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    daejamurrachan if I go that route I will so take you up on it. Been thinking of using instagram more for work so I should not start a war from my page lol.

    (As a side note, if any of you happen to shop at Saks ever online for xmas etc... (we do ship internationally fyi) pls follow this link: so I get the commission lol.)

    Rin-split 2.0 week 6 day 1
    Whole Body
    did not want structure today, so fkn random. Each circuit x5

    bent row w barbell x5
    front squat same x5
    reverse crunch on bench x5

    trx row x5
    attempt pistols holding trx to not fall x6
    knee in twists x8 (ie, dare, no ec)

    used 10 kilo duffle for these
    rdl x 10
    drag bag side to side from plank x4
    plank x 10 count

    alt ball slams (10lb ball) x20
    prone leg over/extension things x6
    floor chest press (ball) ×10

    Arm circles x20
    wood chopers (15lbs dumbell) x10
    calf raises (2 15s) x20

    ​​​​318 dares, 248 w ec. 652 day streak


      Sunday food/steps (bc, why not) 12.5k steps
      b- 2 toasts w pb and j, coffee
      more coffee from deli - stop this, bc their coffee is bad so I spike it w hot chocolate
      hb - salmon w avocado and tomato on rye sammich, banana, coffee
      lunch - last of lasagna, another banana, yogurt
      snack - more coffee
      dinner - all the sushi. 2 slices salmon sashimi, a shrimp tempura roll, tuna/avo naruto roll (rolled in cucumber not rice), salmon/cream cheese roll.

      I am really craving fish in general/salmon in particular lately, which is not a normal part of my diet, not entirely sure what's up w that. This week I will accept if I eat a "lot" just as long as it is actual real food and not junk, just to try to get out of junk food habit bc if I am hungry all bets are off.


        I was domsy, there were ppl where I wanted to be equip wise, and I was just annoyed this morning. So, did what I could easily do w equip no one was using.

        Rin-split 2.0 week 6 day 2
        back and biceps
        Big Back* left pushups off renegades, 15lbs there. Added curls to shoulder press, 2 sets of 5 at 15, 2 properly of 8 at 10. 15 on triceps. Did bent rows instead of Deadlifts bc maybe 3 days in a row w these,even light, might be silly (15s). 7.5 lbs on motherfucking cock sucking shit eating lateral raises (I hate these, doubly so bc I am redic weak at them). 30s on shrugs.

        Abs ball set x3, 8lb ball
        20 alt bounces
        10 high crunches
        10 dead bugs
        10 bouncing twists

        Daybreak - Ive missed this one. Esp that you are perfectly in chest plank to rest between.

        Dare, supermans, no ec

        ​​​​319 dares, 248 w ec. 653 day streak


          food log (12k steps)
          b- pbj toasts, mandarin orange, coffee
          hb - snack pack thing w cheese, peanuts, dried cranberries, more coffee
          l - 2 hard boiled eggs, some deli ham, another mandarin
          s - an apple and some peanutbutter
          dinner - small (6oz) strip steak, broccoli w a bit of parmesean and butter. 1 serving pretzel rods bc I missed starch.


            Your description of lat​​​​​ raises is fantastic


              Was supposed to be a recovery day but I was super fucking anxious. Decided to work out BUT not really add to my time under tension for the week. Had to get the wiggles out, basically.

              Rin-split 2.0 week 6 day 3
              self abs circuit x5, 10lb ball
              20 alt bounces
              10 high crunches
              10 dead bugs
              10 bouncing twists


              Armageddon bc I reminded myself of this recommending it to Peterpan

              Dare - front kicks, ec, kicked bag even (not super well but oh well)


              I am a bit more ready to face the day. I hate how polorized politics have become, here, I think it drives both parties into hard line positions that do not actually serve their constituents (except the lobbyists and big $ donors, ofc). The news and ppls small talk being full of it today is just going to fucking suck. I have both a member of the DNC and a hardline Repub working right in my little area, I am not looking forward to their watching the news on our dept's ipad all day...maybe I'll go early and hide it lol. Voted before I got on the bus this morning and am going to try to ignore otherwise.

              ​​​​329 dares, 249 w ec. 654 day streak


                Originally posted by 'rin View Post
                Had to get the wiggles out, basically.
                I really feel you on this. So many wiggles!


                  Today - 12k steps
                  b- 1 toast w pbj, coffee
                  hb - salmon avo on rye, more coffee
                  hhbb - work meeting.... 2 2 bite mini quiche and some pinaple, and more more coffee
                  l- met old collegue for lunch across from job - patty melt on rye w caramelized onions, small order of fries, dt coke
                  s- coffee
                  dinner - tortelini w ham, tomato, broccoli, butter and parm (as my husband says "i just sort of waved my hands in the kitchen and dinner appeared")


                    I want your lunch!


                      ​​​​I made a trainer apt for tomorrow bc I need a place/time to be so I don't just sit on couch. I was going to do a hike but client/friend had to bail bc work. And old roomate has a lunch meeting so I can't walk to her to get lunch so...I did not trust self to walk on my own, basically. And the gym tainer is at now is 6 miles from home so there/back is a good walk.

                      And she can help me make little circuits like I enjoy doing for holiday stress season. So that is worth the price in itself.

                      So I left off triceps today bc they cannot deal w work 2 days in a row, will make sure we hit those a bit tomorrow extra or go to gym otw home from her and do cables.

                      Rin-split 2.0 week 6 day 4
                      Chest and Shoulders
                      Upperbodybuilder - 8 lbs, no rest
                      Incline bench
                      4xjust bar × 5
                      Cable low flys
                      Cable high flys
                      cable punches
                      3x12.5x10 each arm
                      quick shoulder circuit w 20lb bar x5
                      3 front raises
                      5 upright rows
                      5 press

                      329 dares, 249 w ec. 655 day streak


                        trying to eat properly on a closing shift is hard. My "dinner" break is at like, 4pm.
                        21k steps
                        530am tea, 3 hb eggs, clementine, ham
                        8am coffee, banana
                        9am 2 toasts w pb and j
                        1030 turkey sammic w tomato and mayo
                        1130 banana, coffee
                        230 cementine
                        4 my mealprep for the week - rice + cauli rice, spinach, chicken sausage, red beans, bell pepper, tomatoes, spices. a yogurt, dt coke
                        915pm cheese pizza slice


                          saw trainer for an hr+ish. Counting fact I walked there as cardio, damnit. Made a bunch of nice combos I can do w limited equipment and some lower weights for during holiday stress season. (I will miix these w my own sets of things, prolly)

                          Rinsplit 2.0, week 6 day 5
                          each set x2
                          stepup w kettle x20
                          burpee w pause in squat (hands on step) x10
                          snatch w kettle x10

                          skater over box x10
                          knee to elbow type thing holding weight, on box x20
                          shoulder taps x20

                          renegade row x20
                          plank rotation w weight x10
                          climber tap (on box) x10

                          deadlift to goblet squat w kettle x20
                          swing x10
                          hinge x10

                          then did various abs things - situp on bosu, sit to stand w kettle on bosu, bridges, knee to elbow, high crunches w kettle, russian twists on benchOF bouncing light ball (this was fun)

                          played a bit w things to do on trx, and talked about changing how I do some things w shoulders- like doing high pulls instead of upright rows, and not stressing out if it is more comfortable to start a lateral raise w my hand in front of body instead of by my side.

                          then... my favorite....
                          "Can I end w the sled" "Could I get you to go home if not?" "I want to try 300" "Idk if you can do that" "idk either, I want to try". Area to push sled is 30-40 steps depending size of stride. Started w 50, ran that back, forth. 100, same. 150, took both ways but a bit more slowly, w help on the turn around. 200, 1 way, no pause. 250, same, bit smaller steps. 300. Teensy tiny steps so 40, with a break in the middle to catch breath (and let her get phone to film me LOL). I love sled push bc it lets me see my actual power, without having a weak point like grip to fail from, or failing on some form bc I am not graceful/coordinated at all.

                          OFC bc I am me the film has me simultaneously smug as hell and annoyed that I am bordering on fat again. But. Whatever. Even with this odd monthish training wise and feeling out of sorts I am still gaining overall strength.

                          329 dares, 249 w ec. 656 day streak


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                            just sayin'

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                              daejamurrachan meh. it really is meant as a statement and not a judgement. If I was not hiding from the scale atm it would tell me my bmi has crept up to overweight again. My family's medical history tells me that it isn't safe for me to let it stay there - there is type 2 diabetes, congestive heart failure, bad cholesterol and blood pressure, etc etc on both sides of my family. So I am annoyed w the evidence that I am once again in the danger zone, bc that means I need to eat less then I'd like to for awhile to get it back in check. (bc, let's face it, health care in this country is a bankrupting joke if you aren't a millionaire...and I'm not.)

                              15k steps today
                              7am 2 pb toasts
                              8am coffee w pumpkin spice flavoring (I got this ONCE at my local coffee place and now if that guy is working the counter he is so happy to remember that that's what I like that I get it automatically LOL)
                              11am another coffee, w a lot of milk bc I wanted to eat it quickly
                              4pm brown rice (like 2 servings), shrimp(not quite a pound), tomato w a ton of garlic and butter/lemon/paprika
                              8pm chorizo (5 or 6 oz) and 3 clementines, a glass of sortilege


                                Got brave and stuck this on instagram, to remind myself that my added weight atm doesn't negate the work I've done strength wise, mostly. Sometimes I need to give myself public pep talks.

                                Rinsplit 2.0 week 6 day 6
                                should of been legs but I'll do it tomorrow, I wanted a quiet morning on couch w cat and games (and I want to do legs at gym near job where I'm not fighting for equip quite so much)
                                I still have none, lol
                                Coordinator - I cannot do the crunch in side plank thing at all, I did rotations instead
                                few warrior/reverse/triangles
                                will walk to subway which takes more then 15 mins

                                329 dares, 249 w ec. 657 day streak