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    Hope you feel better soon!


      Healing vibes buddy get better soon


        Much love for all the healing vibes. I slept like 12 hrs last night, lol.

        My 15 mins today was walking to (and from w paint) the hardwear store. I NEED to at least paint part of celing where I want dad to help me put a fan, so I don't need to take it back down again, and hardware store is sometimes closed Mondays.

        Most of my day will look like this, tho.

        Altho, I did new tendon strength + workout bc it looked cool. Should of used water bottles instead of my 5lb dumbbells maybe.

        345 dares, 262 w ec. 719 day streak


          You are sick, no judgement on weights can be decided on for a new workout, for future workouts.

          (Use dbs next time when healthy)

          Hope your on the mend tho, for real.



              Fairly sure I am mended. Heading back to work today. Will pick up diet w a no carb day tomorrow and lift but lightly.

              Did tendon strength + again (you were right aveoturbo, 5lbs is fine. Hard but not a struggle.)
              ​​​​​​​Some yoga

              345 dares, 262 w ec. 720 day streak


                Getting back to 1&1 today w a low carb day. Next weekend might be trick-sy - have a wedding Saturday but will be w fam from fri-mon and altho they are supportive of attempts to eat "healthier" they have some anti-low-carb bias. And one of the only actual things my dad wants to do here in ny is get lunch at katz delicatessen (and go look for subway station buskers) >.> BUT that doesn't mean I can't get a few low carb/low cal days in now even if I might break pattern then. Damnit.

                Also was up way late last night bc an old friend (my oldest friend, she is 3 days older than me and our moms were in the same hospital room at some point pre/post lol) was passing through ny area and she and her wife stopped by. Was so good to see them, worth throwing my plans off kilter today, hands down.


                Needed a thing to do at home today, did not feel like lying on floor, ended up running through Smiter w my 5lb weights and minimal rest. I don't understand the middle combo bc I could potentially go MUCH heavier on the rows then those lateral things - the other combos the "right" weights would all be similar. I think my I am just unbalanced maybe.

                I seem to have abandoned Full Circuit. I will do some remedial cardio work over next few weeks dealing w fam etc then start over >.>

                345 dares, 262 w ec. 721 day streak


                  Felt a bit meh this morning, overslept also

                  tendon str + w 5lbs
                  good morning yoga twice
                  dare -side leg raises, ec

                  346 dares, 263 w ec. 722 day streak


                    I have so much to do today. Felt almost guilty going to gym first what w time spent to/from and omg this stop to lounge w coffee but MEH. I feel overwhelmed lately, starting my day w a moment to myself is more important then trying to finish everything when I won't finish everything anyway bc my list is absurd.

                    A little bit of everything today
                    Walk Run Repeat lv1 as warmup
                    3x3 scapula pulls
                    Smiter w 10lbs. This was PERFECT for 1st combo, strange for 2nd (easy on rows hard as hell on laterals) and possibly light on 3rd.
                    Booty Builder
                    3x abs Circuit w 8lb ball
                    20 alt bounces
                    10 dead bugs
                    10 high crunches
                    10 flutters

                    346 dares, 263 w ec. 723 day streak


                      I feel overwhelmed lately, starting my day w a moment to myself is more important then trying to finish everything when I won't finish everything anyway bc my list is absurd.
                      I hope you'll find a way to feel better, in the mean time just keep going... that's all any of us can do


                        Thanks, Gandhalfit <3

                        I am at this annoying juncture where all of the tasks I want to do impact some other projects/require something else be done first and trying to unravel things so that I can get moving in a productive direction is maddening.

                        And nothing is time sensitive so the temptation is to just ignore it all and hide on couch. >.>


                        Tendon Str +
                        Iron Bar
                        some hollow hold work

                        346 dares, 263 w ec. 724 day streak


                          What "rin doesn't need but needs.


                            😍 I want one too....


                              Originally posted by Loba5472 View Post
                              😍 I want one too....
                              Yours would be "The kids are learning BJJ on their own, together" couch.


                                wjs HAHAHA 😂