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    Originally posted by 'rin View Post
    Took friend's kids to trampoline place..... zomg workout 2 of the day
    That is better than YouTube, that's for sure!


      Originally posted by HellYeah80 View Post

      That is better than YouTube, that's for sure!
      Seriously. I hate you tube. I will watch it for instructions on how to do a thing, maybe, sometimes.... I hate videos in general for information presentation. I would rather have a thing to read w MAYBE short vids/pics to illustrate as needed. I don't understand how kids just zone out to it


        Friend had to work this morning. Kids have school. I went to her gym near her job and will bike "home". Should get there abt when she does. 31 km sounds far, I will pretend it is just 10 miles. Eating a snack at Tim Hortons first tho so I do not just run out of steam along the way lol. Also bc I <3 Tim Hortons.

        Nia round 2 day 5
        1x45x10, 1x95x10, 3x135x10 (retreat bc trampolines yesterday and need to not die on bike), 1x95x10, 1x45x10
        Barbell row
        1x45x10, 3x65x8, 1x45x10
        Incline bench
        1x30x10, 3x40x8 (maybe try heavier/less here)
        Scapula pulls w elbow bend, high bar, wide grip
        Trx rows
        3x8 - fail last set last rep
        Chest and back - shoulder taps of doom
        Abs and core - 100s

        256 dares, 203 w ec. 487 day streak


          31 km isn't terrible, it's only about 18.5 miles.


            Recovery day
            arms and chest - 7,7,7,7,5
            abs and core - side bridges can diaf

            my everything hurts, lol. Esp my ass... I understand why cyclists buy special padded shorts now.

            256 dares, 203 w ec. 488 day streak


              Did you do 31k on a bike? That's crazy!

              Sounds like today will be a good day to sit on toilet. Toilets are only thing that don't hurt your bum after some bum on bike seat warfare.

              Pro tip: You can't have pain in the butt from a bike seat if you remove the bike seat.

              Probably don't want to follow that pro tip.


                I did.... 26ish km on bike, but maybe longer. I took some wrong turns/long cuts at the start. Thrn towards the end it started raining so I stayed in a gazebo 5km from friend's house and told her to get me otw home from work lol.

                first I was warring w seat bc friend is shorter then me. Then I fixed it ..but it didn't lock. That really hurt 500 yards later. THEN I really fixed it but ouch I understand padded bike shorts, now. At one point I contemplated locking bike to a tree and walking LOL.


                  Bike seats can be evil! When I lived in Grand Junction we were next to the Kokopelli trail so I took up cross country and a bit of downhill biking. And I ended up getting not only padded shorts but also a girl specific seat!


                    Yoga/recovery/sloth day
                    Chest and arms - taps can diaf
                    Abs and core - infinity circles
                    dare - squat hold punches , ec
                    Rest and Rec

                    Having a strange sore half sick feeling day, think it is just stress letdown and too much junk food rebound. Made some banana oat bread bc I had almost dead bananas, did not do much else useful today. Going to force lots of fluids in case.

                    Pic from trip in which I don't hate myself:
                    Click image for larger version

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                    257 dares, 204 w ec. 489 day streak


                      You are more buff than that chick in the hat. Just saying.


                        Lol thanks aveoturbo. I actually get self consious in pics w her bc she is just so that petite, small framed ideal that I feel like a frumpy amazon in comparison lol.

                        Nia Strength round 2 day 6
                        1x100x10, 3x155x10
                        Deadlifts rdl
                        1x45x10, 1x95x8, 3x115x5, 2x95x8, 1x45x10
                        Hip thrust
                        Trx rows
                        3x8 (fail on last rep last set)
                        1x90x10, 3x160x10
                        Seated Shoulder press dumbells 15s
                        10, 10, 8, 8
                        Glute kickback machine
                        Scapula pulls
                        Abs and core - pulse ups
                        Chest and arms - 7,7,5,5,5

                        My order was bizaro today bc gym was full. Also I have gone totally off the reservation really from Nias program somehow w all my extra shit. Added pulldowns to my rows/scap shrugs bc still avoiding assisted chin machine out of self preservation. Went lighter on rdls to get more reps in. My back is feeling more stable, Im happy. Need to work on setting up hip thrusts bc I like these more then kickback machine (altho that isolates glute better I think). Also, either I am sickish still or just freaked out (I know first day of new job is the 29th.... but not time/who to report to wtf) bc I felt spent earlier then usual in workout. Actually dropped self on floor after last rep/2nd set of trx rows >.>

                        257 dares, 204 w ec. 490 day streak


                          You probably have told it somewhere earlier but since I've only returned recently I'll ask it. What will your new job be?


                            Vliegendegieter I actually haven't told it yet, will when I start ^^


                              Strange workout day today and strange food day so far. (Not logging food this week to just stop stressing, will start fresh week 2 of new job.)

                              Walked 6-7 miles to gym my trainer moved to (was going to take bus. It was 3 busses.... w weekend schedule...fuck that). Did class. 10 mins of circuit which was mostly strength stuff, 10 mins abs, 20 mins squats and lunges that I picked up a 10kg sandbag for then was embarrassed to put down (over 100 squats), 5mins stretches. Got to push a sled...she promised to put real weight on it next time lol. Had fun, someone insisted to drive me home.

                              Prolly best bc it was super hot out. So far today my food has been:
                              -banana protein bread I made other day, cherries, chorizo, ice coffee
                              -ice coffee w flavor, banana
                              -more ice coffee, small chocolate chip cookie, electrolyte tablet chewed on like a Flintstone vitamin
                              -MORE iced coffee, another banana

                              I have also had over 2l of water and am still thirsty. So I am taking an epsom salt bath bc Im assuming the fact I twice decided coffee shop bananas were worth 1$ means I need electrolytes. My life goals for the rest of the day include cooking/consuming an actual meal (yesterdays dinner was ice before was a bag of broccoli tots) and hanging on couch w cats. Maybe I will do challanges, maybe I will double up tomorrow.

                              257 dares, 204 w ec. 491 day streak


                                You're not the only thirsty person here today. It won't surprise if my water count would be reaching nearly 3l.