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    Day 14 - Fighter

    I enjoyed this quite a bit. Took me back to my old martial arts days.

    It was one of those routines though that’s just that tad deceptive and I had to push a bit to get the last set done. It’s a little more anaerobic that you think on first sight. I tried to make sure I was punching with power too.

    Strength tomorrow and I think that’s going to be an evening workout.


      Day 15 - I enjoyed this, a good mix of exercises. Tricep dips were still done with bent legs but definitely a little easier than the first time.

      One question for folks - Any big issues with switching two days around? I'm due for a strength workout on Saturday and flutter kicks on Sunday. I'm so tight for time on Saturday it would be easier to switch.


        You will lose all your muscles and gain a lot of fat...

        Seriously,... no problem at all to switch days once in a while...


          Day 16 - Stretching, nothing exciting to report really. It all went well.

          I also added a 45 second full plank on as well. I seem to be hitting a wall around here so I guess I need to try and ouch through to 50 seconds.


            So Day 17 and for the first time I realised I’m on the slope down to the end... what shall I do next? Something that keeps me losing weight I think! Does anyone have some good suggestions?

            Anyway today went really well with the fast paced cardio although I could feel the extra reps by the end not seen in the earlier workouts which I did at level 2.

            Feeling all enthused I added on, “It’s Party Time,” at level 1 with extra credit although I did 20 reps of everything - hey it’s not going to hurt me is it.

            Off for Pilates tonight so no planking before then as we’ll probably be doing it there anyway.

            Food wise I kept on target with watching what I ate although today was the first day I’ve felt hungry during the day weirdly. I managed to avoid snacking on crap anyway and just had more water.


              Day 18 - Foundation Strength
              Well I thought having to do 100 squats would be the issue, nope it was the shoulder circles that hurt the most. Possibly because of the extra workout I did yesterday. I also adjusted the tricep dips to bent legs.

              i got it done though and then added an elbow plank, I managed to get this up to 50 seconds, with a bit of shaking although I think I managed to keep good form.


                Day 19 - Fast Paced Cardio

                i enjoyed this, a couple of new exercises and some great variety I actually enjoyed doing them. I managed this at L2

                I also managed a 55 sec elbow plank, well 57 but the form was shot by then so I’ll take 55 as that had good form lol.


                  So Day 20 - To come later on today when I've finished work

                  However, I just wanted to use this post as a log. The office where I work at the moment do a team weigh in on a Friday morning and since I started working out, I thought I'd join them. As anyone on here will see I've been doing Foundation at Level 2 and have pretty much enjoyed it. I haven't so much done the diets but I have been watching what I eat and cutting out the rubbish and eating and drinking better things.

                  The Friday before I started doing Foundation I was 136kg/299.8lbs (June 1st,) today after 20 days of Foundation and watching my food habits, I've just checked in at 131.9kg/290.7lbs so 9lbs off in 21 days - I'll take that! A long ways still to go to get down to a decent weight but I'm happy with that rate of progress.


                    Day 20 - Stretching or perhaps more correctly core...

                    This is deceptive and to be honest by the third set it kicked my butt. I refused to give up though and ground it out to level 2.

                    A good routine but it was hard to get it done.


                      So Day 22 - Flutter kicks

                      All done for level 2 in the morning when I got up.

                      Ive switched days 21 and 22 around so that I get chance to complete the workouts. Otherwise I would not of had time.

                      The badge is in sight now....


                        Day 21 - A rather hot day with no air con in the UK. A bit warm to be doing cardio, but got there.


                          So today was hotter than yesterday. Fortunately the house was cool, well to start with.

                          Day 23 done with level 2. Again, the shoulder section was more difficult with burn than the legs component. Given the heat I made use the full two minute recovery between sets which I don’t normally do. I felt ok afterwards so actually did yesterday’s cardio routine again but at level 1.

                          Oh I also did the Daily Dare with extra credit - 40 reverse engines.

                          Thinking ahead, I want to work on my cardio a little more as well. I need to start from scratch and still have a lot of weight to lose. A friend recommended a heart rate monitor so I’ve got one of those and when the 30 days are up I’ll have to think about either doing some training outdoors or hitting the gym to get on a treadmill, elliptical or bike. I guess I’ll need new trainers too.


                            So another hot day in the U.K.

                            Foundation Day 24 - Stretching at L2
                            This actually felt like a stretching workout and was pretty good.

                            Daily Dare - 60 leg raises with extra credit

                            also did the micro office workout day which was 22 side bends. One in the morning and one in the afternoon for me.

                            I’m also off for my Tuesday night Pilates for an hour this evening.

                            Overnight oats and a banana
                            Chicken salad with half an avocado.
                            Low fat yoghurt
                            Lasagna after Pilates
                            Two white coffees
                            Three litres of water (Probably more by the end of the day)


                              A little bit cooler than yesterday but still a warm day.

                              First off Foundation Day 25 - Fighter (Level 2)
                              Quite a good workout which I enjoyed, got the heart rate up to 128 and made do with 1 minute rest.

                              I did the Office Workout as well while I was at work.

                              After dinner and a bit of rest I took my first foray towards improving my cardio and did a 4km/2.4m walk. I mapped it with my phone, Strava and HR monitor. I need to work a little on my pace and stay within the burn zone and not the burst zone. I had a little bit of pain in my foot at 1.6 miles. I’ve iced it when I got home and will stretch it as well.

                              Bircher Muesli soaked overnight in apple juice and yoghurt

                              One Ham Salad wrap
                              Fruit bar


                              Trimmed Gammon Steak
                              1/3rd Cup sautéed mushrooms
                              5 small pieces of potato

                              2 cups of white coffee
                              3 litres of water


                                Day 26 - Fast Paced Cardio

                                I managed this fine at Level 2, well I say fine.... I worked out on the patio and it was rather warm. I managed two and a half proper sets of the scissor jacks before my ankle started biting back so I opted for more of a cross step jack. That being said it was a step in the right direction towards building it up. My fitness app says I burnt a couple of hundred calories anyway.

                                Daily Dare with EC (40 circular arms)

                                No walk today as I wanted to have a rest day before doing it tomorrow for my foot. No more K tape now, it’s up to me to keep doing my exercises etc.

                                I’ve also started using a good diary app so as to track my calories etc and to try and ensure I’m eating a good balance of food.

                                Also re next week - I’ve made a decision to do a mixture of the standard workouts next week. I’ve picked out some level 2 workouts in various genres (Strength, cardio and I’ll probably borrow an active stretch for one day from near the end of Foundation.)

                                I will endeavour to work the days to suit my calendar so I do my walk on the days where maybe I do strength so as not to do two lots of cardio.