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    Got restless last night... Walked down my road, just past a couple houses before turning back around... Granted, there are only two houses down that way before meeting acres and acres of fields. Still, it felt good to just get up and walk a bit. My ankle felt somewhat uncomfortable by the time I was done, though. I just couldn't stand feeling restless any longer! Woke up this morning with that same mild discomfort, but there's no actual pain. So, progress. I'll be resting it today... I feel like I can now that I got them jitters outta my system.

    Breakfast: Same as yesterday, fruit, nuts, cheese, and I'm thinkin' of cuttin' some veggies into the bowl this time.
    Dinner: Chicken and rice, seasoned to perfection.

    Workout: More body mobility work. My main focus, as always, is my spine, pelvis, and legs. I am moving more around the house today, though still making an effort to stay off my ankle. So, YAY! Won't be long before I can get back to my walks and Daredice workouts. I have about one month from when I initially sprained my ankles to get myself back to full mobility... I have another beach trip in August.

    Did a weigh-in recently. I seem to have lost a bit of weight again. Not much, but I'm no longer teetering at 300lbs. A full year of bed rest may have set me back, but I'm not gonna let this ankle do the same! Since making necessary changes to cope with my struggles last year and overcome the effects of them this summer, I have lost, in total, about 30lbs. I gained so much, but it's all comin' off! I was a big girl to start, though. My weight has been a constant battle since my second child (who is nearly 17)!

    So, funny story about that, actually... I showed my kids what I looked like when they were babies, and my oldest said, "That was you!?! All this time, I thought you were the babysitter!" If I had balls, that would've been a kick to 'em! HAHAHA! Because of how much, and drastically, I changed during my baby-making years, my daughter seriously has fonder memories of a nonexistent babysitter than she does of her own mother!


      I salute your progress! Any progress, even a tiny wee, is a bloody progress!
      Hang on


        Forgot to update.

        Today was the same as other days... I rested to heal.

        Breakfast was fruit, nuts, and cheese.
        Dinner was leafy green salad with black beans, hemp hearts, pumpkin seeds, a little oil, and a little cheese.
        Worked on my mobility, and that's about it.

        Really nothing much to tell.


          Stayed up late, and slept in this morning.... Oops.

          Breakfast: Clementines and pecans
          Dinner: Chicken and rice

          Worked on my mobility this morning, and I plan to take a brief walk after dinner. I'm hoping that my ankle is fully healed. I'll know when I try to walk a lap around the schoolyard. It's only been about a week... So, I'm not gonna push it if my ankle starts to feel discomfort.

          With a new push to be more self-reliant, I've created a performance evaluation sheet for my kids. Every day that they work in the garden, they sign the sheet, mark whether they've worked the entire time they were expected to, whether they completed the tasks given them for that day, and what they would personally rate their own work ethic on a scale of 1-10. Then, their dad marks the same thing (basically, gives them a performance review). We can counsel together if the results don't match and find out where the misunderstanding is, and if everyone can answer yes honestly to the questions, they get a little "work bonus". If both parties agree to an 8/10 or more work ethic, then the bonus is doubled. It's the closest thing to an allowance I'm gonna give them. HAHAHA! If they want money, they can work for it. We told the kids that this year is practice, but come springtime, we'll start buying produce off of them. They're really revved up about it. Between this and them improving their skills for trade at the farmer's market starting next month, my house is buzzing! Everyone's excited about making money and putting forth extra effort!


            Congratulations on your progress!

            Your performance evaluation idea is excellent! I hope it works well for your family!


              Hi ! Just wanted to bring some


                Today was a flop... 100% my fault. HAHAHA!

                I was up all night playing Rimworld. So, after getting my kids up and working the garden, I went to bed and slept the day away. So, no breakfast, and since it's a bit too late for me to eat a dinner without it sitting in me all night long, I decided to just grab a romaine heart and a handful of nuts and call that dinner. Fortunately, I'm someone who requires daylight to not be tired. So, I should be able to sleep alright tonight despite my not waking up til the afternoon.

                Did some stretches this morning before waking the kids, and again before laying down for the day, and again when I got up, and will do so again when I go to bed again... I also plan to take an evening walk right before bed. So, mobility is covered for now.

                I have NO PAIN or discomfort in my ankle anymore. This morning with the kids proved it. I can officially start walking again. I'm gonna wait til the end of the full two weeks to try to run, though... Just in case.

                And in other news... I have this one child who's VERY social... She's like a butterfly... only she's also a bullet train. Unfortunately, the amount of social interaction she requires is too much for any of us, including myself. So, I decided to create a new sticker chart for a "quality time" scavenger hunt. I'm hoping to guarantee a healthy, bonding experience twice a week with each member of the family - the activities we plan for them, and the ones they plan for me - and everyone is involved in planning a weekly date with each member of the family and being engaged in their dates with each other! Well, it's an idea that will likely flop, but I'm realizing that while the rest of us are perfectly content to neglect and be neglected, some of us demand attention. It'll be a bit rough on the kids who are more withdrawn, but I also think it will be good for them preparatory to entering the big wide world. Heaven forbid they may learn some leadership skills in the process! HAHAHA!


                  Up early today. My kids ate the last of my clementines, so I just had a handful of nuts and cheese for breakfast without the usual fruit. I'll be grabbing more fruit at the store later today. Dinner will be potato chili, which is as equally unhealthy as it is tasty. I'll be balancing it out with some lettuce, though. It's how I do when I shouldn't do.

                  Morning stretches, morning walk, morning chores. My body is back to full mobility, but I'm not entirely used to it. I'm just so happy to be able to use my foot again! Gotta get back to work on my beach body.
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                    Yeah! That is a good thing

                    The walrus is magnificent!


                      I played with my sons yesterday evening. We threw a football, then a basketball. My oldest son tried to toss the basketball around his back and badly missed, which made me think, "Hmm... I wonder if I can do it?" Apparently, it's genetic. He even told me, "Mom, you suck," to which I said, "I literally just started moving a couple months ago after a year of bed rest, haven't played basketball since the 5th grade, and I'm nearly 40. What's your excuse?" He then tried to toss it under his leg, which also needed work... So, I repeated his attempt... we all had a good laugh and decided that he should stick with football. Turns out, my second son has potential with basketball, though... He fools around pretending to suck at it to ease the discomfort he feels about not being good at the sport, but as he got into it and started feeling less self-conscious about it, he started shooting the ball properly every time. If only he had more confidence in his skills.

                      Breakfast: Cheese, nuts, CLEMENTINES! (and chocolate)
                      Dinner: Leftover potato chili

                      Did a lot more stretching and mobility work this morning... I was more physically active yesterday and didn't wanna regret. Had a nice walk, too. I plan on walking again this evening after dinner. I will be out and about on some errands today as well, so no added workouts. Gotta keep reminding myself not to run when I'm just barely learning to walk again.


                        Resting today. Just some mobility work and a little walking. I feel a bit under the weather and don't wanna do much.

                        Breakfast: clementines and pecans
                        Dinner: loaded baked potato... which in this case is a baked potato with a loaded leafy green salad on top

                        I hope I'm not coming down with something again. In the meantime, I'm just gonna chillax and drink some lime Perrier... because I can...


                          So, I was right... I am a bit "under the weather"... Feeling somewhat sick. Don't know if it'll be a full-on illness or if this is the illness... I have some errands to run today. So, gotta buck up and tough it out, I guess...

                          Breakfast: two granola bars... one with fruit and oats, one with nuts and chocolate <3
                          Dinner: Frankly, with how horrible I feel right now, I haven't planned that far ahead... Methinks, I'll have my husband whip up some pasta if I can't find a can of chicken noodle/rice soup... I'm thinking the classic "carbs and protein" combo with a hot tea (despite the summer heat) to help me heal from whatever I've got coming on today... I'll be drinking some EmergenC later today, I'm sure...

                          This morning: I will be running all over town on errands, so that's my cardio for the day... The added heart-rate bonus: I'll have my kids in tow... Aside from that, I did some basic mobility stretches... my entire body feels a little stiff, so I'll likely be stretching a lot today... and napping
                          This evening: I'll likely be beat after taking my kid to the park for her friend's birthday party... I may just enlist my husband to take her... I really just wanna sleep my day away today. Whatever this is feels mild enough that I'm sure I'll recover soon... Just wanna rest and drink warm water in the meantime... Lates!


                            I hope you recover quickly !


                              Glad today's a resting day for me... No workouts of any sort. No meals today... Just warm fluids... What I thought was a mild cold quickly became the stomach flu... It's still mild enough... I'm hoping for the miracle of healing to occur by tomorrow evening when I have to pick a kid up from band camp... all other tasks and errands can be shelved or left to someone else.