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    Thank you Trbrat75 CODawn PetiteSheWolf
    I got reminded, by an instagram post abt doms, of all things, that my lowest adult weight was not actually sustainable for me. Was I technically at a healthy weight for my height/frame? Yes. Was I starving myself? No. But. I was sore. Every. Single. Goddamn. Motherfucking. Day. Every day. For 2+ years, EVERY DAY I had at least one muscle-group at a 3-5 on the pain scale. I ended up with a real injury bc I was so self conditioned to push through pain that I damaged myself. Is some doms to be expected and worked through? Yes. But that was fucking absurd. As I get back to more active I am really trying to remember keep several days a week at "just a decent walk" or some RESTORATIVE yoga as my activity, bc what the fuck. I kept wondering when I'd be fit enough to stop being so sore, when I was actually pretty darn fit. The better question would have been "when will I be smart enough to listen to my body".

    So, 'rin trys to get fit again, round idk what, needs to include "work smarter".


    Today I did peach, adding 2 sets of 10 frog pumps bc my rom on glue flex was teensy, and went for a nice walk.

    Also, if you like coop games omg check out "it takes 2".

    Out of bed before 7 2/3
    60 mins active time 3/3
    Leave fucking house 3/3
    French lesson 3/3
    Write/Job Hunt 3/3

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      This looks like a major accomplishment of a day! Good for you!


        Thanks DorothyMH

        Today was cleaning (well, I put Murphys oil soap on wood floor and cleaned bathroom), 2 easy workouts (time of my life, and glow), a trip to grocery store (bc I mistakenly thought I'd get there ahead of holiday weekend rush, grml), and SPA DAY. Soaked in Epson salt w clay on my face and did a chemical foot peel (if I am apocalyptic abt my feet in abt 10 days pls feel free to laugh, did babyfoot thing).

        Out of bed before 7 2/4
        60 mins active time 3/4
        Leave fucking house 4/4
        French lesson 4/4
        Write/Job Hunt 3/4

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          Gaming day! Got up early to play factorio. Gym group cancled bc cold so may have played 6 hrs of that... dragged self outside (after a sammich, was hangry) for an hr walk and was rewarded w a woodpecker sighting! HUGE redheaded one. Going to play some It Takes 2 w step bro, and then ffxiv w friends >.>

          Out of bed before 7 3/5
          60 mins active time 4/5
          Leave fucking house 5/5
          French lesson 5/5
          Write/Job Hunt 4/5

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            Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

            I had a cadbury egg (very important) and went for a mid sized walk.

            Out of bed before 7 3/6
            60 mins active time 5/6
            Leave fucking house 6/6
            French lesson 6/6
            Write/Job Hunt 4/6

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              I got up late today, but instead of stagnating w my coffee I went for a walk to get coffee (and a donut, let's be honest here). I walked for 45 mins and did a 15 min kettlebell workout w 25lb bell. 3 sets each: 8 1 legged deads, 8 curtsey lunges, 8 1 handed swings, 8 side bend+leg raise, 8 chest press from bridge.

              I need to get back to writing, going to separate that from job hunting in habits.
              I just need to set my alarm and fucking get up in the morning. I always have a better day when I do. Idk why I am being resistant to this.
              But extra activity has stuck, at least.

              Out of bed before 7 3/7
              60 mins active time 6/7
              Leave fucking house 7/7
              French lesson 7/7
              Write/Job Hunt 5/7

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                This week, to habits I am adding "tidy something", and I'm sort of splitting job hunt/write... and adding "work on learning something in addition to French". I need to do 2 out of 3 a day.
                Meeting some gym friends this evening, but I also went walking this morning. Got groceries so I'll stop spending on takeout etc.
                I applied for a part time customer support role today... at least through September I could draw partial unemployment while working, so I need to not rule out part time work. This is so demoralizing.

                Out of bed before 7 1/1
                60 mins active time 1/1
                Leave fucking house 1/1
                Tidy Something 1/1
                French lesson 1/1
                Write/Job Hunt 1/1
                Write/Non-French learning 1/1

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                    Hang in there!


                      additional hugs, and purrs from Luna.



                          Thanks CODawn TheLibrarian PetiteSheWolf Anek
                          I am indeed hanging in there. I applied for 2 things today - 1 of which I'm fairly certain I applied for and didn't get months ago, so either they are expanding rapidly or 1st hire failed. Neither is exciting but, I need a job. Something is fucked up w UI and I can't get through on phone, horay for savings acct until I get them sorted wtf.

                          Also got some writing done, w a fun plot twist.

                          Walked 60 mins today.

                          In non fitness fun news, foot peel is maybe starting to work. The bottoms of my feet have that "not quite blistered" feeling that usually accompanies a 15+ mile walk, and there is some peeling starting (but not on my fucking callouses... watch me get baby soft arches and keep my hooves LOL).

                          Out of bed before 7 1/2
                          60 mins active time 2/2
                          Leave fucking house 2/2
                          Tidy Something 2/2
                          French lesson 2/2
                          Write/Job Hunt 2/2
                          Write/Non-French learning 2/2

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                            Look at all your 2 for 2’s!!!
                            Foot peel notes crack me up laughing!!


                              When I was trying to get out of my job years ago, I applied for this one job (Internally) multiple times because their hires kept not working out...if they would've just given me a shot.


                                CODawn HR depts are really not all that bright, sometimes.
                                DorothyMH the foot peel drama continues, the rest of my feet looks like I have a peeling sunburn but my callous is not really budging except a tiny bit around the edges. I probably should have left it on double time, I may have to do another treatment, or just buy a pumice stone (again) and have attempting to scrape them off in the bath be my workout one day >.>

                                I'm doing something I'm conflicted about. Morally, I have an issue w the gig economy. ESPECIALLY since our country has no national insurance, and only a tenuous national pension program... more and more people working as contractors without benefits just seems like a great way to let the working class end up in a worse situation. But, trying to pivot industries, it's starting to look like the only way to do it is to accept being an independent contractor for a year or so to get relevant things onto my resume. Since I've been enjoying writing (and like to think I don't suck at it), and there seem to be actual legit agencies to work for at 5-10 cents a word... Fuck it. I applied to a nice looking agency today, and am researching a few others. Maybe I'll be a freelance copywriter/content writer while I look for something else. As long as I stick to an agency that doesn't drop you if you go under "quota" I can keep doing it on the side once I find an actual job (which will give me flexibility to look at things that pay a little less, if need be).

                                Fuck tho. The only thing I hate more than the gig economy is the proliferation of fucking mlms. If you ever see me saying I think THAT shit is a good idea, somebody take a road trip to knock some sense into me please. Gig economy puts the company hiring into a mercenary position relative to their "employees", more so than traditional jobs do. Getting paid to make money for mercs like that is already a moral dark grey area to me. Mlms make the "contractor" behave in a mercenary fashion towards their downline as well as their fiends/clients if they are ever going to make real money. Fuck that noise, for me that's black as night.

                                ANYWAY. Today I met my gym friends at 6pm, but was a potato until then... made myself take trash out omw so I tidied right? Right. I woke up in the night last night and instead of going back to sleep I read nonsense on reddit for 2 hrs. (I see you AITA, and you are almost all TA.) So my 7am wakeup was right out the window, again.

                                Out of bed before 7 1/3
                                60 mins active time 3/3
                                Leave fucking house 3/3
                                Tidy Something 3/3
                                French lesson 3/3
                                Write/Job Hunt 3/3
                                Write/Non-French learning 3/3

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