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      Healing thoughts and prayers for Shadow and hugs for you!


        for you and Shadow.


          Mademoiselle Luna sends purrs to Shadow, and I send you hugs.


            Congrats on earning your year badge once again!

            Best wishes for little Shadow.


              Again w pre class walk.

              Shadow has mild ibs or cancer. We are not doing a biopsy bc I don't do anesthesia for cats after they're spayed/neutered if at all avoidable. Steroids for everyone! /sigh

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                That's sad news regarding Shadow, I hope he reacts to steroids. Hugs, and purrs from mademoiselle Luna.



                    She already has post litterbox zoomies again after 2 days of steroids (instead of just sedatedly walking to her scratch post) so, I am hopeful. If nothing else it has her feeling better.


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                      for Shadow and you.


                        Yesterday I too my 1st exam, and walked. (Feel pretty confident abt exam, get score in a few weeks.)

                        Today I will do yoga later.

                        Did mealprep for the week.
                        This week's meal prep, courtesy of "I want chicken and olive empanadas but I can't find my recipe nor am I folding those things". Under 2 hrs start to finish, including abt 45 mins active time in kitchen.

                        Step 1, check fridge. Everything was a go last week except the pasta salad didn't get finished and aparently you don't want rice. Decide lunches are sammiches this week and buy lunch meat.

                        Put a big pot of water on stove, comfort food craving/don't seem to want rice so... mashed potatoes, go.

                        Fruit sauce for yogurt was a win, but there was no cheap berries this week.... Frozen! Toss frozen strawberries and whatever else (I picked mangos) in a pot over low/mid heat w some sweetner (I used maple syryp).

                        Cut up 4-5 onions and toss in instapot on saute low w just some salt/pepper, these will be split 2 ways.

                        Now, wash, and peel if you are pickier than I am and don't want the potato peel vitamins, a bunch of potatoes. I used a 5lb bag. Water should be starting to boil, toss em in. If you like garlic, just peel several cloves and toss em in to boil also.

                        Fruit looks cooked, take that off to cool and slap a large sautee pan down. We can't eat chicken and olives all week so there will also be Shepherds-ish pie. Put in ground meat of your choice and season (I used beef w bbq rub, garlic, pepper). Brown that.

                        While meat is browning, think abt veg. Canned/frozen corn and peas are nice and those baby carrots in your fridge? Chop those up and sit them to steep in a dish w boiling water you stole from potatoes. Just to soften them up a bit.

                        Cut up 2 bell peppers.

                        When meat is browned, transfer to fridge to oven dish of some sort. Layer veggies on top. Take roughly half the onions from the instapot and put into meat pan.

                        Add the bell peppers to instapot, along w a lot of cumin, garlic, and a little paprika, turn up to "normal".

                        Make gravy in meat pan w onions. I cheated and used Mccormick. Don't judge me. Pour that over your meat/veg.

                        Drain your potatoes before they get soggy omg! Toss some butter in pot w them and deal w chicken.

                        Butcher some chicken thighs (4-6) bc you thought they were boneless. (You have kitchen scissors, right? That came w your knife set? Use them, so fast.)

                        Toss thighs into instapot, add a can of diced tomatoes, a big handful of green olives w pimentos, a little water (or wine if you have a bottle of something dry open) and a few bay leaves. Set for normal/low pressure for 45 mins.

                        Now mash your potatoes, I'm not going to get into milk vs cream vs stock as liquid. You know how you like your potatoes. Put some on top of shepherd's pie and the rest in a seperate container. You have enough for w the chicken + leftovers to eat with poached eggs on top (just trust me on this one) or make croquettes etc.

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                          Congrats on your 1 year streak! ​​​​​​
                          ​​​​​​I hope shadow will feel better soon


                            for shadow
                            for you


                              Love your cooking process!


                                A walk before class, that I rewarded myself with coffee for.

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