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    cat equivalent of Crone's disease.
    Is that a thing?
    Anyway, I think you might need a specialist. This doesn't sound cat like at all.


      Good luck!


        Gandhalfit the original diagnosis based on ultrasound was either slow moving cancer of the intestines, or aggressive inflammation of same ... I did not feel like paying 1.2k for a biopsy bc both of those have similar treatment protocols to a point (and that point was about as aggressively as I would be willing to treat cat cancer, so why waste $ and put her under anesthesia which is always a risk) ... but assumed it was cancer bc she was mostly just treading water with said treatment. Now that different food is basically magic (this is gross but - when in shitty kitty mode her shit was basically liquid, and she would often growl while going so you know it was not comfortable for her... with this food it is somewhat smushier that it should be but is actually recognizably shit shaped and she is no longer growling/doesn't look like she is straining when going). I am calling it "cat crone's" bc it has to be REALLY bad inflammation to basically not respond to the steroids and other drugs and have a huge improvement w right diet. But if she continues to improve/puts some weight back I will not go back to vet except a checkup in a few months to discuss lowering/tapering off steroids.


          To help her potty-train again, maybe you can put a few more litter boxes (maybe one will be enough) , so those do not get associated with the previous pain, and then taper down once she is back to being clean? Just an idea like that. Ah, shark kitty now be a good kitty!


            Congratulations on your short story & novella!!

            I'm glad Shark cat is improving on the new food!


              on your book and novella!!
              for healthy habits!!


                PetiteSheWolf that is a really good idea, actually. Will try it.

                Step 1, tho, is to retrain husband. He fed her Shadow's wet food yesterday bc pest, and it shows today >.< poor shark, doesn't understand that the food she likes doesn't like her.

                Habits this week:
                LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 4/7
                Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 7/7
                Some useful task before 10am 7/7
                Learning 6/7
                Writing 6/7
                (Yesterday) Fluids 6/7
                (")2 Composed, Homemade Meals 6/7

                W 4 "real" workouts. Going to add 10 mins of yoga when I wake up.

                Today's workout was hauling groceries but, so proud- I made a list and checked my coupon apps and what was in fridge and hubby's schedule etc. And then I actually FOLLOWED the list >.> I may be ill.

                Current streak 232


                  I taught Pico to not eat my food/not be on the table during dinner, by pushing her back on her nose while saying 'no'. It's not hurtful but annoying enough for her.


                    Adding litterboxes is a good idea if you have the room. It might help and is a cheap thing to try. Also, look into Zylkene and Composure. They are supplements for cats that can help with any anxiety or stress. While nothing may have seem to be causing stress, we've seen dozens upon dozens of animals in the last year that have developed anxiety bc of the pandemic. Their humans stressed and that caused the pets to as well. The supplements don't knock them out or anything like that, it's not like a tranquilizer. They just help them better cope with stress. Plus, if she doesn't feel good that can also be a cause of stress/anxiety.
                    And yes, we also see frequently where spouse retraining is definitely needed to improve the furry kids behaviour. Everyone in the house has to be on the same page or it doesn't work.


                      So. My "yoga 1st thing" was, in my head, going to be sun salutations. Then this morning I was awake for over an hour before I was willing to get out of bed, bc I did not want to do sun salutations, but I did not want to fail on a habit on 1st fucking day >.> so ya. It is now revised to "10+ mins of whatever yoga I feel like doing" LOL I just fucking hate Downward Dog, honestly. I know that means I need to do more of it but, meh.

                      Today was a lower body mostly kettlebell workout, comprised of 20 mins of "things I was willing to do" in 2 sets of 10 each... but ending in a 3+ min calf raise hold bc I was out of ideas but not out of time. Included b stance deads, single leg deads, side bend to leg raise, hip thrusts, bridges, bird dogs, split squats, side to side lunges, leg raises and idk what else.

                      Got my resume back, tho, and I like it, so I'm back to serious hunting.

                      Habits this week:
                      LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 0/1
                      Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 1/1
                      Some useful task before 10am 1/1
                      Yoga 1st 1/1
                      Learning/job hunting 1/1
                      Writing 1/1
                      (Yesterday) Fluids 1/1
                      (")2 Composed, Homemade Meals 1/1

                      Current streak 233


                        I had a meh morning, slept in, lollygagged, had a war with kitties (trying to feed them both when they cannot eat the same food is... unpleasant to say the least, I ended up bleeding).

                        But. I did my 10 mins of yoga (hatha on down dog).
                        Spent an hour looking for a job. Spent an hour updating goodreads (bc I am going to need to use this as an author). Did some writing. Bribed self to leave house w a sammich from deli.

                        Upperboody workout - tendon + w 5lbs, Builder w 10 BUT front raises not lateral, Chest and back light.

                        And got some more writing done. I need to keep moving.

                        Habits this week:
                        LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 1/2
                        Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 2/2
                        Some useful task before 10am 2/2
                        Yoga 1st 2/2
                        Learning/job hunting 1/1
                        Writing 1/1
                        (Yesterday) Fluids 1/2
                        (")2 Composed, Homemade Meals 2/2

                        Current streak 234


                          Naughty kitties! Hooray for getting things done!


                            Good luck with the job hunt and the cats.
                            I started reading the first book (werecoyote on tinder) and really funny.
                            Well just the first pages. I'm waiting for the weekend.


                              Doing a mid week habit change. "Do yoga 1st thing" was intended to get me moving sooner after waking up... bc once I get moving I stay moving. But what it actually did was cause me to not want to get out of bed when waking, bc I didn't want to do my yoga >.> Aparently, scheduling anything prior to coffee is a no. But, yoga is a good sort of low impact movement for me right now, so I'm still going to do 10 mins a day.

                              Today's non workout workout was 10 mins of yoga (quick flow on downdog) when I did feel like it, plus 10 mins of alternating sets of dead bugs and bird dogs.

                              I need to examine my sleep habits. When I am "normal" I average 7-7.5hrs of sleep a night w no alarm clock. Lately I'm averaging more than 9. I'm not sure if forcing myself to go back to my non depressed sleeping habits would help or not. I need this extra sleep bc being depressed is sapping my energy? Or is all this extra "wasted time" adding to my depression by being wasted time? I might start setting an alarm for 6am but just letting bedtime be whenever the hell I'm tired/bored to try to reset myself a bit.

                              Habits this week:
                              LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 2/3
                              Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 3/3
                              Some useful task before 10am 3/3
                              Yoga* 3/3
                              Learning/job hunting 3/3
                              Writing 3/3
                              (Yesterday) Fluids 2/3
                              (")2 Composed, Homemade Meals 3/3

                              Current streak 235


                                you are bored, depressed and haven't found a compelling reason to get out of bed. until you find a compelling reason to get up, you will fight getting out of bed. it's part of the human condition.