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    Hope you get resolved soon!


      Get well soon - Healing vibes are on the way


        Healing vibes!


          Thanks aveoturbo HellYeah TheLibrarian. Nose is leaking like a fucking faucet but I feel ok otherwise so...

          Holiday stress split version omg that guy has on translucent white tights and bright blue undies why not just wear a cod piece at that point buddy >.>

          Barbell Circuit x5
          Bent rows 55x8
          front squats 55x8
          Millitary press tiny bar 25x5

          Between those did 2 sets of 10 not quite dragons, 2 sets of 10 bench knee to elbow climbers and 4 sets of 20 sitting twist w 8lb ball bounce from bench.

          20 long arm crunches for advent

          set x2
          5 trx rows
          5 knee pushups

          set x2, low step
          20 skaters over bench
          10 hip thrusts w 35lb kettle

          setx2, high step
          10 renegade rows at 15lbs
          10 plank rotations at 7.5lbs
          10 climber taps

          Stretched well. Getting breakfast.

          Had a sad moment this morning. Getting on a subway early at the first stop, dark and grey out. Walked past the car I'd usually get on bc it is right by steps at my gym stop to get on conductor's car in center of train. Did not realize that I was making a risk-analysis decision to do so till I looked up and noticed that there were 9 other women in that car. (And thought back, and there had been none in the cars I passed to get there, but several men.) This says some fairly shitty things about our society, imho.

          336 dares, 255 w ec. 680 day streak


            Weekly Digest
            0 drinks. I nagged at hubby abt booze consumption so he isn't drinking till xmas so I only am if I go out w a friend

            41.9 miles
            stayed in caloric target range on average (not counting Sun when I hadn't started yet) and followed carb guidelines

            pants still tight


              Dang, military press after front squats!?! That's brave. I am pretty impressed by that!


                Hugs for the sinus, and grins about the kitties knowing they do are adorable. Luna's a total ham when strangers visit, she knows how to work out her adorableness I swear. Innocent animals? My ... glutes!


                  So, I left work 2 hrs early to hit the urgent care and got antibiotics, 4 days of steroids, and a lecture. And left a very confused dr in my wake bc I did not have a fever (97.8, my normal is 96ish). As I left she was still muttering abt the fact that I had one of the worst sinus infections she's seen (and I lucked into an e/n/t at clinic) but no fever. LOL.


                    Sorry you're not feeling well, but holy hell you're still kicking ass!


                      aveoturbo my shoulders are unamused w my antics. I was basically trying to, like, break apart a clean and jerk lol.

                      Holiday stress split version Sick
                      dare -knee rolls, ec
                      advent - windshield whipers
                      12 min yoga flow from down dog, restorative

                      ​​​​​​​337 dares, 256 w ec. 681 day streak


                        Sinus infections suck! Get well soon!


                          Least your getting treated for it now, confused doc or not. Should be squared up in a few days


                            Feel better soon!


                              Thanks PetiteSheWolf Kaufminator CODawn aveoturbo Encourager for well wishes.

                              Last night included another bout of yoga, 25 min full practice w app.

                              Holiday stress split version I hope I don't regret going to work today.

                              Advent-crunch kicks
                              Dare - 1 leg deadlifts, no ec, much flail
                              Beginner Abs lv1
                              abt 10 mins self guided yoga

                              ​​​​​​​337 dares, 257 w ec. 682 day streak


                                Wanted 1 more easy day before I go back to gym BUT wanted to eat some rice today bc 1 of the meds I'm on (prednisone) is causing massive acid issue (actually going to snag some otc shit for that omw to work) so...

                                Holiday stress spit version it is still resistance training even if 5lb weights.

                                Upperbodybuilder w my 5lb dumbbells
                                Advent - high crunches
                                some stretching

                                ​​​​​​​337 dares, 257 w ec. 683 day streak