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    for giving the hotel's gym a good go!


      Smiter looks like a shoulder destroyer. In a good way ofc.



        aveoturbo it is, in a good way.

        Jacked w 15s
        10 heel touches
        10 100s
        10 high crunches

        346 dares, 263 w ec. 728 day streak


          Wedding was super nice. My cousin did a bang up job pulling it all together in a short time frame, she could totally be a party planner.

          I need to do a legs workout sometime this week, I am stuck on upper body LOL.

          VTaper - rows in leiu of pullups. 10s on bent rsises, 20s on kneeling rows, 30s on shrugs

          Slightly longer rests then regulation, bc mimosas yesterday.

          346 dares, 263 w ec. 729 day streak


            Had an adventure yesterday morning, then went to ikea and put together furniture and tidied and.... and today will be more of that so I took it easy. (Also it is 7 degrees, I am not going out unnecessarily in that shit.)

            Tried Target Abs, did 1 set
            dare - squat hold punches, ec
            some morning yoga

            347 dares, 264 w ec. 730 day streak


              Yesterday I helped dad add a new breaker and make an outlet on it for my fridge. Also tried to put up a celing fan (without dad, he got worn out). (He has an autoimmune issue -myastansia gravis (?sp) and once he gets worn out he can't remarshal energy, if he tries to bull through on stubbornness he will be shot the next day.) Unfortunately, my prior light fixture is not up there solidly enough to hold a 35lb thing which moves - no matter what I did the base plate was still wobbling. So I tasked my husband w getting the fan back into its box and hiding it in his closet - I will fuck w reinforcing celing in summer when I want fan - while I went to buy some cheap basic light fixture to put up in the meantime (bc ofc I broke old one taking it down).

              Today I decided to take a few nails out of the wall and omg, hole the size of my fucking hand. So, much larger spackle project then planned.

              Also had dad help me measure entry way so I can put vinal snap flooring and get me set w what I'll need for that project. Carrying that floor was part of my workout today. As was carrying paint a mile after dad headed out. (He has to get to Pittsburgh to work tomorrow. Do not get me fucking started on health care. My almost 70 year old dad had to go back to work to pay for his medical care.)

              Did Tendon +, but my 15 mins was farmers carry of paint rly.

              347 dares, 264 w ec. 731 day streak


                Letting self get side tracked to some decorating work today, but meh, I enjoy that part damnit. (I mean, I am not doing structural work w out a professional/my dad anyway but somehow fixing cosmetic dmg to walls/celing and redoing floor seem more like work-work, framing thkngs I've meant to and hanging them and going after my old light switch plates w model paint seems more playful.)

                I am fucking BLEEDING money tho. Reorganization is not cheap.

                Holistic this morning

                now to catch up w the hive

                347 dares, 264 w ec. 732 day streak


                  'rin Tell me about it! Its a real pain in the backside! Great core workout, keep up the great work


                    Yesterday's redecorating project using bits and bobs I found while organizing (+frames I spent too kuch bnb on but oh well).

                    Today I put down new flooring in my entryway/closet (abt 70 square feet, not bad for a first flooring project lol). I am considering the moving furniture, taking off baseboards (only broke 1 and it is in closet so fuck it), tearing up crappy old linoleum, carrying it away, carrying the boxes of vinal floor, and up/down/hammer/repeat to be my actual workout. W a bonus for using snip things to cut brass divider/runner things to put along edges omg that involved cursing. Also, now I understand why construction guys use kneepads, my kneecaps are so fucking mad at me.

                    Tomorrow I am going to the gym and pretending I don't have 10000 more projects to do bc I need an actual fucking day off before back to work.

                    Did Chest and back light just to do a thing after
                    and dare, sidebends, w ec.

                    348 dares, 265 w ec. 733 day streak


                      You are on fire with the home makeover! Definitely counts as a great workout!


                        Read all morning and went to gym w out a clear plan other then "do strength work" since January and mid day can mean 1000000000 ppl in way.

                        Actually found a free rack, wonder of wonders
                        Zerchers 1x45x10, 3x65x8
                        barbell calf raises 1x45x10, 3x135x10
                        RDLs 1x45x10, 3x95x8
                        bent barbell rows 1x45x10, 3x65x8

                        Smiter a bit light at 7.5s but just wanted some volume for upper body

                        348 dares, 265 w ec. 734 day streak


                          Taking a morning off to read before I go back to the real world (ie, work)

                          power squat
                          chest and shoulders light
                          some stretching

                          348 dares, 265 w ec. 735 day streak


                            Very unmotivated atm
                            Tendon str +
                            some yoga

                            348 dares, 265 w ec. 736 day streak


                              Click image for larger version

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                                Thanks Cabriel. The perspective should be that I am not unmotivated...I just only have so much motivation available. And atm I am using it all on fixing up apt and getting diet in check. So there just isn't anything left for getting a hard workout in if not absolutely in the mood. I am pretty happy that I consider getting at least a basic workout as a habit not requiring motivation, tho, at least.

                                Power squat
                                new lower body tendon strength workout

                                348 dares, 265 w ec. 737 day streak​​​​​​