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    Better late than later

    Hi All

    My story:
    I spend 30+ years without any exercise
    Still young, I setup my own business. And from there all priorities became mixed up.
    Countless hours on a desk or phone, fast food, working weekends, caffeine and cigarettes along the night. My own company's growth kept me moving.

    Five months ago, I had to run for a bus. Fancy shoes, nicer trousers, laptop on my back. 40 meters later my lungs were about to explode. This was my first reminder.
    Two weeks later, appropriate shoes, I tried again. "Can't be that difficult". 3 or 4 minutes later, including 2 stops, I simply could not breath.
    Again one week passed... maybe I am not a running-guy, or maybe guys with my age should not run... Let's try push-ups...
    Not even one.

    So I started moving, walking, using stairs, trying all kind of moves that I could find on Internet.
    Now I am proud of being part of the Darebee community.
    Bravo to the founders, and all contributors, for the amazing project you have here.

    Now that I can jump a rope, can WoD and DD, and even run, it's time to go for my first program and create a log.
    Here I feel surrounded by Pros, Ninjas, and Warriors. But be aware: one more is coming -)
    All the best for you all!

    ----( Some permanent posts )----
    . The day I changed, my notes on progress
    . Marks and important dates in the timeline.
    . My list of not-yet exercises.
    . Impressions and comments on challenges and programs.
    . History of 'currently doing'

    ----( Currently doing, 2019-06-06 )----
    . Daily goal on steps, floors, and cigarettes
    . DD from the beginning, started with the very first Daily Dare that was published. Frequently more than one per day.
    . Overall plan, my own scheduling, a bunch of exercises avoiding the same muscle group in consecutive days
    . The Pushers, 52 weeks of a crescent number of push-ups (increase defined by me, not the one in the challenge)
    . Increased weekly targets on Pull-ups, Chin-ups, Push-ups, Tricep dips, Crunches, Squats, Lunges, Skip rope, Meditation
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    2018-06-05, day 1
    Every log starts in the beginning

    . Foundation day 1, Step jacks. Side jacks. March jacks. Side leg raises
    . DD bounce on the spot
    . 15 floors
    . Run 5min (approximately, forgot to count)
    . 2 chin-ups
    . Foot work with M when she went to bed
    . 11 cigarettes (was 20, 2 weeks ago)
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      Welcome, and have fun!


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          Peterpan Hello Welcome to Darebee. This space on the internet is awesome. I hope you enjoy yourself, and let us know if you have any questions.

          Have fun training


            HellYeah80 , Cabriel , KalePower thank you!
            ​​​​​​​You are increasing my responsibility -)


              2018-06-06, day 2
              I have 3 daughters: J aka Maxi, C aka Media, M aka Mini. C taught me the 1st trick of the day

              . Calf raises while in front of mirror
              . DD 50 Scissors, now sequence 7 (started before this log)
              . Foundation day 2: squat, step back step up, lunge step up, arm raises, raised arm circles, arm hold
              . 10+10 push-ups
              . 5+5 half chin-ups
              . 30 days challenge hollow hold day 1, 20secs
              . 100 jump rope
              . 45 secs elbow plank
              . Full body stretch with M going to bed
              . 16 floors
              . 9 Cigarettes (came back the next day to put this here; protecting my own expectations; only a one-pack-a-day person knows that pull-ups are far easier)
              . 4000 steps
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                Welcome and enjoy


                  Credits on reused materials

                  Current Pi/Avatar is a cropped part of a Peterpan´s clipart in Wikimedia Commons, used respecting the author´s (Ajepbah) license requirements.
                  The Pic is shared by its author under license CC-BY-SA-3.0 DE (available to share, remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially)
                  This cropped version is shared here under the same license.


                  Up to 2018-06-14, my Pic/Avatar was this one:
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                  Got it in Pixabay.
                  It is made available under CC0 Creative Commons (free for commercial use, no attribution required)
                  Author is Pexels.


                    About my logs
                    All happens along the day, I frequently exercise, more than real workouts

                    Except when noted, all workouts are Level 1

                    Common jargon for non-darebee visitors is: DD, daily dare; EC, extra credit

                    My 'magic Excel' helps me counting all stuff.

                    Period statistics show how many in the current period, how many by this date, in the previous period, how many in the last period when it ended.
                    Periods are w week, m month, q quarter, y year
                    For example today is day 20 of the February.
                    "m 150/210/290" means
                    . 150 this month, from 1 to 20 of February
                    . 210 in the first 20 days of previous month, from 1st to 20 of January. This shows whether I am moving fast or slow, compared to the past period.
                    . 290 in total last month, from 1st to 31st of January. This shows me how far I am from the last result.


                      Well done on your journey so far. Keep up the good work


                        Thank you Gee, Mother of Dragons


                          My equipment, gadgets

                          I gym everywhere in the house (currently working remotely):
                          . Rubber mat (2 €)
                          . Jump rope (2 €)
                          . Pull-up bar in the kitchen door (30 €)
                          . Belt to run with my cell phone (4 €)
                          . Paltry (yet fluorescent) shirts and trousers to run in the road

                          . Android phone (Darebee, YouTube, versatile Tabata app)
                          . Smart watch (recent and good, after total failure of two cheap ones). For steps, distance, floors, water drinking

                          . Weight scale (ours has a self will)
                          . Push-up handles


                            2018-06-07, day 3
                            Killing the monsters along the day. In order of appearance...

                            . Calf raises while in the morning mirror
                            . DD 2min Tree Pose, day 8. Not easy both on balance and strength
                            . Foundation day 3, jab + jab + cross, low front kicks, overhead punches, knee strikes
                            . 10+10 push ups
                            . 30 days challenge hollow hold day 2, 20 secs super-man hold. 3hrs later I can feel my back -)
                            . 3 chin-ups
                            . 30min carrying construction garbage from 4th floor downstairs. Non-stop heavy cardio -)
                            . 5+5 half chin-ups, failed doing a single complete one
                            . 4800 steps (keeping goal of 4000)
                            . 20 Floors (keeping goal of 15)
                            . 8 Cigarettes (keeping the goal of 9)
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                              2018-06-08, day 4
                              . Calf raises while in the morning mirror
                              . Foundation day 4, back stretches, alt arm leg raises, bridges, knee rolls
                              . DD 20 up and down plank, day 10. Was tough.
                              . 30 days challenge hollow hold day 3 with 25 secs hollow hold
                              . 10 push-ups
                              . 5 half chin-ups, failed doing a single complete one
                              . Run 12min 1.61km 8.2 Km/h
                              . 15 floors
                              . 7400 steps (goal is still 4000)
                              . 7 cigarettes (goal is still 8)
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