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    aveoturbo, LOL....too funny!


      Fucking Grey Saturday into Sunday was an adventure, partially bc I work with fucking assholes. Some guy and his dad (dad had almost no english, guy had limited, russian) were looking for jeans. No one wanted to help them bc it was 10 mins to closing. By the time they found me, we were already closed. But I helped them... but tailor had gone home (if someone had started w them in the first place, tailor was still in...). So I had to tell them to come back Sunday. And by the time I got done w them and got on subway I missed last bus home from there so had to hike, in rain, and got home at 1am wet and miserable. fuckfuckfuck. They come back Sunday, thank god. Then they don't understand why they need to come back AGAIN to pick up taioring... so I just tell them I will bring it after work....not realizing their hotel is like 5 miles in wrong direction. Whatever, tho, at this point I just want them done with. So last night I crashed for like 12 hrs bc I was just overtired and miserable.

      Holiday Stress Split
      tricept and chest cable work 2 sets all
      Pulldown to extension 7.5lbs x15 each arm
      high fly 7.5lbs x15
      Ballerina arm 2.5lbs x15 each arm
      Punches 12.5lbs x12

      Upperbody Builder 7.5lbs add kickbacks

      3x3 scapula pulls between

      Abs set - 20 sec each exercize x2
      1 leg plank left
      same, right
      hollow hold
      dead bug
      heel taps

      Got and set up new phones, that took whole day basically

      LOL at cabbage patch fight...... I love people.

      333 dares, 252 w ec. 674 day streak


        you rock!

        Click image for larger version

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        and a woman!


          You really came through for those clients, it is excellent service. Hugs!
          (And daejamurrachan , this pic is soooooooo cute!)


            Thanks PetiteSheWolf and daejamurrachan and omg pic is cute.

            Holiday Stress Split
            The Grind, lv1
            Shoulder Work
            Dare - knee to elbows, ec

            Going to start actually logging food again. And only allowing starchy carbs (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes) and sweets on days w resistance training.

            334 dares, 253 w ec. 675 day streak


              Wow...that's really amazing what you did for those clients after your co-workers were too fucking lazy to do their jobs!


                I did not want to drag my carcass to the gym today...but I wanted bread and didn't want to fail on day 2 of diet plan LOL. Also my work cloths were already in gym bag all set to go, so. I need to get back to where I was maintaining pre job swap stress/commute rice chex habit bc my wardrobe is that size >.> and, bc pre being stressed, I was maintaining there just fine so I know I can again np.

                Holiday stress spit
                Hardgainer 15s on curls and upright rows (which I swapped to high pulls as per AthleanX) 10s on Shoulder press and extensions. 25s on deadlifts. 20s on rows.

                Did "bench abs" between, 1 set each rest period. Total of 2x10 not quite dragon flags, 2x20 4lb ball bench twists w bounce, 2x10 knee to elbow climbers.

                10 mins of Yoga

                enjoying my sammich very much, lol.

                334 dares, 253 w ec. 676 day streak


                  skip forward if you are easily offended by language ...

                  Click image for larger version

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                    Lollolol daejamurrachan ... atm she is the outer fatty, hence my decision that bread has to be worked for >.> (bc, for me, keto was the best/most workable diet BUT my body rebells at the thought of trajning on it)


                      for the record i love bread. some breads and circumstances are worth the extra work to be able to enjoy them. i have finally managed to convince myself that sliced bread - as wonderful as it is - is not worth the increased effort.


                        Y'know, there are some things for which bread has no substitute. Like hamburgers.


                          very true.


                            Or doughnuts.


                              Fucking fuck. Stepped on (drs style) scale at gym today, post breakfast/water etc but to get a benchmark if diet is working or not and check again in a month or so. Was meantally preparing self for 185ish. 196. No wonder my fucking pants are tight. That is actually overweight by even the friendlier new bmi scale. But. 1 - not obese at least so less health risks while I sort it out 2- body fat% is sill 25-27%ish according to eyes/tape measure/handheld machine so I have built muscle with the fluff 3- I know what to do, I know what works 4- bc I have also built muscle, when I get back to a healthy weight I'll be buff 5- bc Im larger then I thought my deficit is bigger then I thought for now

                              Going to stay the course on current meal plan (starches must be earned, 1600-1800 cals) till xmas, if weight hasn't shifted noticeably by then I will just deal w keto for a few months again.

                              Going to stay off the scale till then tho.

                              I put this weight on over 6 months of jackass behaviour (less walking, eating random shit (treats in morning, pizza at night) to fill holes on commute, redic lunches bc I didn't want to carry Tupperware/deal w lack of fridge at work). I am hoping 3-4 months of focused effort can get it back off.

                              Holiday stress split
                              did machine legs today bc I have been defaulting to upper body a lot and wanted to give it a break today.

                              Linear leg press, w calf raises at same weight/reps
                              1x90x12, 1x180x10, 1x270x8, 1x180x10, 1x90x12

                              Abd/Add each
                              1x85x10, 3x130x10

                              Express abs lv2
                              Iron bar

                              334 dares, 253 w ec. 677 day streak


                                I hate that. You have a feeling you gained weight but you hope you don't. Ugh. I've been there.