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    Day [172]. Went fencing last night. Didn't fence too much (~ 30 minutes), but it was good to get out of the house.

    Assassin's Challenge [12/30]: 3 x 50 palm strikes... done.

    Daily Dare [51] with Extra Credit [44]: 40 leg raises... done. Ugh, that was a close one.

    Age of Pandora [45/60]:

    Since I have found myself near the Last Garden, I take the opportunity to stop by and gather some fresh fruit and vegetables. There are three jobs posted on the job board and I start with Weeding. 20 sitting twists and 5 x 10 plank walk-outs + 10 sitting twists. Then I moved on to Collecting chickensa manure. 20 sit-ups, 5 x 10 up and down planks + 10 sit-ups. [Totals Day 8]


      Evening update. I got bored while cooking dinner. (Yummy Black Pepper Chicken!)

      Age of Pandora [46/60]:

      I then moved on to the final notice on the board: Water delivery. 500 raised arm circles. [Chapter complete]


        Day [173].

        Assassin's Challenge [13/30]: 90-second non-stop push-up + palm strike... done.

        Not feeling it today. Doing Back and Core Day 14... done. Kept falling over during the side star plank holds.

        Well, maybe I'll peek at Age of Pandora again...

        Age of Pandora [48/60]:

        I reclaim my weapons from the entrance to The Last Garden and then I take off for the Hunter's Bunker, which is located in the Hunter's Forest, with 80 high knees. I get there and run into Hawkeye, the second in command of the Hunters. He finds me a bunk and I settle in for a sleep. The next day he awakens me to take me hunting. We are hunting the mighty varapin, a monster no one has slain before. I dodge the creature with a level 2 workout of 10 x 2 bounce + bounce + squat combos, 20 high knees, 2 side to side lunges, and 20 high knees. I draw my sword and I charge at it, taking it down with a level 2 workout of 5 x 15 push-up + side-to-side chop combos and 15 squat + side-to-side chop combos. Hawkeye cuts off its head and we march back to the camp victorious and celebrating. When we get there, I notice a man who is looking for help to get his granddaughter back from the Dreamers. I go over to help. [Chapter Complete] After I get details from him, I run up to Agora Canis to buy a disguise, traveling 140 high knees to get there. I buy a cape and a pair of shades. That should do it unless I miss my mark. [Chapter Complete] I travel 110 high knees to get there and I find her quickly enough and I try to convince her to come with me, but she starts drawing too much attention to us. So, I grab her and I run off with her, hoping that I can sway her. And then she screams.


          Are you sure she's his granddaughter??


            Oh yes, he gave me a very good description of her, down to the missing chunk of her ear, her limp and missing toes. I am reasonably sure that I have the right girl.


              So long as she's not his runaway slave or something like that.


                No worries, a few independent sources confirm that he is indeed missing a granddaughter, they just won't help him.


                  Day [174]. Totally sore today, so I'm going to try to take it easy.

                  Assassin's Challenge [14/30]: 160 high knees and 160 climbers... done.

                  Stretching: Rest and Rec


                    Day [175]. It's a not-feeling-it day, where I have tricked myself into exercising by needing to clean the pool and then swimming back and forth in it. It was a little brisk, but since it is 100F outside, it felt nice. I need to do some painting, but I'll be back later to do and log my Assassin's challenge and DD. Maybe Back and Core Day 15, who knows!


                      Part 2! Painting is coming along slowly, but surely. While I am waiting for the coat of paint to finish drying...

                      Assassin's Challenge [15/30]: 4 x 15 push-ups and 30 palm strikes... done.

                      Daily Dare [52] with Extra Credit [45]: 20 Downward Upward Dogs... done, oh oww.

                      Back and Core [15/30] is done as well. I needed some help with supporting the side leg raises.


                        Day [176].

                        Assassin's Challenge [16/30]: 3 x 50 palm strikes... done.

                        Age of Pandora [50/60]:

                        The Dreamers surround us murmuring something about me being The Awakened, their prophecized bringer of hope. Things are beginning to look ugly as the priest steps in and tries to brand me as if I were a common thief. I see my only way out of this as taking on this dubious role and they claim that I must undergo a trial to confirm my identity. But first, I must survive a beating from the priest's acolytes, in a private dungeon-like room, with a level 2 workout of 5 x 20 side-kick + back-fist combos, 20 squat + hook combos, 20 knee strike + elbow strike combos, and 20 squat + uppercut combos. They leave the room, limping and injured, as the priest snarls, "Trial it is," at me, like I should be scared. And maybe I am, just a little. [Chapter Complete] I fall asleep waiting for the priest to return and put me through this trial. Instead, a woman returns in the morning with my things and some sweet-tasting water. As the other Chosen and I are going through the ceremony, I feel like something is wrong and my head starts to swim. I brace myself against the wall in a level 1, 2-minute wall sit before I fell unconscious with the others. I awaken to find myself oxygen deprived and Serine tells me that this is the point. I refuse to accept my fate and start searching for a way out. On my third pass, I pick up one of the prayer candles and use it search the walls a third time, and then again a fourth with my dog tags in my hand, waving them over the wall like a magic key. A wall opened to reveal a corridor and I help the others to move into it. We find evidence of human inhabitance in this ancient place as we make our way down the corridors and through various rooms. I accidentally activate something in the last room as the others are leaving and the High Priest appears in the room. A door slides shut between us before I could ask any questions. Alarms and other alarming sounds echo around me as I run out of the tunnel, behind the others. 10 x 20 high knees, 2 side-to-side jumps, 20 high knees, and 2 tuck knee jumps. We all make it out as we hear detonations behind us. I tell them to go and fight for their lives, live them to the fullest and to not lose hope before Serine and I run back down to Agora Canis with 110 high knees. We find Rubin easily enough. I turn down his scraps, but he gives me a sturdy black leather coat that he made for me. Serine gives me a hug and thanks me. [Chapter Complete]


                          Day [177].

                          Assassin's Challenge [17/30]: 2-minutes non-stop push-up + palm strike... done.

                          Daily Dare [53] with Extra Credit [46]: 100 side kicks... done. Ooh, the legs are a wee sore today. They were very, very slow kicks.

                          Age of Pandora [50/60]:

                          I start prepping for the next part of my journey, but I am in need of some supplies, so I decide to go to the City Pits to earn some scraps, taking 230 high knees to travel there. I start with taking on Rina with 400 hook + uppercut combos.

                          Back and Core [16/30]: 4 x 20 side leg raises, 4 x 20 standing knee to elbows, 4 x 10 knee-ins and twists, and 4 x 10 side scissors... done.

                          Extra Bokken work! Starting with Katana Warmup, then a level 1 workout of Ninja Hunter. Plus maybe a hundred extra horizontal cuts. Fun, however, I have compromised the integrity of my bokken. It has a crack in its spine now.

                          And add half an hour of swimming.


                            Day [178]. I have traded sore legs for sore arms.

                            Daily Dare [54] with Extra Credit [47]: 60 scissors... done.

                            Assassin's Challenge [18/30]: 180 high knees and 180 climbers... well, with modification to the climbers, replacing them with bicycles. I know they are not the same, but my arms are far too sore. However, done.

                            Maybe I am being stupid, but Back and Core Day 18... wait, no, 17. Ugh, now I know I am being stupid. But, I think I can do it and this will help me evaluate whether or not I will be going to fencing practice tonight.

                            Which is a negative, now that I am done. I will be icing tonight instead. Better that I find out this way then go fence and really overextend myself. I know that I did too much yesterday, but mostly that was because I was hoping that I would tucker myself out so that I could get a good night sleep for the job fair today. (A plan that went awry. It still took me until after midnight to fall asleep. Just too nervous. But the job fair went well. )

                            I am going to do Back and Core Day 18, which is less of a bad idea. And done. That's it for me today. See all of you tomorrow!



                              Did go to practice, but I didn't fight. I ran my first tourney and kept track of the score! Arm is still feeling wimpy, but nothing serious.


                                Day [179].

                                Just spent an hour digging around the storage unit looking for clasps so that I could teach a chainmail class. Didn't find them yet, but I will... eventually.

                                Assassin's Challenge [19/30]: 3 x 20 push-ups + 30 palm strikes... done.

                                Daily Dare [55] with Extra Credit [48]: 20 Side V-ups... done. Ow

                                Click image for larger version

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