would be 1pt, Rough would be 2pts, I was somewhere in the middle, so I'd give myself 1.5pts on that. And then the Ease scale the walk was challenging for most of it, except towards the end and the last hill which put me at just trying to survive it and get home. so maybe another 1.5pts. Multiplying those two together would net me 2.25 pts. I would then multiply that by my walking level (or distance or steps) for my points for that workout.

                A campaign might be a program of your choosing (for example if I chose Darebee's Hero's Journey as a campaign). Each campaign would have it's own stats to track. For example, Darebee's Combat, Abs, Cardio, Stretching, Strength, etc. A Calisthenics Campaign might have Upper Body Push, Upper Body Pull, Lower Body Push (knee dominant), and Lower Body Pull (hip dominant).

                Encounters might be the workout itself, plus any of the big/little "bad guys" who might cause you to lose points. Example will Sweet Tooth win this battle? if so, how much damage does it do to you (loss of points).
                HP: Health points might be anything obtained from workouts.
                MP: Mood points might be anything related to sleep, foam rolling, massage, play, rest&recovery day, etc.
                If you get into an argument or suffer a loss, that would take points away from your Mood Points.
                Or you can spend points to do something that you know isn't good for you, but you want it anyways. For example, I really wanted baked potato skins today. So eating them raised my mood a little (say 1 pt), but it cost me in health points due to the carbs (say -5 health).

                Anyways, those are just ideas running around in my head.


                  Foundation Light D24 murder, and some further hip and hams stretching. I'm surprised I wasn't nearly as sore as I expected to be. Just a little tight in the hips.


                    Foundation Light D26 murder, and played around with some ways of regressing and progressing random movements (preparing for the mental aspects of a calisthenics program).
                    I know I skipped D25, which is a Fighting workout. I really don't want to do it. But I'll either have to do it, or find a decent workout to replace it before I can get my badge.
                    The fighting workouts bring out my anger, and then my brain won't shut up for the rest of the day(s). I just don't want to deal with those emotions right now.

                    Spent the day gathering and organizing info related to my calisthenic books and ebooks. Each book has their strengths, and their weaknesses. So I was trying to figure out which book had the best strengths for my needs, and which books had parts that could supplement any weaknesses. I'm thinking I'm going to follow the Your Body is your Barbell book that I have, for perhaps 1-3 out of 5 levels. So tomorrow I'll go over the mobility and stretching parts of the other books to see which would supplement YBYBB better. In particular I need an excellent wrist stretching and strengthening program. And to make sure my shoulders are well prepared.

                    For now, my brain is fried, and I'm going to walk around the block before shower and bed.


                      Foundation Light D27 (strength), and because I desperately want to get this program over with, I also did D29 (flutterkicks).
                      (only d25(fighter), d28(stretching), and d30(fast pace cardio) left.)

                      And I played around some more with random movements and the concepts of regression/progression.
                      I've also been figuring which program I want to use as my mobility & flexibility program. I have quite a few damned good books on this, but most of them are pretty dense in information, and I'm mentally exhausted from gathering and organizing info and planning out my calisthenics program. The regression/progression concepts are sooo worth it! Now I feel like I'll be able to adapt virtually any exercise/stretch into something I can do, but can still push me. My hope is that my mobility/flexibility program will be just as comprehensive yet easy to follow. But I think I'm going to have to settle for something half as comprehensive that I can improve on later when I have more mental energy and time.

                      And now I'm thinking of doing the dreaded fighter workout today so that I can have the potatoes I'm craving afterwards....
                      Yeah, I'm gonna do that now. Will post an update later or tomorrow.

                      Update: I did it, D25 murdered. So tomorrow morning I'll finish the Foundation Light Program and get my first badge...woohoo.
                      Now for a cool down walk, take care of the birds, shower, and 5 tater tots!!




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                          Your Mom goes to college!
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                            Foundation Light D28 murder and D30 murder.
                            Foundation Light = DONE! woohoo, my first badge!!

                            edited to add: awww, look at that bright red badge under my pic, ain't it perty!?!


                              Well done! A nice red badge indeed.