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    Idk how much of my morning lazyness is "it is hot in my apt" and how much is still being sick. Once I get done w back and core I am swapping attempts at home workouts in the am for walks in the park, I think.

    Lazy Day
    Back and Core - very glad bridge w reach was only 10 sec a side, lol
    Morning Yoga

    269 dares, 214 w ec. 518 day streak


      Yoga day from back and core
      more stretching

      269 dares, 214 w ec. 519 day streak



          Weekly digest
          3/4 drinks
          39 miles
          2300 cals
          all the recovery days
          none of the lifting


            I am getting very unhappy w self from a vanity perspective, and my pants are getting tight, honestly. I need to get my act together. It is just 10-15 lbs at this point but I need to stop this weight creep before it's more. So new plan for the next 6 weeks:

            1-lift twice a week to preserve strength but don't worry if no big gains
            2 - eat between 1600-1900 cals (rounded up both bmr and sedentary maintenance)
            3 - walk at least 50 miles/week

            Will reassess after 6 weeks and see if I need another cycle or not.


              First day back at lifting. I am fucking WRECKED.

              Nia (maint) 1
              Scapula pulls
              Squat - felt off ballance first few
              1x45x10, 1x95x10, 3x135x8, 1x95x10, 1x45x10
              Barbell row
              1x45x10, 3x65x6 (left elbow trying to do some escape to the side bullshit) 1×45×10
              Scapula pulls
              Incline bench
              40 (go w barbell next week if no traffic jam)
              Scapula pulls
              Back and Core 24
              meant to do dare, just couldn't make myself lol.

              269 dares, 214 w ec. 520 day streak


                Originally posted by 'rin View Post
                I am fucking WRECKED.

                The best part part right here.


                  Today is going to be a very long day. Going into work at 11. Staying through inventory (so, at least 11 pm). This is sort of like a vacation inventory for me, tho... I did not have to lay sheets, I did not have to do the prep work.... it is going to be easy peasy, just pretend I know nothing and scan things LOL. Packed my foods for the day so that I stay the fuck out of whatever sugary nonscence they bring in for us tonight. As much bc sugar at night just makes me crash as to watch my calories, rly.

                  Recovery Day
                  Back and Core 25 - or, flailing around my apt like a lunatic
                  Morning yoga
                  Iron Bar

                  Going to walk to the train (2.5 miles) instead of busing to it this morning.

                  269 dares, 214 w ec. 521 day streak


                    Inventory was, as expected, a long day. But I got out at the perfect time - managed to get on the last bus from the subway end to my apt and save myself a walk in the dark (and an annoyed husband) or a cab fare, so, win. Ended up going off my meal plan tho. I had brought beef jerky and dried cherries to try to keep myself out of whatever snack they had, and planned not to eat when I got home. Ya..... had some absurd afternoon slump so I got a biscotti and a coffee (altho, biscotti would of still fit into the day) then they had salted peanuts in the snack tray so I had those instead of my jerky which brought me right to the top of caloric allowance..... then I was all keyed up when I got home and had a cider and some cheese/chorizo/pickles. Still.... only a 2400 cal day but, I am going to need to be super careful if I want my weekly average to be within my goal window. /sigh

                    Slept in this morning bc ofc . Back and legs are gloriously Domsy.

                    Recovery Day
                    Back and core 26
                    Armageddon lv1 bc wod so why not
                    Dare - leg extensions w ec

                    Walk to the train was nice yesterday, going to do that again.

                    270 dares, 215 w ec. 522 day streak


                      If they could only develop a low cal nut that delivered everything we love about nuts :sigh:.


                        Originally posted by aveoturbo View Post
                        If they could only develop a low cal nut that delivered everything we love about nuts :sigh:.
                        seriously! Like, some kind of gmo tinkering to turn like, half or 2/3 of the fat in the nut into protein instead but somehow keep the glorious flavor/crunch/portability etc. That would get the calories just low enough so that trying to fit them into a reduced cal diet did not involve super careful measuring of miserly portions LOL.


                          Thx, now I have to open some nuts!


                            I am liking this walk to the train in the am thing

                            Lazy Day
                            Back and Core 27 - w some flailing on alt
                            Dare - cross reach situps, ec
                            morning yoga

                            271 dares, 216 w ec. 523 day streak


                              'rin all caught up. Keep up the awesome work


                                Feeling bleh today, physically AND mentally. Blaming the weather. Dragged self to gym and had an uninspirating lift session and took bus home bc I couldn't bear the heat.

                                Nia maintenance cycle day 2
                                Deadlifts rdl
                                1x45x10, 1x95x8, 3x115x5, 1x95x8, 1x45x10
                                1x55x10, 3x85x5, 1x55x10
                                Glute kickback
                                1x30x10, 3x110x5
                                Shoulder press dumbells (seated)

                                back and core 28

                                271 dares, 216 w ec. 524 day streak