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    Prednisone will do so much weird stuff to you. It has so many possible adverse effects. It's crazy.


      OK, this is none of my business but I would implore you to reconsider working out until you clear up, especially since you are on antibiotics and glucocorticosteroids at the same time. This is not a light cold anymore. Your body is fighting hard as it is and I think at least a few days or a week of rest would do you good. Take care!


        aveoturbo so glad I only had 4 days/10mg of it honestly. I am going to do a 2 week course of prilosec now tho to get angry tummy sorted out.

        Ann-Core my normal 13-18k step counts have been 5-10k and I averaged 9 hrs of sleep a night this week so, I feel like that ballances working out at a lower intensity. Like today I want to gym but took bus there and back (normally would walk). So you are not out of line but, I am only half listning >.>

        Holiday stress split vs rest of today is on my couch
        White Rabbit bc it's a nice warmup
        Made a lite version of V Taper. Scapula pulls and only 3 sets of each. Pulls - 6,5,5. Raises 10lbs, rows 25, Shrugs 40s.

        2 sets of abs
        8 bosu sittup to stand w 8lb ball
        20 knee to elbow crunches (ie, advent)
        10 breaths plank w forearms on bosu

        ​​​​​​​337 dares, 257 w ec. 684 day streak


          Worth a try. (just in case you needed "an excuse" to rest)


            Originally posted by Ann-Core View Post
            Worth a try. (just in case you needed "an excuse" to rest)
            She doesn't accept excuses tho she will acknowledge some of my backwards logic. Still don't know if it's accepted tho.


              Meh. If I physically can keep going (without resorting to painkillers bc doing that then continuing is asking for injury I know), I will. But, I will go slower and sleep extra if necessary. It's genetic >.> we are stoics in my family.

              holiday stress split version almost late to work
              dare - forward bends, ec
              advent - reverse crunches
              Meant to hit 15 min restorative on down dog app, hit 25 woopse. Was nice, tho

              ​​​​​​​338 dares, 258 w ec. 685 day streak


                Holiday stress split version stealing sleep_twitch's Nia Shank idea (again)
                RDL 1x45x10, 5x95x5, 1x45x10
                Some guys were being obnoxious about "how long you got sweetheart" from moment I started so I was a petty asshole. There are not enough clip things to keep weights on/still on the bars in my gym so I took them w me bc hey I should try a bit of weight on bench maybe

                Incline Bench
                3x55x3, 2x45x5. Range of motion on last 55 set was not pretty, keeping this pattern to clean it up
                AFTER gyzos found other clips after scavenging everywhere I brought them back along w the 5lb plates I had picked up from the rack >.>

                Scapula pulls
                3x5 - I need to not be frustrated w reps here, I am heavy atm

                Abs including absvent calendar
                10 cross reach situp
                10 dead bug
                1p heel touch

                stretched and got out. Also, am walking home (unless bus is right there as I pass a stop) but did not walk to.

                ​​​​​​​338 dares, 258 w ec. 686 day streak


                  Nia Shanks Trainings Plan ​​​​​​

                  (sorry, I'm at a metal festival getting ready for Exodus mosh pit in 15mins and there was beer already so I'm not even trying to post full sentences that make sense ​​​​​​)


                    I would want to hit them with a barbell.


                      Hope you had an awesome day sleep_twitch and CODawn I was SO tempted but decided to not force a confrontation before work.

                      Also my "local celebrity" was there yesterday, leaving all the plates in creation on the leg press but at least only trying up on thing at a time. (I approached new gym mgr abt it quietly.) If she didn't annoy me I would feel very bad for her, actually....she has this dead/flat overtired/zombie aspect while working out almost always -no joy at all. (Not w clients, but when doing her own workouts) ... I want to be like "it is not punishment you know".

                      Holiday stress split version "what can I do w 5lb dumbbells on 6 hrs sleep to justify bread and rice today bc I need propping up"

                      (note- post holidays I will not allow this diet hack/cheat but w my redic schedule atm oh well)

                      Shoulders! 2 sets
                      10 lateral raises but - brought both arms up then held one, did raise w other, alternating
                      10 front raises same
                      10 presses, same
                      10 elbow clicks normal
                      10 bent flys

                      did my boat folds/flails for advent between sets

                      Chest and back light cooldown

                      338 dares, 258 w ec. 687 day streak


                        Weekly Digest

                        1 out w friend
                        31 miles
                        1890 cals/average. I had 1 redic day and 1 meh following and was fighting w self to neither just keep overeating bc week was shit or starve to try to "salvage" things (which sets up rebound binge ofc) so I'll take it. Might even still be slight deficit.
                        pants tight still
                        got all my work in. I need to add extra yoga always tho so I don't get less bendy


                          Finished antibiotics yesterday. Still doing prilosec to repair stomach. Should eat extra yogurt this week to fix gut alsoo, maybe.

                          Holiday stress split - felt like doing a lot of work but not like doing anything hard if that makes sence

                          hollow knight, lv1, as warmup. 4 jump squats at a time is fucking perfect.

                          2 sets, 12kg bell
                          10 swings
                          5 dead to goblet
                          10 bridge

                          20 leg scissors between for advent

                          2 sets, on floor not bench
                          10 renegade rows (15 lbs)
                          4 plank rotations (7.5 lbs)
                          4 climber taps

                          decided to "start" lunges for tree.
                          10 alt ball bounces (10lbs)
                          10 lunges
                          10 scooping dribbles (2lbs)
                          10 lunges
                          10 twists
                          10 lunges
                          10 arm circles
                          10 lunges
                          10 alt hammers (10lbs)
                          10 lunges
                          10 side bends (10lbs)
                          10 lunges

                          big rest. But more then half done, so why not
                          10 chest expansion
                          10 lunges
                          10 hand clenches
                          10 lunges

                          more rest
                          10 bent rows 10lbs (idk why these got rly hard)
                          10 lunges

                          leaned on wall a while
                          10 arm scissors
                          10 lunges

                          gimme my fucking arrows, and feel free to laugh at me for whining tomorrow.

                          338 dares, 258 w ec. 688 day streak


                            If your into oatmeal, Wal Mart has these singles cups with 10g protein and probiotics in them. I eat one everyday I work. They seemed to have balanced me out. They are also a wee bit spendy, but to me worth it. Think they are called Think Thin.


                              You are insane, in the best way possible.

                              These arrows are earned. And no laughing from me.


                                you have shamed me. i havent even finished a quarter of my exercises for my ornament and you are done?! im such a slacker!