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    Originally posted by CODawn View Post
    I am still struggling to get back to a routine and I didn't even have COVID. This past year really fucked with my head.
    Here, here🍻😒


      last year got us all like


        CODawn DorothyMH Trbrat75 I see we are all in the same shitty boat... glad someone brought beers at least >.>

        Today I was feeling a bit low energy. My useful thing before 10 was organizing a shelf/hallway area that has been threating to just turn into a pile, I wrote (well, edited) for an hour, and I am about to head out for a walk to run errands.

        I also managed to order the rest of the things I need for my plumbing project with only 1 extra thing thrown in (miter box, bc I was 4$ short for free shipping and 5$ miter box > 10$ shipping fee) (well, 2, I need extra hacksaw blades eventually but they weren't strictly necessary right this min). It is SO hard for me not to just buy 10000000000000 things every time I look at anything at a hardware store. First of all, I want shit I have no need for just to have it in case of zombie apocalypse or some shit (sledgehammer, fire axe, blow torch, maybe a Sawzall) but also I just like tools. Oooooo a set of plyers that all match might be nice... and I could technically find use for a pipe wrench even tho I have a fuckoff huge crescent wrench that would work for that...let's go look at new nobs for my dresser while I'm here, and maybe just this huge box of nuts, bolts, and screws just bc, and extra clamps might come in handy and... I normally just go to my tiny local place and hand the guy my list (altho they are non maskers so I'm avoiding them atm) or w bigger stores I need to take backup with me to stop that sort of thing/literally show someone more responsible my cart vs my list when I'm shopping online. So I'm pretty happy w myself for being a responsible grownup.

        Did 20 mins of restorative yoga w Down Dog as my workout.

        Habits this week:
        Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 2/2
        Some useful task before 10am 2/2
        Learning/Writing 2/2
        (Yesterday's) Fluids 2/2

        Current streak 221


          ...i see something shhhiiinnnyyy!!! Oh..I need this for that. Man, I really need to get one of these...oooohhhh...thats cool! My (insert random thing here) is crap I need a new one

          Yeah...lets just say I do that too


            Lol 'rin, you sound just like my husband
            I cannot fathom why we have to have aaaaaalllllllll the different type of screws, when every time we work on a project we need to go to the store because the "right" type of screws is missing!


              Originally posted by Anek View Post
              Lol 'rin, you sound just like my husband
              I cannot fathom why we have to have aaaaaalllllllll the different type of screws, when every time we work on a project we need to go to the store because the "right" type of screws is missing!
              LMAO at y’all!!! Sounds JUST like MY husb too!!!!! And we have a store room the size of ‘rin’s apartment so, you can imagine how much stuff gets bought for....what?


                I'm glad I'm not alone, even if tool geek-ness is sort of a guy thing usually lol.

                I have not left the house yet but... I want a pizza for dinner, I will make myself go get it instead of ordering >.>

                My day started so productive, even tho I lacked sleep (idk wtf got into me last night, I just couldn't settle). I got garbage/recycling out early. I made some pumpkin/protein cake. Then...
                I did Jacked. With 10lbs. And got (irrationally, I know) angry at myself for how much my fitness level has fallen off in the last year. This used to be an easy workout I did when I didn't want to work out... today it was actually WORK. Fuck.
                Played some Route 0 w a friend, talked to someone else awhile, and then distracted myself.... I wanted to do more redecorating (which is not free) so I did it virtually.
                I did a bit of editing but got stuck.. counting working on outfit board for some characters as writing labor.

                Tomorrow will be a better fucking day.

                Habits this week:
                LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 3/3
                Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 3/3
                Some useful task before 10am 3/3
                Learning/Writing 3/3
                (Yesterday's) Fluids 3/3

                Current streak 222


                  At least the crap you buy that you don't need right now is cool and potentially useful some day.
                  My vice is flavoured lip balm. I must have ALL the flavours. I don't even want to know how much lip balm I have in stock now. But if the zombie apocalypse does come, and you all get chapped lips because nobody is manufacturing lip balm anymore, come and see me. Seriously. I have enough to outfit several people for life.


                    LOL Rainbow Dragon ... I think everyone collects something small like that. It's neat what we all gravitate towards.

                    Today was cold enough that it's ok I didn't leave the house (more than 10 below freezing + gale warning winds). I will need to go out tomorrow for coffee cream unless I am willing to just drink flavored coffee bc I may have pumpkin spice creamer (I am not willing to just drink flavored coffee) (maybe if its very cold I will drink black tea instead of coffee) (grudgingly).

                    I slept in, could not get moving this morning (useful thing was dusting bookcases at 9:45 when I looked at time and freaked out), and spent most of the day basically popping popcorn and watching the Reddit vs WallStreet stuff. I have always disliked the idea of short sale trading bc 1- it just seems meanspirited, you profit if someone's business is failing because their business is failing and 2- if there is enough short selling of a particular stock going on it can actually artificially deflate the value of the stock and cause the conditions the short sellers were looking for. So the fact this wallstreet disruption was aimed at short seller just amuses the hell out of me, honestly. I fucking love it. But. I've had to have like 10 conversations w friends/family members about how this does not effect them (unless they bought that stock back in the day, in which case awesome) bc their investments are all 401ks/IRAs/Index Funds and other managed things like that that are not involved in options trading, and any blips in the market as a whole bc of this mess will eventually correct. (My friends/family w enough money to be involved in this sort of nonsense have financial advisors to bother, so I was spared.) 2 of these conversations were with people who would have formerly had that convo w my dad, which left me feeling both sad and honored. (One actually opened the phonecall with "Can you do what your dad used to and explain to me why I don't need to worry about this mess?".)

                    Did do a leg workout w kettlebell this morning, tho. 25lb bell, 3x through a circut of
                    16 b stance deads
                    10 swings
                    16 side to side lunges
                    8 sumo goblet squats
                    Then Iron Bar.

                    My hour of learning was a bunch of reading on Salesforce page.

                    Habits this week:
                    LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 3/4
                    Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 4/4
                    Some useful task before 10am 4/4
                    Learning/Writing 4/4
                    (Yesterday's) Fluids 4/4

                    Current streak 223


                      Wow, what a complement and an honor, as you said.


                        Btw I want to add congrats on your composed outfit achievement! I have been wearing the same four pairs of leggings and sweater dress combinations since September!


                          Honestly DorothyMH it made me tear up a bit.
                          And LOL Anek that could still pass my rule... as long as every day was a combo that I neither wore yesterday nor slept in >.>

                          Today was a copout/walk >.>
                          But I did do an hour of salesforce reading, at least.
                          And I cooked brunch AND have dinner in the oven.
                          Even small steps are ok if they're in the right direction >.>

                          Habits this week:
                          LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 4/5
                          Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 5/5
                          Some useful task before 10am 5/5
                          Learning/Writing 5/5
                          (Yesterday's) Fluids 5/5

                          Current streak 224


                            Workout- easy whole body circuit w bar (15lbs), 12/10/8/6 reps except front raise which was 6/5/4/3
                            curtsy lunges, b stance good mornings, millitary press, bent row, front raise

                            Got up early, sorted banking, filed UI, played some mtg w sleep_twitch, played some ffxiv w friends, caught up w bff on Skype, helped a friend here research no fault divorces (counting as learning, lol) (no drama...she and some guy got married fairly young and decided fairly quickly it was a silly idea, they've been separated 10ish years and he has a 3 year old kid w someone else but they just never filed it), bribed self to leave house w a cheeseburger, just a lazy sunday.

                            Habits this week:
                            LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 5/6
                            Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 6/6
                            Some useful task before 10am 6/6
                            Learning/Writing 6/6
                            (Yesterday's) Fluids 6/6

                            Current streak 225


                              This habit cycle I did petty well... did not leave house twice but it was due to weather (actual blizzard right now). Got 5 workouts in instead of the RX of 4, will keep 4+ as my goal this week but will reset my timer for "I don't wanna" workouts from 15 mins to 20. Splitting learning and writing into 2 goals, I need to do both every day. Also going to add a rule of 2 "self composed meals" (ie containing protein and a vegetable/fruit + homemade (frozen steam in bag veggie blends count as homemade, for now)) a day, bc I have been eating like an unsupervised 8 year old and inadequate nutrition during the day = everything carbish I can find at bed time. (Like fluids, I'll track "yesterday's" today).

                              Today I slept WAY in which is odd and maybe means I'm sick but also means Shark Cat is actually improving and it is not just wishful thinking on my part bc she let me actually sleep until 8am >.>

                              Today's workout was Upper body version instagram things ish. Did 1 round of this then decided shoulders were not in the mood, actually. Then started this w 15lbs ... did 1st 3 exercises then shoulder was making some strange clicking noise on pullovers so I stopped that. Ditto the around the worlds. Did the rotations w 8lbs tho. Started Easy Abs challenge also, while I was on floor anyway from floor press.

                              Habits this week:
                              LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 5/7
                              Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 7/7
                              Some useful task before 10am 7/7
                              Learning/Writing 7/7
                              (Yesterday's) Fluids 7/7

                              Current streak 226


                                Doing good with your habits, stay safe during the blizzard (good memories of Buffalo, LOL), and head scritches to Shark Kitty!