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    Side plank crunches may have involved some falling, lol.

    and daejamurrachan they can be a good measure, it really is a good full body, strength AND cardio (and some flexibility and balance/kinestetic sence) movement. I just hate their ubiquitous nature bc an unmodified burpee when tired or not quite fit enough can be a good way to get hurt. (My current best is 5 regular burpees (w no pushups pr knees) before I start stepping in/out or look for a box for my hands.)

    Recovery day
    I did not want to get on floor today, at all, so I did
    Dagger, lv1 as my recovery day
    calf holds for challenge

    294 dares, 233 w ec. 581 day streak


      I fall over during side planks. I swear and try again. It must be amusing to watch.


        I don't know what you people are talking about, planks, any kind, but especially side planks are the best exercise ever!

        ​​​​​​​(except if your wrists hurt. then they start to suck.)


          Originally posted by Ann-Core View Post
          I don't know what you people are talking about, planks, any kind, but especially side planks are the best exercise ever!

          (except if your wrists hurt. then they start to "become more challenging".)
          ​​​​​​​This chick gets it!


            Felt weak and out of sorts today >. <

            Laxidasical Leg Day
            Abb/Abd machines. Each 1x85x10, 3x130x10
            Leg Shred - 15lb dumbells added to both lunges
            1 leg bridges were hell tho, ended up crossing resting leg over working at the knee.
            Calf challange between things, 90, 45, 45

            Incline Leg press - just 3x90x10 but super slow and all the way down to knees against chest.

            my own abs circuit ×3
            30 sec alternate bounces 8lb ball
            10 high crunches on half boso holding ball
            20 knee up things sitting on bosu

            294 dares, 233 w ec. 582 day streak


              Weekly Digest
              4/4 and I've come to the annoying realization that altho I can have 2-3 drinks and not feel hungover/be fine at work the next day..... I can only have 1 and not effect the next morning's workout. meh meh meh.

              52 miles
              1836 average. Failing to mealprep this week fucked me up, had a few incidents of eating half the kitchen at night /sigh

              Got my lifts in, tho (as much as I can w my current annoyed back/hip situation)

              Next week I have 2 social meals - going to actually finally celebrate home ownership at a steak house w hubby, and getting lunch w former roommate. Minigoal for the week is to do my mealprep, gdi.


                Recovery Day
                Anywhere abs
                calf holds challenge
                walking to train

                294 dares, 233 w ec. 583 day streak


                  Reorganizing my training week, a bit. If I can get to the gym 3 days, will do one longer/lighter Chest(shoulders, Triceps) day, one heavier/shorter Back(Biceps) day, and one leg day (machine based or dumbells for now).

                  Chest (shoulders, Triceps)
                  all sets/circuits x3
                  ​​​​​cable flys 2.5x15
                  cable punches 7.5x15
                  wide grip incline bench 25 bar x 15
                  passover thingies 10lb dumbellx10
                  flat bench fly press 10sx10
                  tricep bench dips bent knees 10
                  front raise 25lb barx3
                  Overhead press 25lb barx5
                  (wanted 20lb bar/more reps here but ppl had it)
                  flat bench close grip press 25lb barx10
                  sitting elbow clicks 10s x5
                  Upperbodybuilder Zottmans, added kickbacks, 7.5s
                  incline bench fly press 10sx10
                  front raise to lateral drop 7.5sx5 first set.. 5sx5 last 2
                  Forearms and Triceps light
                  set9 (abs)
                  ball alt side bounces 30sec, 8lb
                  situps on bosu w ball, 30 sec
                  march things sitting on bosu 30 sec

                  Calf raises for challenge were 50,50,50,40

                  stretched. Omw home to paint wall under sink behind plumbing w waterproof sealant stuff

                  294 dares, 233 w ec. 584 day streak


                    Went out last night to really celebrate coop ownership. Was putting off till we started repairing things lol. My dad came to visit last week and we fixed kitchen sink (there was more duct tape then pipe, and why is the final drain pipe is 1.5 wtf), rescreened the kitchen window (which wanted tiny tiny spline we couldn't find anywhere so was a "fun" project instead of being easy), put up pegboards to help me organize kitchen, and did minor shit in bathroom (new drain catch thing in tub, new toilet seat). And more importantly, he helped me figure out how to organize other projects instead of thinking I somehow needed to do them all at once AND we found a little owner run hardware/paint shop and my dad got talking w the guy. So now I have a local hardware/handy guy to ask stupid questions LOL. But anyway, having actually started things I am feeling more comfortable in my home so going out for a fancy dinner felt warrented finally.
                    That said, half a bottle of wine and an amaretto w dessert was all of my drinks for the week and a minor hangover this morning. Employing awesome breakfast sammich and counting my walk to train for streak.

                    294 dares, 233 w ec. 585 day streak


                      My food so far this week is fucking rediculous. At least my workouts are on point.....

                      Leg day
                      got back at squat rack, but SUPER cautiously, and left deads alone for now.
                      Squats 1x45x10, 5x95x10
                      calf raises in sets of 50 between
                      Hip thrusts 3x45x10
                      Single leg press (used assist pull machine) 3x70x8 each leg
                      Iron bar
                      dare - alt raises, no ec

                      295 dares, 233 w ec. 586 day streak


                        I ate 3800 calories worth of my feelings yesterday and I cannot even pinpoint what feeling i was eating. Really glad it was super hot, tho, or I would of been baking binge cookies at 12am.

                        Recovery day
                        finished calf challange, walked to train.

                        295 dares, 233 w ec. 587 day streak



                            'rin What the feelings or the food is hot?

                            Click image for larger version

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                            Awesome job on the challenge! Keep up the brilliant work



                                for Calf Challenge!!