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    Got everything in today. Lifted first thing, FC day something early in the morning and then running after lunch.

    *all of these are done at 6 reps each except for the first one which is 3 reps*
    Pull ups/Chin Ups: 10 @ 50
    Incline Barbell Bench Press: 4 @ 155 - the modification is ghetto but it works
    Dumbbell Hammer Curl: 4 @ 45
    Standing Calf Raise/Shrug: 4 @ 125
    Lying Leg Curl: 4 @ purple band
    Lunge: 4 @ 145 - only a 10 lb gain but I thought I was going to die

    Got a killer migraine around breakfast time (luckily I had already lifted) and it has been trying to kill me all day. Fortunately I was able to let my inner me crawl into a hole during my run and my body just did its thing. I should figure out how to do this without extreme pain because I was hauling hind end. I set a 5k PR and ran the 5 miles in just under 49 minutes with an average heart rate of 158 (peaked at 171 at the top of a hill but quickly dropped back down).

    Also I think I figured out the issue with my elbow during chin ups. It hurt with both narrow and wide grip and I was confused for a bit and then it hit me. I slowly trained up from 0 to 50 lbs on pull ups, I just jumped in the deep end with chin ups and my tendon/ligament is just a bit pissed off. I'll back off (or I'll injure myself) for a bit and work into it. I'll have plenty of time since this will be my Saturday.


      Healing vibes for the migraine

      Yeah for the PR

      Happy working to the 50lbs ChinUps


        Found out I have the day off for MLK day which is weird for me because I'm not used to having holidays off.

        Doing things around the house and slightly out of order but at least they are getting done.

        Lifted this morning, FC day 16 mid morning, running will happen after lunch, and randomly throwing punched for Battlegrounds through out the day.

        *all of these are done at 6 reps each except for the first one which is 3 reps*
        Squat: 10 sets @ 235 - Took the weight up another 5 lbs, pretty happy. Now to decide if I want to do ATG squats after my deload week
        Dips: 4 sets @ 70 - still tough but getting better
        S-Arm Landmine Row: 4 sets @ 75
        Cable Overhead Tri Extension: 4 sets with purple and green band
        Barbell Curl: 4 sets @ 85 - calculated the weights wrong and only did 85 this week, oh well
        Hanging Leg Raise: 4 sets @ 10

        Good progress on squats and I'll be ready for deload week for sure, glad I decided to stick an extra week in here. Still need to sit down with the workout and do a little bit of reprogramming but nothing too major, should be fun.


          Lighter day today which is nice. Running to and from work and FC day 17 as well as randomly throwing punches all day.

          Slept on my right knee funny and it hates me today so we will have to see how that goes. The run into work sucked for a solid 2 miles before things started to loosen up.

          It is nice to see the Dark side getting an early lead on all those cake lovers over on the Light side. I sipped my Dark side coffee this morning and smiled.

          I think I've finally got my workout sorted in my brain so I will take some time during my lunch break to write it down, figure out where the holes are, and get the final thing sorted and ready to go for after my deload (may end up doing it as my deload if I really like the looks of it).

          Now to make some more Dark side coffee and get today rolling (maybe some punches first)


            Ok I think I have everything set up and ready for the new lifting routine:

            ATG Squats 10x3
            Dips 4x6
            Landmine Rows
            S-Arm Band Tri Pushdown
            Barbell Curl
            Hanging Leg Raise

            Bench 10x3
            Hack Squat 4x6
            Barbell Calf Raise
            Face Pull or Meadow Rows (we will see)
            Narrow Grip Bench Press

            Deadlift 10x3
            Incline Bench 4x6
            Band Curls
            Shrugs (with calf raise)

            Pull Ups/Chin Ups

            Any comments/improvements/thoughts are welcome


              Still have a pinched nerve in my knee that is driving me crazy and screwing up my run. Knee pain is messing with my stride so now my right knee and hip hurt and my left leg is grumpy. Hopefully the nerve will pop out soon.

              As for today I lifted this morning and I'm quite pleased with it, ran to work, FC day 19 before lunch, and running home. Lots of punches today as well, the Light side is getting too close for comfort.

              *all of these are done at 6 reps each except for the first one which is 3 reps*
              Barbell Bench Press: 10 @ 230 - good day here, slowly climbing and ready for the deload
              Deadlift: 4 @ 205 - making the hybrid lift solid
              Overhead Press: 115, 115, 95, 95 - felt a bit better but not enough to progress
              Barbell Calf Raise: 4 @ 300
              Face Pull: 4 @ purple band - trying face pull this week and Meadow Row next week. While I liked the feel of the pull it is a bit awkward because I have to put one leg up to brace against the rack
              S-Arm Band Triceps Press: 4 @ purple band


                I am not super knowledgeable on workout routines but do you include any yoga or pilates kinda stuff to help keep joints flexible? I am guessing you probably have some warm up move just not listed.


                  Brunsonja Warm up is actually a huge area of fail for me. While I do tend to do a walk with my wife in the mornings before I lift I don't do anything specific and I will jump into my lifts cold except for squats. I do have a bit of a stretching routine that I do after my lunch workout but it is just your basic stuff. While I understand the potential benefits I'm just super lazy and impatient. Also yoga is horrible and should only be used as a method of torture (also know as - I can barely touch my toes)


                    I feel you on yoga. I tried it once cause it looked relaxing and some hippies led me astray - worst mistake of my life. I hurt everywhere for days.

                    Pilates ain't that bad tho -- I like the exercise ball now that I figured out I should just go for the less inflated one I can overpower with my mass rather than a super puffy one I roll off of. At least I don't hurt falling on my butt (it's padded)

                    My warmup is pretty brief, it involves 5 min of walking-with-purpose on an elliptical followed by 10 body weight lunges (front and side with a torso twist), 10 low squats straight up into a calf raise (that one has helped my hammies a lot actually) and 5 inch worms (bend over to touch your toes, then crawl your hands out slowly until you're in plank position, do a push up, then push yourself back up in half and stand). I hated those in the beginning but now they're a badge of honor for me.


                      I warm-up by doing a light set or two of the main exercise before going all in. Sometimes there are three warm-up sets. Usually on squat days because I need to do confidence sets. Don't ask why.


                        Yeah if it wasn't for my wife my warm up would consist of me walking down the stairs to my garage. An extended warm up would be me doing that followed by glaring at my weights until the pre-workout kicked in.

                        Easier day today. Running to and from work and FC day 20 (yay more iron bar knockoff). Filling in the extra time with extra punches, the Dark side must prevail.


                          Originally posted by aveoturbo View Post
                          I warm-up by doing a light set or two of the main exercise before going all in. Sometimes there are three warm-up sets. Usually on squat days because I need to do confidence sets. Don't ask why.


                            Originally posted by wjs View Post

                            I said ...


                              Originally posted by aveoturbo View Post

                              I said ...
                              Because when you squat you are assuming the pooping position but with added weight and pressure. You do those extra confidence sets to make sure everything is good and you don't end up with a mess.


                                Definitely feeling the fact that this is an over reach week and I'm kicking my body's ass (kicking my own ass? not sure) Also unexpectedly sore from all the punches and not where I figured I would be. My right calf is dying, I understand the why but still didn't see it coming.

                                That being said a slight modification to the norm: Lifted this morning, no run to work (resting), FC day 21, running home from work (only a little bit of resting allowed)

                                *all of these are done at 6 reps each except for the first one which is 3 reps*
                                Pull ups/Chin Ups: 5 @ 55/ 5 @ 25 - Went up on the pull ups but decreased on the chin ups to give my tendons a chance to catch up
                                Incline Barbell Bench Press: 4 @ 165 - ghetto-ness to the max
                                Band Bicep Curl: 4 @ purple band - changed this on up to match what it will become
                                Shrug w/Calf Raise: 4 @ 155 - changed this one too because I wanted to see how it would work out, good TUT for sure
                                Lying Leg Curl: 4 @ purple band
                                Lunge: 4 @ 145 - starting to feel stronger on this one already

                                Next week will be deload and I'll try out my modified schedule to see how things feel/flow