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    Yesterday I walked around Brooklyn and hung out w an artist friend. She needs to sell like 50 paintings before she can go back to Ecuador. (Like, 1/3 of the proceeds will go to shipping some of her core work she isn't selling (unless ppl want to pay a higher "I'd rather put this in a gallery" price for those). One of these, which I love bc of the backdrop, was a commissioned portrait from pre pandemic that the "gentleman" then decided he didn't feel like buying. Hopefully someone will (for below comission price) to save it being painted over.

    Today I met gym friends but wilted in heat basically.

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      Today's workout was just some stretching/yoga. My calves/heels hurt, idk why. But I do know I ought to be nice to them bc I can't afford to lame myself right before training. Limited my walking today, concentrating on fluids, electrolytes and protein. I feel like I ought to wear compression socks but it's too fucking hot.

      Today was study day, ADD style, after some gaming with sleep_twitch and Rainbow Dragon this morning. I totally lost at scythe but it was fun.

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        Wow! You got a lot going on there! Best of luck to you, i would not be able to focus either


          Actually, Trbrat75 that is the only way I can "focus". As in, I cannot focus for more than 10 mins on something unless I am SUPER interested/emotionally invested in it. My attention will always drift no matter what. So, if I need to study 3 subjects + edit my novella it's pointless to say "I'll study thing 1 for an hr then..." I'll end up frustrated to the point of tears pretty quickly, and nothing will get done. But, if I set myself up w several things to do, when I catch myself drifting I can just do one of the other things for a bit. Then when I drift from that, I can go back to the original thing.

          Idk if this is a "sanctioned" educational trick bc my ADD never interfered w my education enough to warrant intervention beyond a bit of leeway on assignment due dates in college. But I've talked to other adults w mild to moderate ADD and it's familiar to them.

          Today, I walked. It's too fucking hot.

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            That makes sense, maybe I should try that. But, knowing me, with my mindset that would probably stress me out more...idk.


              Walking to meey gym ppl to find out it was cancled, hauling 7 bags of clothes to donation bin (grocery bags, not garbage bags, but still), and today haulimg very uncooperative cat (ie Shadow) to vet for bloodwork. (She is fine, I'll find out if her thyroid is still fine.)

              My Achilles tendon is fucking angry, still. Glad my 1st 2 weeks of training are virtual. Bc fuck.

              Applied to openings at like, the entirety of Bronx district 10 today.

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                Hoping blood analysis for "le shadow" are reassuring, Mademoiselle Luna sends purrs.


                  Thanks PetiteSheWolf ... NOW I'm hoping her bloods show she needs more thyroid meds, bc she is skinny AGAIN. (7.2 lb last Nov, 5.7 now.) That was the case last time she got thin. I hope it is again.

                  Today I'm walking, but carefully. Fkn calf/Achilles.

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                    Don’t forget to stretch after walking! It’ll help with the Achilles/calf


                      I'm sorry about your calf/achilles, I hope it'll heal up soon.. And hopefully you'll find out why your Shadow is getting so thin (and that it will be easy to fix).


                        Just. Fuck.

                        I know what I did. I know HOW I did it. I didn't stop. It was soreish for days and I kept walking not just the amnt necessary for errands, but walking to meet friends, hiking over bridge... fuck my stubbornness.

                        Now I get to be actually still and rest it bc I'm an asshole. Great job, Rin.

                        I'm having trouble getting back to real exercise, in general, bc it's hard not to just be upset I can't do what I actually want to do. I don't want to fucking hurt myself more, though.

                        So, as ashamed as I am to even write it as a workout bc it used to be my warmup I did Builder, w 8lbs. And 2 sets of some easy abs - 10 100s, 20 twist to touch heels, 10 reverse crunches.

                        Int gets SO mad when I spoon feed Shadow, omg.

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                            Ugh. I hope you feel better soon.


                              Hope you feel better soon!


                                sending hugs, and mademoiselle Luna is sending purrs.