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    Walked to do groceries today. Got myself set up for easy food next week bc it's gonna be a long one. I'll prep/cook Sunday.

    Did a zoom networking thing last night that was basically like speed dating w potential employers, LOL.

    I am going to be a very busy bee.

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      Had a really good time playing wingspan this morning w sleep_twitch and Rainbow Dragon. I am sort of loving the irony in the fact that I found this forum because a gaming buddy (from Germany, actually, to add another layer of irony) threw me at it when I was starting to get into fitness... and that now I've got gaming buddies that I met here LOL. It's a delightfully small world.

      Went to my class outdoors, and it was HOT. Then went to botanical garden and walked around more in the heat. Have I mentioned it was hot out? I hate summer. I am not hiding in my air conditioned cave trying to get my reading done.

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        Originally posted by 'rin View Post
        I know what I did. I know HOW I did it. I didn't stop. It was soreish for days and I kept walking not just the amnt necessary for errands, but walking to meet friends, hiking over bridge... fuck my stubbornness.
        I have so been there. I think many of us have. The good news is you can still walk (okay--bad pun there) yourself back from this. Achilles tendons heal.

        Originally posted by 'rin View Post
        I'm having trouble getting back to real exercise, in general, bc it's hard not to just be upset I can't do what I actually want to do.
        Yup. I don't know if this is helpful at all--especially with the pandemic limiting one's options--but when my back was messed up, and every time I tried to return to running I either re-injured my back, or injured something new, what finally got me past the problems was trying something totally new. (In my case, joining a roller derby league when I was 41 years old and had never played a full contact sport before in my life and am not generally a physically aggressive person--and yes, roller derby usually messes up people's bodies, but it fixed mine!) New activity = no pressure from comparing oneself to one's former pre-(stupidly made worse through stubbornness)-injury self. Plus new = interesting, hopefully fun, hopefully requiring less will power to get up off couch and actually do than same-ol' same-ol' that's just not the same anymore due to the injury.


          Originally posted by 'rin View Post
          Had a really good time playing wingspan this morning w sleep_twitch and Rainbow Dragon.


            That really is a good suggestion Rainbow Dragon ... I will try to implement it once my life re-regularizes a bit.

            Today was "get your shit together Sunday" for me. Went for a short walk, tidied, and did MEGA meal prep. Now I'm sitting down to study.

            "Recipes", rationales, etc below.

            "Fajita-ish" shredded chicken thighs:
            Some butter, an onion (small dice), 2 bell peppers (strips), much cumin, salt/pepper. Instapot sautee low 30 mins and go drink your coffee, it won't burn them on low. Turn up heat, add Mexican oregano, garlic/powder, ancho chili powder, corriander seeds, some lemon zest. Toss in chicken thighs, bit of water, swish around to mix and lid up. High pressure, 15 min or so (more if a lot of chicken). ("Work" on greek pasta salad now.) Remove chicken, put pot back on sautee high to reduce sauce a bit. Debone/skin and shred chicken, mix back in sauce. This can be served over rice, in totrillas, or over salad.

            Greek pasta salad:
            See greek olive/marinated feta at store w nice peppers in it and get an idea. Cook some protein pasta (I like the lentil stuff) and toss w the drained olives, juice of half a lemon, oregano, and red pepper flakes. Add cherry tomatoes from back of fridge that you really need to eat up. This is a few easy lunches or a side dish.

            Meat sauce:
            Clean instapot. Again w the sautee low w butter and 2 onions, bit of salt/pepper, and those baby carrots that are starting to try to get slimy (rinced and chopped). (Deal w yogurt topping and Sonoma-ish chicken salad while this sautees.) Add chopped meat of choice, some tomato paste, garlic/powder, red pepper flakes and sautee high to brown meat. Then add canned tomatoes (diced or squish whole w your hands as you put in pot) + their liquid, oregano, basil. Lid up, low pressure, 1.5 hrs. Warm it up mid week and make pasta, then mix the leftovers w leftovers rice from chicken fajita stuff + a can of beans to change it up if desired.

            Yogurt Topping:
            Look at berries you bought to eat on yogurt w granola for breakfasts all week. Realize they were 2 for 1 bc they are near end of lifespan and will NOT last all week. Also find a peach you really need to eat today but aren't in mood for. Chop all fruit up, toss in a pot w juice/zest from remaining half lemon, splash of water and something sweet (I used maple syryp). Bring to a boil carefully and simmer a few mins, you are not making jam but you do need to cook this enough to preserve it. Serve over plain greek yogurt w granola for breakfast, or on a waffle...or on a waffle w ice cream while studying at 2am.

            Sonoma-ish chicken salad:
            Bc rotisserie chickens were 2/10$ the other day so I ate 1 for dinner and threw one in fridge... Mix greek yogurt w apple cider vinegar + honey or maple syrup. Season w poppy seeds and salt/pepper. Pull apart chicken and toss in w a few handfuls of grapes bc those were 0.88$ a lb and you bought too many. Add pecans or walnuts if you happen to have in cupboard but don't buy them just for this it's fine w out. (Also if you have apples or celery lying around they'd be nice in this.) This can go on the tortillas you bought for chicken or crackers or greens for lunches.

            So. 2.5 hrs of cooking time but really 45 mins of time spent actually in the kitchen nets you food for the whole week w some very minimal weeknight work making rice or pasta etc. You're welcome.

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              Walked to get coffee this morning, class soon!!!!!!!

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                Builder, 8lbs, got my badge back.
                My brain is melting send help.
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                    Congrats on getting your 1 YEAR BADGE back again! You are a rock star!


                      Happy Badge Back Day!


                        Yay for the badge back!


                          Congrats on 1 FULL YEAR


                            Congrats on 1 year


                              Walked this morning before class.

                              Shadow is ill. Class is hard. I'm on a rail, tho. I'll soldier through.

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                                Hang in there rin.