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    Dragged self to gym on auto pilot bc I had packed bag already. Not the best workout but, it shook the hangover cobwebs out at least.

    Holiday Stress Split
    carrys x5, 40 steps w 2 45lb kettles

    coordination set x3, 2lb ball
    squat tosses x10
    alt scoop dribbles x10
    alt bounces x10

    ​​​​​barbell set x4, just bar
    bent rows x5
    front squats x8

    Dare -rollups, ec

    20ish mins of random yoga poses

    forearms and triceps light

    Ive paid 17$ in jackass tax already (10$ bc forgot lock, 7$ bc somehow brought tights that already had a tear in the ass) and the only part of my dinner I remembered was my apple, but, I am cheerful and surprisingly recovered from my whiskey excess so whatever. Time to make some $$$.

    332 dares, 251 w ec. 668 day streak


      Must have been a good apple!


        Jackass Tax...LMAO!


          Jackass taxes can diagdmff. Amirite?


            LOL wjs, it really can

            Today was almost the day that broke my streak. But no. Some easy things were staring me in the face when I got home from work (altho this has cemented in my brain that I need to work out in the morning whenever fucking possible).

            Dare - side bend squat things - ec
            Setted Wod (walker) with newest workout (upperbody works) at lv 1

            Not talking about last few days of food. I will survive this holiday weekend and then get my shit together.

            333 dares, 252 w ec. 669 day streak


              Looked at turkey run... decided no. High knees and burpees are not joyful and today is strangely hard for me. Strength work is joyful, so....

              Holiday Stress Split
              V Taper - did scapula pulls in leiu of pullups. 5,5,3,3,3. I need to put more of these back in routine. Raises w 7.5s, rows w 25s, shrugs w 40s. 5th set of everything was surprisingly evil.

              Bench abs set x2
              Twists w bounce (8lb ball) ×20
              Feet down to butt up (ie progression towards dragon flag) ×10
              forearms on bench knee to opposite elbow climbers x10

              Upperbodybuilder 7.5s, front raises instead of lateral, added kickbacks at end

              Bench abs/shoulders set x2
              renegade rows 10lbsx10
              plank rotations 7.5lbs x10
              climber taps x10

              Floor/ball abs set x2 8lb ball
              alt side bounces x10
              dead bugs x10
              high crunches x10

              some yoga, and otw home. Happy Thanksgiving bees. I am grateful for this site's existence and for all of your support. <3

              333 dares, 252 w ec. 670 day streak


                Black Friday!
                walking into a 12 hr shift Chest and Back light and some yoga will have to do.

                333 dares, 252 w ec. 671 day streak


                  Hoping you do not get crushed by overzealous shoppers, and mostly hoping you get a goooooood tip / precentage / however you get paid today!


                    Good luck! Hope your clients are not rude.


                      Thanks PetiteSheWolf and CODawn. Made $$ and shoppers were somewhat impatient but not evil. We had some confusion bc of a coupon for 10% off holiday trim that ppl tried to misread, but, it was pretty clearly not for clothing even if said clothing was a holiday gift LOL. Had my first "you must be a manager" comment so, I'm finally home lol.

                      short and sweet workout today, heading in a bit early.

                      Holiday Stress Split
                      Hammer 12.5s

                      Abs set x3
                      20 alt slams 5lb ball
                      20 dead bugs same
                      20 heel touches no ball

                      Kettle legs x2, 25lb kettlebell
                      10 dead to Goblet
                      10 swing
                      20 calf raises

                      like 10 mins of stretching

                      ​​​​​​​333 dares, 252 w ec. 672 day streak


                        Had an adventure this morning w transit but still hit gym, so, score. This earlier sunday shift is super annoying w/r/t gym tho grar.

                        Holiday Stress Split
                        Barbell circuit x3@55lbs
                        5xbent rows
                        8x front squats

                        Calf raises mostly to not loose comfort w bar on back

                        abs/shoulders circuit x2
                        10 renegade rows @10lbs
                        10 weighted rotations at 7.5
                        10 dead bugs 6lb ball
                        10 flutters w ball

                        random circuit x2
                        10 half bows 2.5s
                        10 reverse grip curls 10s
                        10 alt side slams 6lb ball

                        Chest and back light
                        333 dares, 252 w ec. 673 day streak


                          very happy to hear that Black Friday was uneventful.


                            We had a fight at our local Wal-Mart. State patrol was even brought in. It was over a Cabbage Patch doll. We keep it classy.


                              Originally posted by aveoturbo View Post
                              We had a fight at our local Wal-Mart. State patrol was even brought in. It was over a Cabbage Patch doll. We keep it classy.
                              Sounds like an '80s holiday movie. Cabbage patch dolls are still around??


                                Originally posted by CODawn View Post

                                Sounds like an '80s holiday movie. Cabbage patch dolls are still around??
                                Apparently. I heard it on our police scanner group on FB so it has to be true