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    Easy day - yesterday was day 2 of my new meal plan.

    Tendon str +
    dare - calf raises, ec
    A bunch of warrior/reverse/triangle/palm tree

    349 dares, 266 w ec. 738 day streak


      Congrats on all your hard work! I hope the house comes together nicely for you.


        another perspective might be: look at all you are getting done! holy sh!+3, gurl! that takes massive motivation, strength, and endurance! what a blessing that you have spent the last 2 years building yourself up and preparing for this.


          Thanks for the encouragement, as always, daejamurrachan. I am just so stoked to be getting house more homelike.

          I am ammending fittness goals atm. I need to drop 20ish lbs to be at top of healthy bmi weight and an additional 10 to be where I was previously maintaining. Obviously I am not going to be gaining much strength while I do this. I can (and will) do enough to not just give up everything I've earned muscle wise. Going to eat some extra protein and keep my carbs low but maybe not quite keto (in the 50-80 range) to keep energy to work out but stay the FUCK out of the processed carbs I tend to overeat. (In this range I can still have oatmeal or an English muffin for breakfast or even a sammich if I am careful rest of day...or yogurt/kind bars/most fruits even if not super this should be sustainable.) I will stick w this till my birthday (end of may) or till my fkn 8/10 pants fit again, whichever comes first - allowing "off plan moments" (I fkn hate calling it cheats) for a fish fry during lent, cake/cocktails for bffs bday, 1 dinner out on pax trip w husband, and 1 floating one that will prolly include sponge candy.

          I think I may actually be in ketosis at this lv, even...yesterday was day 3 and the 2nd night I had to get up in the night to pee. This has never in my life been a thing even when I drink extra water except when I did keto or that 1 day a month my body sheds the hormonal water it has decided to keep all week in one fell swoop >.> tmi, sorry, lol

 I did a low impact full body day. Could not convince self to do more then 3 sets of anything, so didn't try.

          Legs Circuit w 25lb kettlebell
          10 sumo goblets
          10 hip thrusts
          10 calf raises

          Power 20 - 15s for both curls and upright rows (which were high pulls as per athleanx, sorry neilarey ) 10s for triceps and laterals, 35s for shrugs

          Abs circiut x3
          20 heel touches
          20 100s
          20 crunches

          349 dares, 266 w ec. 739 day streak


            i had to look up sponge candy. we don't have that or any of the named versions of that. it looks like a butterfinger but if the comparison is toffiee, it can't taste like that. something for my bucket list


              It is like the inside of a malt ball, w out the malt. Hardened cotton candy, sort of, bc it crunches then melts. Flavor is toffee/caramel esque bc it is basically cooked sugar. Regional thing near buffalo/Niagara falls. I can't get it here but one of my clients has relatives in Buffalo and sometimes gets me some. daejamurrachan

              if you are there also eat a beef on weck.


                apparently we have beef on a weck in Denver. don't know how it would stack up but it is available. who knew?


                  daejamurrachan it is prolly fairly good. Most of the places it has migrated to are bc a native Buffalo type got nostalgic and brought it, and the ingredients are fairly simple and elemental. The only "hard" bit is the roll but that is just a kaiser roll w coarse salt and kimmelweck seeds added on top during baking. (You know, bc only in Buffalo can you simply buy the weck rolls in every reputable grocery store and bakery.)


                    It is ONE degree out. And windy?!? I am NOT leaving my nice warm apt. Fuck that.

                    abs Circuit x3
                    20 count hollow hold
                    10 bike crunches
                    20 count o pose hold

                    dare - raised leg, ec

                    Bad Knee Cardio lv1 no rests

                    Might put together ikea dresser, undecided.

                    350 dares, 267 w ec. 740 day streak


                      It's warm by you!


                        Beef on weck is nice - good Buffalo memories never took to sponge candy, though.And I used to bring back home the Buffalo wings marinating sauce from the Anchor Bar (happened to be right by where I worked).


                          Tendon + and yoga

                          I lounged/read all day yesterday. Needed a down day I guess.

                          350 dares, 267 w ec. 741 day streak


                            rest is important. *hugs you*

                            Click image for larger version

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                              Rest IS important, finding ways to allow myself to rest w out breaking momentum entirely is hard.

                              This current strategy of eating at more of a deficit seems solic, bc on the days I go over a bit I am still at maint at worst >.> ... bc I will always have those days lol.

                              Going to add a bunch of "weighted cardio" to encourage body to both shrink and keep its muscles if possible.

                              Kettbell Day
                              250 total swings, at 25lbs, in clusters w 18 total shoulder press w 25lb bar.
                              10 swings
                              1 press
                              then a set w out last 50 swings
                              then a final set with

                              Dare - heel taps, ec

                              Off Day - ec

                              Stretched and went to find an omelette before work. Trying to train deli guy that I do not currently want the lox and avo sammich I was getting before >.> place is super busy, idk how they remember alllll their regulars, but at least once I say omelette he doesn't offer potatoes and toast anymore.

                              351 dares, 268 w ec. 742 day streak


                                A bit sore from kettlebells yesterday...which is a good thing. Will keep that once or twice a week at least I think.

                                slept in today, meeting a former colleague for brunch. Going to get my meal prep for lunches sorted.

                                Hotel - pushups from knees
                                Biceps and Triceps light

                                351 dares, 268 w ec. 743 day streak