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    I think there’s a better one out there for you, too. Hang in there. Taking out the trash is a good metaphor


      Positive vibes!


        sleep_twitch gave me an earbug ...


          I'm sorry you didn't get the job


            You guys and gals are awesome.

            I sulked today. And felt bleh. And didn't leave the house.

            But, I did this for 15 mins.

            Watching dick van dyke show bc he's a fkn genius.

            Habits this week:
            LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 4/5
            Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 5/5
            Some useful task before 10am 5/5

            Current streak 217


              I'm sorry about the job, The tapestry looks so nice as well as all the remotes and screens I couldn't watch the inauguration either. I just waited for it to end and watched the "highlights". I hope you are feeling better, physically and emotionally


                Did not do anything useful before 10am. I was gaming. Although I totally could/should of taken garbage out 1st so shame on me.

                I am in a rediculous slump emotionally, and not quite sick (sniffles, weird sleep, the sort of crabbyness I associate w being ill, but no fever and neg covid test so at least I'm not terrified on top of it) physically.

                Bills game has me both amused and sad. Amused bc them and superbowls was why I stopped watching football so maybe they will break their curse. Sad bc my dad would of loved to see it.

                But hey... I have some hope w my shitty kitty now. She will actually eat the RX dry food (unlike the RX wet), and after just a day she already is slightly less messily shitty.

                My workout was a walk to get bagle w lox bc Sunday, ofc.

                Habits this week:
                LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 5/6
                Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 6/6
                Some useful task before 10am 5/6

                Current streak 218


                  I'm glad she's feeling a bit better


                    Do you give yourself extra points or make up your day of NOT “leaving fucking house” if you leave TWICE in one day? If it were me, I would get out one more time today and “catch up!” Just because it’s good for you!


                      I'm glad shitty kitty is less shitty. I hope you get out of your slump soon.



                          Hang in there Rin


                            Next week's habits adds -
                            100oz non booze fluids(will mark from the day before)
                            Learning/Writing - at least 1 hr on lessons or book project a day

                            In last 7 days I did 3 actual workouts. Next/this week I'll try for 4.

                            Today I walked, and it is chores day.

                            Habits this week:
                            LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 6/7
                            Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 7/7
                            Some useful task before 10am 6/7

                            Current streak 219


                              Today I did an Upper body strength workout - Started with Tendon + (5lbs), then Builder (8lbs), then did 1 round of Magician as a cooldown + some yoga. I could let the fact that builder at that weight used to be my no rests warmup fuck with my head (and actually, I did just a little bit) but really... between then and now I had an injury that fucked me up, upper body workout wise, for a year. Then the pandemic hit right when I was really getting back to things. So no proper gym + 6 weeks of schrodinger's illness (and covid has some after effects on strength/athletic ability if it was that) + less movement overall bc no more commute + economic stress + loss of my father and the associated grief... I should not be surprised that this has thrown my level of training all to shit. But hey, I know what I did in the first place to get from here to there, and I can skip a few mistakes that I made along the way while I redo it.

                              Did a French lesson on my walk today and registered manuscript for a copywrite - I know it is done "automatically" upon publishing but having spoken to several several people who have self published things, it is apparently actually a good idea to just pay the 35$ and do it officially on the gov site.

                              Habits this week:
                              LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 1/1
                              Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 1/1
                              Some useful task before 10am 1/1
                              Learning/Writing 1/1
                              (Yesterday's) Fluids 1/1

                              Current streak 220


                                I am still struggling to get back to a routine and I didn't even have COVID. This past year really fucked with my head.