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    Ate all things,again, yesterday.

    thanks aveoturbo. I need to find sone magic cloths lol. used to be cool shoes,but those were not crisis protection yesterday. The funny part is, I am SUPER confident about the rest of my life (or can fake it)... this is my Achilles heel.

    Recovery day to be nice to self
    1 min plank (staying here till its not torture then will go up
    55 sec hollow hold
    dare - sitting twists, ec

    303 dares, 240 w ec. 603 day streak


      'rin just in case you had any doubt about the perception issues in your industry, here's an interesting article. it would seem to be our modern day equivalent to slavery. no, no, that's not right. they fed slaves


        Comparison to others is natural. Not fair though.


          daejamurrachan that is, sadly, a really good point about my industry. I am super glad to be in a part of it where I can actually make a living.... almost glad I DON'T fit the appearance mold these stylists etc do so that was never an option for me, lol.

          and CODawn it so is. I need to learn to compare circumstances as well.

          So. I am not logging food atm bc I am just all fucked up over it. Logging the fact I am eating junk for comfort upsets me more so I seek further comfort.... taking a week or so to try to fix my mood other ways so that subsides a bit and I can get back on track.

          I realized that one of the controlable things that helps my mood is more time under tension/workouts done at the gym where I can jump and swing my arms etc. So I upgraded my membership by 5$ a month so I can use gym nearish work. If I am good abt going a month I will add another 10$ for monthly towel service (which will still be only 35 a month) so that I am not taking a bird bath and drying off w my tshirt LOL. This will let me go on Sundays for sure (if just sundays, will stick to birdbaths and do less sweaty workouts), and possibly mornings I open on as well.

          Abs at home-
          1 min plank
          55 sec superman
          Set from trainer x3
          10 single leg lifts
          10 crunches w same
          repeat other leg
          20 heel touches
          20 reverse crunch type 1 leg things she calls dead bugs
          Then 2 min abs

          At gym, back and biceps version exploring what equipment is where (omg they have a trx...and a heavy bag...and various weights of sandbags what?)

          TRX!!!! Inverted rows 3x8

          10 lbs, Zottmans, front raises in leiu of lateral, added triceps kickback

          Upright rows 15sx5
          kneeling rows 25x5 each arm

          alt hammer curls


          bent rows


          303 dares, 240 w ec. 604 day streak


            Bring your own towel?


              aveoturbo I am trying to shove everything in my work appropraite bag instead of carrying a backpack etc >.> in part bc I work w judgemental assholes but also bc otw home I am in rush hour sardine subway and a big backpack would suck to manoeuvre through that.


                'rin I do the comparison thing at work too. And since I am in the tech industry, it's comparing different attributes. Here's a story: One time I was in this class at work. I felt like completely lost in the lab while it seemed like others were "getting it". After class I had a melt down, which included tears (of frustration). This was completely embarressing since I had been told "work was no place for tears." Some of my compassionate colleagues told me they actually looked at the solution and worked backwards. I was trying to do it the correct way and work my way to the solution. So, yea, circumstances are very important. Sometimes things aren't what they seem.


                  No weekly digest bc I am trying not to stress myself w/r/t food (since it is a coping strategy, further stress can't help lol) but... 51 miles.

                  chest shoulders triceps

                  Abs - hollow hold 60 sec,plank same. Will edge plsnk time up w hollow holds I think

                  ​​​​flat bench wide grip press, 30lb bar x15
                  bench dips, bent knees x10

                  set x3
                  incline bench close grip press, 30lb bar x8
                  tricep kickbacks 12.5sx10

                  fixed 20lb bar front raise x5
                  same Overhead press x5

                  lateral raises 5lbsx10
                  half bows 2.5s (raise this, was testing) ×10

                  Epic 5 cardio day. Broke into 5 1 min sets (mostly bc omg I wore wrong sports bra 30 secs was limit for jostling around LOL) around/between Chest and Shoulders light

                  303 dares, 240 w ec. 605 day streak


                    LEG DAY
                    squats 1x45x10, 1x95x10, 3x115x8, 1x45x10
                    rack pulls (experiment) 1×45×5, 3×95×5, 1×45×5 these felt good. I stood up/reset between each rep. Will be easier/nicer at other gym bc low cage thing will be nicer to pull from then brackets I think >.>
                    calf raises 5x90x10

                    Abs- 1:10 superman and 1:10 plank

                    ​​​​Epic 5 - day 3, swapped order to use as leg finisher. Minimal stoppage between things to fuck w timer.

                    303 dares, 240 w ec. 606 day streak


                      Also, paging barbellcat... aveoturbo I understand that rdls are usually lighter than Deadlifts. Are rack pulls heavier?


                        Rack pulls can be heavier. My understanding of it from researching working rack pulls into my deadlift program, is it should not exceed and additional 10-15% in excess of your max deadlift. So for easy math purposes, if your deadlift max is 100#, you should not be exceeding more than 115 for a rep or two.

                        Rack pulls are the top part of the deadlift and as such, I treat them that way. Pull bar to dead hanging position, tighten the glutes and guide the bar down. If you are using your thighs to lower (slide) thet bar down, then lower the weight.

                        The bar should be at or just below knee level for the start of the rep. Keep spine neutral, proud chest, and you still drive through your legs.

                        For extra forearm training hold the bar for extended periods of time at the top. Or do some shrugs while you have the bar up. May as well kill two birds in one movement. I've done it before. It can exhaust you more quickly tho.

                        Rack pulls can be used for deadlift warm-up or going balls out on. If you start to exhaust then stop as this can lead to form breakdown and injury.

                        Hope that helps!


                          I've also seen people do the bottom half of deadlifts to the half point as well. Not sure on name. Usually used to break past sticking point problems with plateau deadlift maxes.

                          They raise the barbell to the guides that are set a pre-determined position and just slam the bar into the guides and drop the weight. That's how I have seen it done, not sure if it's correct tho.

                          I thought it was an interesting concept.

                          Let me see if I can tag in ScorpionKing and/or Azercord and we can see what their thoughts on rack pulls are.


                            So my thoughts on this new branch of my gym are 1 -I like, it's clean, there are lots of toys (trx, heavy bag, weighted sandbags, stepper things, jump boxes, 2 squat racks that have cage things, 2 plain racks, few loose barbells....), ppl are too busy getting their work in to fuck w each other. 2- I cannot go in there w a set plan tho, they are busy im the mornings and I may not be able to get at what I want 3 -I should prolly spring for towel service 4 - I should NOT get in habbit of taking expensive express bus in so I can go there more easily (stop is close to it on this end).

                            Did a fairly random full body workout
                            hollow hold and plank, 1:10 each. Keeping plank here a few days.
                            dare, heel taps, ec

                            Epic 5 day 2, punching bag (I need gloves to save knuckles if this becomes a habit). No rest, pushups on knees. Last set involved 10 sec of trying to convince myself to try 1 more rep lol.

                            Iron Bar
                            Mobility/shoulder girdle circuit x3
                            2.5lb weights. 10 half bows, 10 elbow clicks , 10 lat raises

                            1 min alt bounces, 10lb ball

                            Hammer, 10 lbs

                            Lower Back

                            Foam rolled back

                            really stretched

                            was still really early if I just left for work so I walked around to see what was where. Found my hangy thing in a weird corner so...

                            Scapula pulls 3x5

                            went to other floor to explore. Found 2nd rack of small dumbells (which I wanted before lol) one useing the cage rack thing... decided to test rack pulls on it.

                            Love. 1x45x5 to check position. 3x135x5. Still easy hmm... 1x155x3, not bad let's see... 1x185x1. That I guided down w thighs a bit so, 155 it is. For now. 1x155x3. 1x135x5.

                            These are so much gentler on lower back, I think I may do them for a while in leiu of deads just to keep my grip strength etc up while I work on shoring up low back and core. >.>

                            304 dares, 241 w ec. 607 day streak


                              1x185x1. That I guided down w thighs a bit so
                              Isn't there some in b/w weights?


                                Originally posted by aveoturbo View Post

                                Isn't there some in b/w weights?
                                B/w? Between? There was, I just jumped there bc that had been deadlift plateau when I took a break from them to do rdls prior to wrenching back w those. So I wanted to see I I could still do it, lol.