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    Went for a walk. Not having a great week. Meh.

    Out of bed before 7 2/2
    French Lesson 2/2
    Write/Job hunt 2/2

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            Maybe it doesn’t seem good right now. The next minute from now may be better. May be not. But the minute after that could be okay. You’ve made 2 days of two, on the up side


              Hope your week gets better


                Hugs , this too shall pass.

                And for feminine issues (warning, TMI!)

                I am also a very heavy bleeder. Already was, and with the anticoagulant treatment I have to take (for life), it is taking crazy proportions. 5 days of at least 5 super absorbant tampons/day, about 5 more where two or three are "enough", and 10 more with various degrees of spotting/ bleeding. Yeah, naerly never without a protection. I am truly fed up. we tried increasing strength and length of Chlormadinone (luteran) , but it does not help at all.
                I used the cup a while, but same issues with having spills at the worst moments , and it got less comfortable with time also, so that's not an option.
                In a bit more than a month I see an ob-gy who works with my endocrinologist + the cardio team, so if someone may help, I hope she will...

                OK, now off with the whine, on with the cheese!



                  I have endometriosis. I always say that you should test for endometriosis when, as a teenager, someone shows you the common menstruation products, and you cry hysterically because there's no way these things can help you in any way with how much you're bleeding. Tampons are bad when you already have terrible cramps, and pads for extra heavy bleeding produced in the year 2000 felt like diapers. My solution, when I was younger, was to stay at home for a few days each month. Then cups became popular, and they're better than tampons, but changing them in a public bathroom is a goddamn nightmare (I've experienced all the awful, embarrassing, gross things related to cups over the years). Now that period underwear is around, I'd love to test that (I suspect it's not compatible with my periods). I'm on hormones though, so no more fucking periods. The day that some product development genius comes out with a real soulion for heavy periods, I might consider going off hormones just to celebrate this epic achievement.


                    Thank you TheLibrarian

                    Today was a better slightly day altho I did not get out of bed until shark-cat had given up trying to wake me up and moved on to biting my husband's nose. Yesterday I played w kettlebells for 15 mins - started w flow w light one again but realized I was being sloppy and banging my wrists/forearms up w the bell so swapped to heavy one and did groups of 10 swings. Today I went for a walk. I've actually gotten some emails for some possible job interviews, and gotten self unstuck w my writing. I'm just feeling very bleh. Going to get some quality gaming in w friends this weekend (factorio and then some stuff I've been putting off in xiv w friends over discord) to try to get my head on straight. Also some ppl from my gym are making plans outdoors next wednesday so this might help.....

                    NY considers fat/o word to be a comorbidity AND my zip code is an extra special hot spot (makes sense, we have lots of service industry types here so lots of exposure to public) so I was able to get a vaccine appt. I was not going to use this to "jump the line" but, we are planning to do a memorial for my father on May 8th. It will be outdoors to be safer but, there will be traveling involved to get there and I don't trust myself to say I won't possibly hug anyone in this circumstance so... I waited a few weeks so that people with more actually comorbid comorbidities (bc other then the weight itself I do not have any of the complications from said weight that actually make it more dangerous - I am active and my cholesterol/blood pressure/etc are all fine) could get appointments and then made my apt. It is fucking with my head to admit that I have gotten this heavy but whatever, this is more important than my body image right now.

                    Final review of Period Underwear - for heavy flow it is not a good primary protection but it is fucking awesome as a 2ndary/backup thing. I wanted to give them a test of "what will happen if they get overfull" and sat on couch on a towel in them until well past filled up - they stay dry feeling until they are super full, and overall feel dryer than pads even when left on too long - and got not a drop on the towel. They were clearly not 'working' anymore but all of the leakage was against my skin, not making a mess on things. I am still not sure I could wear them out of the house for a full day on their own bc changing underwear in a rest room seems as bad as fucking w a cup was but they are def going to be a thing as backup, and on their own for nightime, the few days where I'm thinking "gee my period is about due" and the few days after when I have random spotting.

                    Out of bed before 7 3/4
                    French Lesson 4/4
                    Write/Job hunt 4/4

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                      I'm glad you were able to get vaccinated! It won't just keep you safe--it'll help protect the people around you. I just got my first dose today, too. I'm teaching in-person in higher ed, so I'm eligible in my state.


                        JBB yeah, just got appt, it's in 2 weeks. I feel some relief already.

                        Went for a walk today, and played 7 hours of factorio.

                        Out of bed before 7 4/5
                        French Lesson 5/5
                        Write/Job hunt 4/5

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                          I feel like I have kind of hit a wall.

                          But hey. Now I know the wall is there and I can figure out how the hell to deal with it. Over, under, around, and through, right? Right. (And if anyone else knows where I got that from you are probably almost exactly my age.)

                          Made myself do Builder today bc fuck it, I'm not dropping a streak to ennui. Tomorrow I need to leave the apartment, at least to take out the rubbish if I can't get myself to actually go outdoors.

                          I got my transcript so that I can apply to NYC teaching fellowship. (You work on your masters while you teach on a provisional license after an 8 week training, cost of masters is covered, you need to teach in low income schools during the program and I'm assuming some time after.) Spoke to my mother, who was a career teacher, about it and she doesn't think it's a crazy idea. (Altho she asked if they give you lesson plans to use the fist year while you are working on your masters as you teach... that is a good question Mom, since they put you in classes designed for people in this program they will probably teach you how to do that in a hurry if they don't LOL.) So ya, let's see if they like me. I think my customer service skill of staying calm with unpleasant customers will actually be applicable.

                          Out of bed before 7 4/6
                          French Lesson 6/6
                          Write/Job hunt 5/6

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                            Sounds like a great opportunity!


                              Fingers crossed!


                                Out of bed before 7 4/7
                                French Lesson 7/7
                                Write/Job hunt 5/7

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