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    Holiday stress split version easy day
    advent (sitting twists)
    builder w my 5lb weights
    some stretching

    late shift last night, early this morning. /sigh

    339 dares, 258 w ec. 694 day streak


      Last week
      44 miles. 1950 cals average. 0 drinks (well, less then a tablespoon of eggnog I made to test it). I can't be mad at this, I am super stressed atm so even maintenance is a victory.


        Originally posted by 'rin View Post
        late shift last night, early this morning. /sigh
        I thought this was a thing that wouldn't happen with the new job...


          Maintenance is victory! You shall prevail. I think the secret to success may very well be the understanding that doing even a little bit when you're on a low ebb is progress. Too many people ditch exercise because they get disappointed in their inability to maintain their perfect routine over a long stretch of time.

          I'm sending you good wishes and support. I'd send hugs too, but I'm afraid I might get a turning kick in the gut for inappropriate behaviour : D


            Originally posted by wjs View Post

            I thought this was a thing that wouldn't happen with the new job...
            Rest of the year, no. Extended holiday hrs, tho.... /sigh

            and thanks, alleycat

            holiday stress split version wanted to speak to grownups that aren't customers

            walked the 6 miles to go to my class. She had sled out as part of our circuit and let me put 150lbs on it (on top of 20 that she had on as "acceptable for everyone in class)... but no more bc she couldn't keep an eye on me w everyone, boohiss lol. 6 times across room w that. Some battle rope, burpees, plank up downs, ball slams in 45 sec intervals.

            Bit of abs (threw in my high crunches for advent), some basic dumbell work, balancing stuff, and 100 bridges (50 w 20kg bag on me, bc I said 8kg bag was too easy lol). Then some good stretching...and then out for coffee snd a cheese platter w trainer and 2 of the gals from class.

            339 dares, 258 w ec. 695 day streak


              That sounds like fun!


                I didn't know it was possible to do bridges with a weight. I'm guessing you have a superhero identity we don't know about.


                  It was, HellYeah, I am amused I get included bc I am the youngest by abt 10 years lol. And Joomju, it's like hip thrusts but shoulders on floor instead of a bench.

                  Holiday stress split version workout in pjs
                  Corrector, lv 1
                  Jacknives for advent
                  Backup and Restore

                  339 dares, 258 w ec. 696 day streak


                    Originally posted by Joomju View Post
                    I didn't know it was possible to do bridges with a weight. I'm guessing you have a superhero identity we don't know about.
                    My man, bridges with weight are amazing.


                      Originally posted by Joomju View Post
                      I didn't know it was possible to do bridges with a weight. I'm guessing you have a superhero identity we don't know about.
                      I guess you do not have a cat... Un-intended bridges or planks with an additional 5 Kgs (yeah, Mademoiselle Luna is a Chartreux, those are not itty bitty kitties) is quite common in my household!


                        Lol dad's cat who likes to hell w planks is abt that size. Thankfully my Shadow is 3-4 kilo only.

                        holiday stress split version plan change bc doms
                        My shins hurt, and glutes (esp sides), and I cannot cripple self atm bc work. So I decided to not do a barbell day or jump around to be nice to legs. (And thank god, bc I barely broke a sweat so the fact that I forgot to put bra in gym bag and had to put sport bra back on is not completely gross (thank goodness I have high neck sweater today also so sport bra doesn't show...did not want to spend what we'd charge for a bra LOL).)

                        Upperbodybuilder 7.5s, no flourishes
                        Hardgainer. 15s on row 1. Shoulders were not having it tho, so 10s on 2nd row after 1st set of presses sucked w 12.5s. 20s on last row.
                        Brute abs bc it's been ages. 5s on folds, 15 on twist and chops, 25 on sidebends.
                        dare - chest squeeze, ec
                        leg raises for advent

                        I have been hit by a lot of snowballs. I am not even trying to dodge. Fuck burpees this week.

                        340 dares, 259 w ec. 697 day streak


                          Food wise, this is clearly a maintenance week. I have defeated myself w poor planning a few times - my healthy dinner plan was "too much work" (cleaning/sauteeing 10oz of hard) to bear at the end of the day, so I had boxed mac and cheese w extra cheese instesd....I planned a super light lunch to balance pizza dinner and instead added 2 pkg of jalapeno cheetos from vending machine (I sence a thread here, it seems fake orange cheese is comforting somehow) (still had pizza). Going to buy some no effort grabables today (deli meats, fruit, these ore ida egg microwave nonsense things Im obsessed with atm, more cheese) and make some more delicious then usual protein bars (sugary almond butter w dried cherries and chocolate chips added) and just be zen about it.

                          This is the first Xmas in retail in the last 15 years that has not involved 3-6 liters of gin (+ whatever else when out) between Thanksgiving and Xmas so just not doing that this month is a huge diet win. (Am only drinking at social occations, not at home except eggnog on Xmas, this month.)

                          holiday stress split version Nia day version why are my pulls so much stronger then pushes wtf.

                          Front Squats 1x45x10. 5x75x5. 1x45x10
                          Military press 1x40x2 nope. 4x35x4
                          Bent barbell row 1x45x10. Test 1x95x3. 3x75x5, 2x65x6, 1x45x10

                          abs interlude x2
                          5 deck squat practice on half bosu 4lb ball (after an aborted attempt to floor where I failed to get back up from situp lol)
                          10 dead bug also w ball
                          10 heel touches
                          10 cross crunches (advent)

                          dare -march twists, ec

                          New hiit workout no one is watching lv 1

                          Have learned that not only are only some of my sport bras jump worthy, my sweat pants are much less comfy then leggings for such bc, basically, my butt and thighs require their own sports bra equivalent to not smack each other around. Was not an enjoyable discovery.

                          Did my societal-beauty-standards torture - basic guy type clear manicure (mostly bc when I try to clean up hangnails myself I end up a bloody mess) and eyebrow threading (bc that is an easier way to appear "well groomed" then wasting time every day w makeup past mascara and MAYBE lipgloss if I am feeling sassy) - and am going to hide on couch once I secure groceries.

                          341 dares, 260 w ec. 698 day streak


                            Holiday stress split version Meh!
                            wanted to get up early and do lifts at my gym. Rainy day made me lazy. Then thought about going to gym near job, but, told colleague I would make an appearance at her bday thing after work...30 min in opposite direction from work to home. I will NOT want to drag gym bag in rain to a bar wayfuck downtown. I barely want to drag self but, I need to maintain friendships better so I will make an appearance at least..... (there is prolly a 50$ uber in my future bc after a few drinks the subway is alone is daunting).

                            Hip Dips
                            advent abs
                            Upper body works lv3
                            2 min abs

                            But packing gym bag for tomorrow this morning, damnit.

                            341 dares, 260 w ec. 699 day streak


                              ''cus committment.


                                Holiday stress split version I went out last night
                                but only had 2 drinks. Was still a bit low power tho so went carefully.

                                Nia day
                                Rdls - 1x45x10, 3x115x5, 1x45x10 I am skittish about vollume on deads, esp when doing more work after. I do not want to wrench back bc I fuck up form tired. I also don't want to take so much out of self I can't complete rest of workout.
                                scapula pulls + - did chin grip and got elbows to bend a bit also. 5,4,4,3,2 (to fails)
                                invert trx rows 5x5
                                incline bench 2x55x5, 2x45x5, did not try another set bc felt failish.

                                Chest and back - pushups from knees, 10lb weights
                                advent - sitting punches
                                dare - prawn hold w ec
                                2 min abs
                                Chest and back light

                                342 dares, 261 w ec. 700 day streak