Starting from scratch - Another attempt to get fit

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    Starting from scratch - Another attempt to get fit

    Well I failed last time having gotten to day 6 and injuring myself which seemed to stop me.

    I think I'm mentally a bit stronger this time which will help.

    I've started again with Foundation and have gotten to day 3 so far, I actually really enjoyed this as it took me back to my martial arts days when I was younger.

    I'm doing Pilates once a week and I've also begun to watch what I eat more as well.

    Scott ... it isn't how often you fall, it's how often you get up.
    You shouldn't be exercising so hard you injure yourself - says the guy still trying to figure what his sore wrist is all about.
    Also ... doing Foundation at Level I this month doesn't mean you can't do it at Level II (or III) next month.
    Consider starting your sessions with a warmup. The Everyday Yoga Workout should help you get there. 5 minutes to loosen you up. I use The Katana Warmup - to each their own.


      Thanks Daithi for the suggestion. It's not the workouts that gave me the injury, I had a little accident before I started. I've just substituted things so far like static lunges for the more dynamic ones.

      I'm a little pushed for space at home but making the best of it. I'll try the yoga though.


        Day 4 - Stretching done at Level 2. Some quite nice stretches there that remind me of a pilates session and actually some good core stability exercises.

        I've also played around with putting a little routine together for the mornings to do a little bit extra when I get up. So I did:

        10 squats
        10 wide squats
        20 static lunges (10 per side)
        20 punches
        20 calf raises
        20 twists
        Rest 1 minute

        I did two sets of this tonight.

        I'm aiming to do 2-3 sets in the morning and finish with a plank for a minute.


          Hi Scott , just passing by to thank the welcome drink you placed in my check-in area.
          I see you 've been here before. They say that "any second attempt will go better than any first attempt" -)


            Originally posted by Peterpan View Post
            Hi Scott , just passing by to thank the welcome drink you placed in my check-in area.
            I see you 've been here before. They say that "any second attempt will go better than any first attempt" -)
            Thanks for the kind words. I've had a good first week pretty much. I know I've got a lot of work to do but I've had a good first week for the most part. I've gone from 136kg to 134.7kg so I'll take that as a good week with a steady loss. Now to sustain it.

            Day 5 was pretty good although I had to slightly alter the cross jacks to cross step jacks as my ankle won't take the stress. Although I'm seeing my physio later so I'll see what she can do to get me fixed up.

            At least the flutter kicks today won't see me using my ankle so much.


              Day 7

              A Saturday for me and a little more time on my hands and I woke up all inspired. I decided to make the most of it.

              Foundation - Day 7 Strength at level 2
              Daily Dare - 40 side to side squat transfers with extra credit
              Cardio Fix for workout of the day at Level 1 (I had to substitute for the side jack leg part instead of jumping jacks owing to my injury but I wanted to do more so made the adjustment.)

              Figured I'd try something else so did a 30 second full plank and a 30 second half plank. I found my foot starting to struggle on the full plank so dropped down to the half to see it through.

              I saw my physio yesterday as well. It turns out I've at least not done the deltoid ligament in my ankle which is good news, instead I've inflamed the base of my Soleus and also niggled one of the nerves in the area. I've had acupuncture, ultrasound and frictions, left K-taped as well. I've got exercises to do and I'll be back in next week for another treatment.


                Day 8

                Sunday so no issue with working out before breakfast.

                Foundation Day 8 - Stretching level 2
                I modified the bridges by raising my arms it’s something we do at Pilates to make it harder so I added that in.

                I also did a 35 second full plank and a 30 second half plank which is a little gain over yesterday.

                Late afternoon and I did Tempered Steel at level 2 with extra credit so I could give my foot some rest.


                  Hi Scott!
                  I hope that your ankle feels better. It is good that you have found other workouts to do in the meanwhile! I think being consistent and finding alternatives when needed puts you on the right track


                    Come on, Scott!
                    Let's do this!!


                      Foundation Day 9 was ok with no dramas, managed level 2 ok. Also did day 2 of the 30 day Office Posture challenge.

                      Let's see what day 10 brings with the one exercise I know I'm going to struggle with.


                        Foundation Day 10 and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to the tricep dips as I’m overweight and I have poor arm strength.

                        Thank you all that replied on my other thread asking for modifications. I went for the bent legs and put as much effort in with my arms as I could and then assisted with my legs.

                        I managed level 2 with that so reasonably happy.

                        I also did the heel tap daily dare with extra credit and I’m off for my weekly Pilates class in an hour.


                          Day 11 of Foundation, fast paced cardio.

                          I enjoyed this, just the four exercises but they flowed nicely from one to another. Level 2 in the bag.

                          I also did day 3 of the 30 day office lite challenge at work.

                          It all felt good after day 11 so I managed a 40 second full plank and then a one minute half plank.


                            Day 12 of Foundation today. Stretching was the title. A better description would be core workout.

                            It kicked my butt!

                            Partly I think because my ankle got into the mix and it meant I could do the final exercise properly and had to do it from a half plank. I tried and one rep gave me a load of grief so went straight back down.

                            The downward dog gave a good addition of arm strength too.

                            I managed level 2 but I was a sweaty mess at the end of it. A lesson to be learned there.

                            Weirdly I’m actually looking forward to the office weigh in tomorrow. I’ve now idea if I have lost weight or not but my trousers feel looser so whatever the verdict I’ll take that as a bonus.


                              So Day 13 - 100 flutter kicks for level 2 of Foundation

                              No problem, five sets of 20 knocked out within an hour. I've a busy day but I'll see if I can maybe fit Tempered Steel in later on so I can at least do something upper body to make today more of a rest day for my foot.

                              Anyway, weight loss... So I dropped 1.2kg this week which with 1.3kg the week before is a total of 2.5kg or 5.5lbs in two weeks. Happy with that as that seems to be a sensible rate of reduction and I've not really calorie counted, I've just cut a lot of crap out and made some more sensible food choices.