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      I use sertraline and it's been a great help. The changes you've been through in the last year are amazing, keep doing a great job


        Thank you, everyone, seriously. I'd tag you all but tagging on mobile has gotten weird. Esp thanks Louve rose for glasses analogy. I AM nearsighted. I COULD get by w out my glasses but, why would I? That's a good way to think abt it.

        Played an awesome game of labyrinth this morning w Twitchy and Rainbow Dragon, plus my brother joined us so that was nice. Then walked 4 miles to meet gym friends bc we had to move spaces bc idk why.. was nice,tho, and I did an actual workout lol.

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          Should a diabetic feel guilty for using insuline ? Should I feel guilty for using an anticoagulant and some more drugs for my heart ? I get where you get that feeling from, got it too for taking antidepressants (when I needed them), solet me reiterate, using medications when you need them (and your reaction under that treattment shows it is the case) is 100% normal. Hugs.


            PetiteSheWolf I wouldn't for physical things... I realize this is silly of me.

            Examining things further, I think I've digested some of the legal attitude towards adhd. Here, at least, ADHD on its own is not legally considered a learning disability. If a child is diagnosed with ADHD, but can still do regular school work to within 1-2 standard deviations from grade average, they are not legally entitled to an IEP (individualized learning plan) or any extra support. MAYBE if they are towards the bottom of the "acceptable" range and their parents push for it they can get a few lesser accommodations (minor stuff like a study carrol around desk for tests to limit distractions) under a medical accommodation (504). It doesn't matter to our education system that with some support this child would be ABOVE grade level. If they can struggle w themselves successfully enough to be at grade level they are ignored.

            And that was me. I was/am that kid. B average made up of As and Ds, the Ds as often due to lost/undone homework due to sheer disorganization as to anything else. Looking at my transcripts I found a history class where I had a 66 in the class (class notes were not up to her standards + missing assignments) and a fucking 99 on the final exam. This wasn't an isolated incident in elementary/highschool. Hell, there were 2 undergrad classes I had As in all semester then failed bc I was totally unorganized about final projects. (After the 2nd was when I decided to take RX the 1st time, for final year in undergrad.)

            That societal norm is why I feel conflicted about this RX. But I'm going to take it anyway. Bc while I understand why we made that decision in our educational system (money is not unlimited, and we need everyone to be able to read more than we need the next great American novelist)...I don't like it. It doesn't actually serve our students well. Also, I want to see what I'm actually capable of when not spending half my energy just trying to stay out of my own fucking way. This time, I'm not going to wait until I fuck up.

            Today I did this kettlebell flow x3 w 25lb bell. I really like her stuff. I wish she had a low tier patreon for "I'm broke and don't want extra stuff but I appreciate your instagram and want to buy you a coffee a month at least" >.>

            Study day otherwise, after an early game of carcassonne w sleep_twitch and Rainbow Dragon. (And my brother!!!)

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              I had similar issues. I was very disorganized. I was (still am) a procrastinator and easily distracted. My standardized tests were above grade level but my grades did not reflect that, frustrating the hell out of my mom.


                I teach/support children with AD(H)D and additional needs (social/emotional/parental/traumatized). One of the hardest parts is to convince the parents, what their kids need. For sure, they do not want to medicate their kids (what is completely understandable), but that only works if they and the system puts in the extra work... sth. most parents, teachers and school systems can't do in the way they should, what is the sad part, for sure.
                But as a teacher I also see how a well dosed medication can be so helpful for these children: Not because they are sedated, but because they are able to use their brain function as others are able to do, they gain self esteem, they aren't outsiders anymore, they can learn how learning/life works. But it has to be done under a good medical supervision and with the goal to always use the least amout they and their environment can handle.

                In an ideal world there would be better solutions, but our society is far away from being inclusive and we simpy do not offer kids enough different ways of learning. Inclusive does not mean to build one school for everyone, it means to offer every child the possibility to learn in its own way and speed... and therefore it needs a lot of different systems... just my point of view.

                Btw: grades are useless as individual feedback or cognitive measurement... but that's a different topic...


                  Originally posted by Louve rose View Post
                  'rin , if you were nearsighted, would you feel guilty about using glasses? Concerta is like brain's glasses.
                  I LOVE that

                  Hugs to you Rin! If it helps you then why should you have to fight so hard? No shame in needing a little assistance. If it wasnt helping that would be different.

                  Btw: grades are useless as individual feedback or cognitive measurement... but that's a different topic...
                  - totally agree


                    I walked monday, and played w kettlebell today, and am feeling better about things. I am surviving adversity here, at least. I am now at the point where I am frustrated with the fact that so many of my co-fellows seem to be so much worse prepared than I am and already have jobs for September. Grml.

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                      This week was up and down and sideways. I had a far less than steller 1st observation but at least it's only diagnostic. 3/4ths of the problem is my planning and bc of the strange nature of my current assignment...I am getting curriculum far later than I ought to. Idk how to fix this, but I need to figure out soon. I have an interview tomorrow at 8am that I had to make a 7th grade English lesson on citations for, then I get to run and teach an 11th grade math lesson on why you should care abt probability that I made this for.

                      I walked or played w kettlebells every day.

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                        Best wishes and strenght to you! Also good job on staying active!


                          Stupid late to give any useful advice, but given how much I have heard people trying to use probabilities and statistics but doing so poorly at best and completely wrong at worst, knowing the basics of how probability works would help any number of people understand that being vaccinated is ridiculously better than not. As I overheard a former co-worker say*: The chance of getting COVID is 5%. The vaccine is 95% effective. Why should I get vaccinated when it doesn't change the chances of becoming sick?

                          *This is a paraphrased quote, because it's been long enough that I don't remember exactly how he said it. However, this is exactly the intent behind what he said.


                            wjs I totally agree...



                              Keeping moving.
                              My probability lesson was not super rigorous, aparently. Idk how I could have made it moreso in 45 mins, that wasn't enough time to get unmotivated summer school kids to write their own probability story. My coach let me know she was giving me a pass on it bc of subject matter... and then I got assigned the intro lesson for a geometry unit for tomorrow. Basically vocabulary. How the hell do you make learning vocabulary rigorous? I'm going to make the kids look it up themselves and see if that goes over better >.> I know they know how to use the internet, since I can barely keep them off their phones >.>

                              Also. Had an interview that totally left me annoyed. Told me to plan a 45 min demo lesson on citation and give me no access to your tech so I basically print a whole fucking tree then when I get there tell me it's a 10 min demo and ask me why I didn't use the smart board. Did the principal and hiring person not communicate? I hope they didn't like me.

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                                Ugh! Annoying is one word for what that is.
                                I feel your pain.