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    I am not even half way through the damn are amazing.


      Thanks aveoturbo HellYeah80 daejamurrachan CODawn

      Did 25 mins restorative yoga w down dog. Yoga is so humbling for me, I am so not bendy and my balance is shit lol. But I ran through a practice that I had saved w a bunch of pidgeon pose in it to stretch out legs a bit.


        Happy Christmas tree ornament!

        And OMG we have Totoro emojis


          Thanks sleep_twitch...omg I am so amused w those

          Holiday stress split version Nia
          The thing I've been doing fits her framework, sweet!

          1 set
          bent rows 1x45x5
          front squats 1x45x8
          military press 1x35x3

          Then had some fkn odd body/power glitch. Could NOT, for the life of me, get 65lb bar up to reset between things. Wtf, have done this before.

          bent row 65x5
          military press 35x3

          front squat 65x8
          military press 35x3

          bent rows 1x45x5
          front squats 1x45x8
          military press 1x35x3

          Realized, after, this was a lot of volume for shoulders but, it felt ok /shrug

          Upperbodybuilder 7.5s, added kickbacks

          20 skater over low box
          10 step up knee up w 25lb kettle, same
          10 hip thrusts, same kettle same box

          10 knee in twist (advent)
          10 dead bug w 6lb ball
          10 sitting twist w ball bounce
          10 knee in twist

          Stretched, tried to take bird bath shower to not get hair wet and get to work w ice in it lol.

          bonus pic of Rockefeller tree that I went a few blocks out of way to get this morning.Click image for larger version  Name:	20181211_082041.jpg Views:	1 Size:	1.38 MB ID:	525117

          338 dares, 258 w ec. 689 day streak


            Holiday stress split version yoga
            advent- dead bugs
            dare - butterfly dips, no ec
            15 mins self guided stretching/yoga

            339 dares, 258 w ec. 690 day streak


              what a tree


                Honestly...I've lived in this general area 20 years now and never bothered to go bc omg it is just a huge crowd always in the evening (like I will never do new years in times square). Working across the street gives me a chance to check it in the morning before dawn.


                  To think outloud a bit further on what I said on sleep_twitch thread (which may not of been the best spot for it, sorry)....

                  Eating Disorder Trigger Warning

                  I have NEVER, in my entire life, been able to properly notice/react to hunger signals. Idk if it is genetic or environmental but, 80% of my family on either side all the way out to 3rd cousins is overweight and the remaining 20% are either sport maniacs (one of my cousins has a competitive rowing scholarship, for example) or has gotten their act together post some health scare like a triple bypass. So poor hunger/fullness signal management may well be a glitch in my genome.

                  I have developed 3 maladaptive/disordered food behaviors as a result - binging (bc food is fun to make/find and tastes good and if you don't notice you are full you can just keep eating); starving (bc if you don't notice you are hungry right away it is easier to not eat then measure portions); obsessing - logging, planning, making impossible rules, getting upset if off plan, etc.

                  2 of those (binging, starving) tend to feed into each other in a bad dominos cycle from hell.

                  I am trying to harness a (hopefully) tame version of the 3rd, to help me avoid the other 2. So I have a caloric range instead of an exact target, which is only a moderate deficit so I don't fall into starving, and my "impossible rule" this time is that I am not allowed to have a super low day to try to balance a binge. If I overeat, oh well, back in my range tomorrow w no guilty attempt to starve. The smaller impossible rule abt carbs and weight training is mostly to keep me moving this month when I want to stress sloth.

                  I did this before to find a maintenance plan and then was able to wean off logging and mostly maintained over a year until my circumstances changed and I didn't change diet a bit to accommodate so I slowly gained. Hopefully I can wean self off again once I get back tl a healthy weight, and just remember to do check ins w self every 6 months or so to ensure that my actions and intake still match. I wish I could just eat "intuitively" but atm I can't even consider that a long term goal bc somehow my wires are just crossed and I just gain a few lbs a month and never stop when I do. (Well maybe eventually it would stop but rly, I was morbidly obese and still steadily gaining so I don't trust my body at all.) I may go back to school to become a nutritionist bc that would cost the same as hiring one and maybe it would sort me out lol.

                  Holiday stress split version going to gym instead of cleaning apt

                  Siren lv1 as warmup- omg balance fails lol
                  absvent - butterfly situps
                  Hardgainer- 15s on 1st row, 12.5s on 2nd, 20s on 3rd.
                  Rocking abs lv1

                  339 dares, 258 w ec. 691 day streak


                    It's a really great step that you can be honest with yourself (and us) about your struggles. Making changes and adapting is more difficult. I think you're awesome and I will always be here to support you.


                      Click image for larger version

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                      Epic Arrow!!! Congratulations!!!

                      and nice X-mas Tree!


                        Haven't been able to reply on my own thread, so here goes:

                        I strongly recommend Nia Shanks' resources on her website (she's also on some other people's podcasts, it's hard to find the episodes, but if you're interested, ask me aka total podcast addict LOL) - she has had binge eating issues in her past and has these "sane and simple nutrition guidelines" instead of just telling you to "eat intuitively now, no matter what happens to your body".

                        I think it's totally legitimate to say that you want to let go of obsessive behaviors around food, but still lose some weight (as long as you're not shooting for some made up number like "this was my weight when I finished school", but are okay with "healthy weight"). For me, it's an eating pattern I found out makes me feel satiated and doesn't mean spending 2hrs in the kitchen each day, has a bit of variety and means that I'm in an okay caloric deficit most days (so all in all, with some higher burn days when I have martial arts class, and some higher input days when we eat out, I lose a bit of weight each week). But I also like your "caloric range, small deficit" plan. Anything that's manageable, and not crazy strict so you feel deprived all the time.


                          Thanks CODawn sleep_twitch Cabriel
                          I read a metric ton of Nia articles yesterday. Unfortunately podcasts are not for me. I do not like to digest info audibly unless it is a person speaking in person and I can ask them questions/interact. I even watch weightlifting vids w sound off sometimes LOL.

                          Holiday stress split version I missed the memo 2/3 of the gym was wearing booty shorts

                          Nia lifts
                          1x45x10, 5x95x9, 1x45x10
                          Incline Bench
                          2x55x3, 3x45x5
                          Scapula pulls-grip was meh in part bc the handle was twisting

                          10s on curls, triceps, flys. 15s on rows, bench. Did bench and flys w incline tho.
                          Butt ups for advent
                          The Gut lv 3
                          Chest and back light

                          339 dares, 258 w ec. 692 day streak


                            Originally posted by 'rin View Post

                            Holiday stress split version I missed the memo 2/3 of the gym was wearing booty shorts
                            The gym has a clothing policy? "Everyone wear booty shorts in the middle of winter to celebrate Christmas"?!

                            I agree wholeheartedly about the podcast thing. It's not my preferred method either. Reading is so much faster!

                            I hope the holidays are less-stressful for you this year than last. It sounds like you have some great plans in place to help you manage it. Congrats on all your hard work!


                              I believe it is time for me to wear my compression pants. Hooray!


                                Aparently, Joomju and I missed memo. And lol aveoturbo

                                Holiday stress split version I don't feel like it

                                had it in brain to do a machine leg day but someone was fucking camped on leg press. Had a coffee, smoothie, water, blanket, headphones... lol.

                                kettle marching, all 3 sets 50 steps
                                2 45s held down but not dangling
                                2 20s, racked
                                2 10s, up

                                side raises for advent

                                gave newest workout a spin, Griffin, lv1. But did side to side/kossok lunges bc balance was shit on side lunges and I was not in mood to address that.

                                showered, found a burger, might head to work early.

                                Also...if you are in a "shouting w headphones" music mood, do not listen to stuff that is obviously misgendered to you. Some great side eye looks when "hey dude" (kula shaker) came on...and new yorkers almost never give a shit LOL.

                                339 dares, 258 w ec. 693 day streak