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    Recovery/Tendon stregnth day
    abs and core - done. Still cannot do v ups
    chest and arms - done
    dare - Overhead clenches, ec
    Iron bar
    Shoulder work

    261 dares, 208 w ec. 495 day streak


      Craving strength work but still have not sorted out commute and my apt was way to hot this morning

      Fremen to get it out of my backlog, but only lv1 bc my hair was being cute when I woke up and i didn't want to need a shower and wreck it >. <
      also dare (scapula shrugs) w ec
      I should get schedule for the next while today....

      So ya. I am still in retail but have moved to a bigger, busier store. Saks 5th Ave, the flagship location. Training on computers this week, on the floor next week. Still men's dept but they talk like they expect you to sell the whole store. Let's see how much they mean that when I end up up in shoes w some client's wife, or in some case in cosmetics looking for unscented sunscreen bc hey men have skin too....

      262 dares, 209 w ec. 496 day streak


        Congrats on the upward move!! (And be careful in cosmetics, those ladies are scary although...never mind, I’m sure you can take ‘em)


          Originally posted by 'rin View Post
          So ya. I am still in retail but have moved to a bigger, busier store. Saks 5th Ave, the flagship location.
          You'd better be making 5th Avenue money if you're working on 5th Avenue, that's all I'm going to say about that. Also, congratulations on the upgrade.


            Congratulations on your new job again!


              Congratulations on the job upgrade!


                Get some girl!



                  Originally posted by aveoturbo View Post
                  Get some girl!
                  Commas, man. They help get one's point across. Without them, statements like this are humorous. I was nice to Candace earlier, not feeling so nice now. *grin*


                    Originally posted by wjs View Post

                    Commas, man. They help get one's point across. Without them, statements like this are humorous. I was nice to Candace earlier, not feeling so nice now. *grin*
                    Implied sexual harrassment. Take it or leave it.




                        Thanks K e l l y wjs CODawn twinkletoes aveoturbo Encourager. So far, I like it. And my schedule for the next 3 weeks has zero close one might/open next morning shifts so, 10 points for new boss right off the bat. Off the weekend, starting on floor training on Monday.

                        My lifting was all screwed up this week, so I did a lot of everything today. Altho there was a clusterfuck of ppl all trying to get at the squat rack/barbells /sigh.

                        Not rly Nia Strength, holding pattern week
                        Back and Core day 1 - running this w a gaming buddy
                        Dare -lunges, w ec
                        Inverted rows
                        Incline bench
                        1x30x10, 3x40x8 (wanted to go up but ppl had the 45 and 50) 1×30×10
                        Seated Shoulder press dumbells
                        20s - 5, 3 15s 10, 8
                        Some yoga and wall sits while waiting for rack
                        Superset -
                        Squat and rDl
                        S1x45x10, D1x45x10. S1x95x10, D1x95x8. S2x135x8, D2x115x5. S1x95x10,D1x95x8. S1x45x10, D1x45x10
                        No rest, just swapping weight/moving bar bc ppl were being impatient (prior, some chick had tied it up for over an hr, the last 15 mins of which she was not even using it but had dumbells/bench/hung from it to do negatives (there are 6 other bars sweetheart wtf) and refused to fucking move, I think they were worried I'd do same).
                        Superset Incline Leg press+calf raise same weights/reps just to get more vollume for legs
                        1x90(+machine)x10, 3x8x180, 1x90x10
                        Dropsets pulldowns
                        Lol100x1, 85x8, 70x12, 55x15, 40x20, 25x50lolexcessive I am going to pay for that
                        Superset tricep hold/flex hang on dip/pullup station
                        Chest and back light
                        aannnddddd got out of gym bc I realized I was really just trying to obliterate myself for some reason.

                        Had an awesome burger/fries/shake at shake shack bc it is too fucking hot to turn things on in my kitchen today so that was lunch + dinner >.>

                        263 dares, 210 w ec. 497 day streak


                          Squatting on Friday makes sense if your a M-F lifter. Rest the biggest muscle groups over weekend.

                          But whatever, fudge em, if you get your turn at the squat rack take your time to do it right. No sense risking an injury due to fatigue induced poor form or some shit because you were hurrying for some other people. Seriously, don't rush a lift, especially the squat.

                          Just too much risk. I don't mean for it to sound condescending, certainly not how I want it to sound. You aren't at fault, just how this post reads. Not sure how to word it differently atm.


                            aveoturbo I get what you're saying. I actually went lighter on squats (135 vs 155) and did less reps on rdls (5 vs 8)... and only 2 sets at my "heavy" weight vs usual 3 (but that was mostly bc I realized how fatigued I was swapping the plates back and forth and not actually resting) bc I was worried that rushing/resting less on my normal weights/reps would be dangerous. As much as I maybe should of just taken my time and done everything..... my form would of been fucked up from being self consious from being watched anyway... at that point there was literally a line of guys not even pretending to do other shit while they waited (at least I got a damn yoga mat and ran through some easy poses nearby when I was camping it, LOL).

                            Looking at my schedule over the next few weeks I am going to end up w a few other fridays where I am trying to get at the rack..... I am just going to have to get up at 4am and get my tail there when they open so I don't get all annoyed w ppl.


                              My everything hurts, and I don't want to deal w ppl today, so I am not going to my class. Meh. Im going to be a cat today... I may spend a few moments inexplicably running around but mostly I will concern myself with napping, grooming, and eating >.>

                              Recovery day
                              Back and core 2
                              Iron Bar
                              Chest and back light
                              10 mins easy yoga

                              263 dares, 210 w ec. 498 day streak


                                Also, lay in the sunshine that shines through the window. Good time there.