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    Me 3


      Some proper walking, including an 18k step day.

      Some shit where I wanted to remove my ovaries with a spoon bc they decided to attack me for some reason. Idk, making them carry and file eggs I never wanted maybe.

      A ton of stress bc of red tape. And bad technology. And just wtfness of trying to get sorted in time for start of year and start of my classes etc.

      But also. Titans. I was crying, and Renaissance art is not my thing. Just. Wow. At my fave gallery anyway, so double wow.

      And I made fkn awesome lentil goulash today.

      So I can have something nutrious to eat when I'm not stress eating ice cream, at least.

      Current Streak 431


        Wow, you can buy Univer products over there?


          Mianevem not easily, they need to be ordered from a few specialty retailers. I would never have known to look for it if a German friend had not brought me some when visiting. Now tho? Pantry. Staple. Zomg.

          New Thread because my old goals need to be put aside for awhile and they're annoying me sitting there.


            Originally posted by 'rin View Post
            Lots of hauling things and sassing hagglers.