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    I hope you feel better soon.


      thanks CODawn Trbrat75 Whirly NancyTree sleep_twitch TheLibrarian DorothyMH Gandhalfit
      Today I just did fitxmas and advent (wtf holding arms up 4 mins got broken into 4 segments) and I will do some downdog yoga later.

      I will try to be useful today as yesterday I failed.

      *100oz of non booze fluid 3/3
      *Water > coffee 3/3
      *2+ lean protein2/3
      *2+ fruit/veg 2/3
      *2 - treats 3/3
      *Gtfo house 2/3
      ​​​*60+ active mins 2/3
      *Darebee 3/3
      *Yoga 3/3
      Self Care:
      *Composed outfit 3/3
      *French lesson 3/3
      *1 hr productive relaxation 3/3
      *4 hrs usefulness 2/3
      *CRM 3/3
      *Sleep 1/3*
      *Hygiene 3/3

      Current streak 169


        "I'm feeling mostly better, I'm going to be productive today"


        It's 11am, I am not even on third coffee, and I just made myself cry listing to some fucking christmas carol so ya, today might not be a great day. Rainy days never are my favorites, which isn't helping, esp bc since I'm sick I cannot do that "cathartic walk in the rain who cares you get soaked to the skin" thing bc that would just make me sicker.


        But, I did work out, at least. I've been stuck on sparta bc jump squats w sinus headache seems like a bad idea, so instead of stalling indefinitely I skipped that day and will go back for it.
        Sparta lv1 day 22
        20 min down doga hatha beginner 1
        fit xmas squats
        upper body advent day 5

        Also I need to be smarter about food today bc yesterday was a bit of a mess.

        *100oz of non booze fluid 4/4
        *100oz of non booze fluid 4/4
        *Water > coffee 4/4
        *2+ lean protein2/4
        *2+ fruit/veg 3/4
        *2 - treats 3/4​
        *Gtfo house 3/4
        ​​​*60+ active mins 2/4
        *Darebee 4/4
        *Yoga 4/4
        Self Care:
        *Composed outfit 4/4
        *French lesson 4/4
        *1 hr productive relaxation 4/4
        *4 hrs usefulness 2/4
        *CRM 4/4
        *Sleep 2/4
        *Hygiene 4/4

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              Get well soon


                Hugs, and a joyful Christmas carol to bring your mood up.


                  Thanks sleep_twitch CODawn Gandhalfit PetiteSheWolf
                  Today is better already. Still sinus misery, but, starting to recover. Felt bad for half a min for not going to boot camp today but they canceled bc cold anyway.

                  Got up mega early to play mtg draft/brawl with sleep_twitch and a gaming buddy and one of his friends. There is something awesomely nostalgic for me about getting up early to game with people on EU time, lol. I did it for yeaarrrrrrsssss during my ffxi endgame days to do salvage - team was me, 1 gal in new zealand, and a bunch of ppl in europe so 6am my time weekend mornings was the only time that worked for us all. And idk if any of you did salvage in ffxi, but rdm-ing THAT, with ppl who did not want to use any sort of voip, and who consistently won (I was so proud of my morrigan robe zomg), required being really on the ball. The group was SO good that the whm and I would do this sheninagain where we were only "allowed" to use regen for 1st floor, and the 1st one of us who "panicked" and cast a cure spell on floor 2 "lost". Well... until the melees figured out we were doing that and read us the riot act (after MONTHS mind you).

                  But ya. I hate that it has taken a global pandemic keeping ppl cooped up in their houses and me losing my damned job to make it happen but, I really treasure Sunday morning social gaming.

                  I need to accomplish things today, I am starting to feel "stuck".

                  But, I did not accomplish Sparta bc it was a hard one. Put it off. Instead...
                  Fit xmas arms day lv2, upper body advent calendar, and Total Control lv1 bc I've been meaning to do that one.
                  Then some "rin's favorite yoga poses" to finish up time.

                  *100oz of non booze fluid 5/5
                  *Water > coffee​ 5/5
                  *2+ lean protein 3/5
                  *2+ fruit/veg 4/5
                  *2 - treats 4/5
                  *Gtfo house 3/5
                  ​​​*60+ active mins 2/5​
                  *Darebee 5/5 ​​
                  *Yoga 5/5
                  Self Care:
                  *Composed outfit 5/5
                  *French lesson 5/5
                  *1 hr productive relaxation 5/5 ​​
                  *4 hrs usefulness 2/5
                  *CRM 5/5
                  *Sleep 2/5
                  *Hygiene 5/5

                  Current streak 171


                    Meh. Fit xmas/advent/yoga. I am trying to cheer self up watching musicals >.>

                    *100oz of non booze fluid 6/6
                    *Water > coffee 6/6​ ​
                    *2+ lean protein 4/6
                    *2+ fruit/veg 5/6
                    *2 - treats 5/6
                    *Gtfo house 4/6
                    ​​​*60+ active mins 3/6
                    *Darebee 6/6​​​​​
                    *Yoga 6/6​​​​
                    Self Care:
                    *Composed outfit 6/6​​​​
                    *French lesson 5/6​​​​
                    *1 hr productive relaxation 6/6​​​​​
                    *4 hrs usefulness 2/6
                    *CRM 6/6​​
                    *Sleep 3/6
                    *Hygiene 6/6​​​​

                    Current streak 172



                        Musicals are fun, if they’re the right ones. My Fair Lady? Music Man? The King and I?


                          Do you ever know EXACTLY what you need to do to get out of whatever mess you are in and just.. not do it? Any of it? Actively resent the existence of such things that might help you?

                          That is pretty much me last week.

                          I KNOW I feel better emotionally when I eat reasonably healthy food. Instead I had a day where 80% of my intake was chorizo, another when 90% was cheetos, and overall a lack in veggies and lean proteins.

                          I KNOW I need to light a fire under my ass jobhunt wise, bc after Jan 1 I've only got either 13 or 20 weeks of UI left and it's emergency UI so idk if it is even "full" amount or how anything works concerning it or how to apply for it or even if it is 13 or 20. Instead, even tho I got a great lead on a new place to job hunt, I only applied for 3 things this week.

                          I KNOW I need to watch what I'm doing financially in light of the above, instead I went overboard on decorative candles for some relatives I'll see day after xmas that are not even normally on my gift list (actually, managed to cancel this bc it was backordered, save)(and this was after I decided to only do gifts for mom and step mom and just buy a ton of holiday cards and postage w the rest of the sensible budget), bought some athleisure stuff that has apparently gotten lost in the post so now I have a project bc they suck (do not buy from fabletics, their customer service is worse than garbage, why should *I* call the shipping company), bought takeout and pizza when there was food to easily cook in my freezer/cupboards, bought coffees out instead of making at home after I overspent to get a giant pile of my favorite keurig pods (tim hortons, pls don't judge), had to physically restrain myself from buying more doc martens (I have 6 pairs, I wear sneakers/my chucks when I go out lately) and stupidly expensive long drapey hoodies (which NEVER will look the way on me that I want them to so IDK why I am trying to spend 300$ to look like Brienne of Tarth and be upset about it).

                          I KNOW my story/universe idea is one that could eventually make me real money, and yet I haven't even opened word processing file all week.

                          I KNOW I feel better in a clean environment. AND that step mom is coming here for a few days after other relatives between xmas and new years and I would be embarrassed to let her see me living this way. I'm still sitting w a pile of laundry on my couch as the cleanest thing around me and nothing done.

                          I KNOW both that I am happier when I exercise daily AND that it takes energy to force myself to do workouts that I'm not enjoying... and instead of giving up on Sparta which I've been hating since like day 10 I just let putting it off mean that my activity was mostly just walks.

                          But hey, I also know this is not the first mess that I've been in and found my way out of. I am resourceful, and smart, and have recently learned how to ask for help, even. I should stop being so lackadaisical, but, something will shake out.

                          So, what did I do all week besides eat junk food,spend money, and avoid sparta, cleaning, and responsibilities? Well, I did at least walk, do yoga, finish fit xmas, and go to gym group so I kept my streak. Got something like 100 holiday cards sent out (even if my handwriting was total shit by the time I was done). Had a real conversation with my Mom. Did, actually, find a new place to look for jobs. Shark cat is tolerating her new med w no change in quality of life (was even playing, and is back to trying to run in hallway). And decided to abandon Sparta, bc I need to work out and I'm not happy to do that so I'll just pick workouts that I DO enjoy every day. Also I re-read like 5 Larry Niven novels that I haven't read in 20+ years. He holds up, still some of the best ideas in sci fi, good enough to make up for actually mediocre writing in anything longer than a short story. His stuff w Pournell is fucking awesome (Mote in God's Eye and its sequel rock) and OMG the Gil the Arm stories are only slightly less awesome than Draco's Tavern.

                          Oh, and thanks VacTom for encouragement. Also DorothyMH it was guys and dolls ... back in my theatre days "Adelaid's Lament" was my song whenever I auditioned for anything that required singing. Easy mezzo range and enough acting in the song to distract from the fact I can only sort of sing.

                          Also thanks sleep_twitch for poking me to check in.

                          Current streak 178


                            Originally posted by 'rin View Post
                            Do you ever know EXACTLY what you need to do to get out of whatever mess you are in and just.. not do it? Any of it? Actively resent the existence of such things that might help you?
                            100% Yes... all the time. I don't really have any words of wisdom, other than to be gentle with yourself and do what you can, one day at a time. And, it is great that you can recognize the things you did accomplish, even if you wish you had done more or done things differently.

                            Sending you hugs for a better week ahead You got this!


                              I read your post multiple times, and still do not have the right words, or even wisdom, advice for you. Because for my part I don’t have the right answers at hand either. Always experimenting, adapting and hoping for the best in the end. One step at a time, one day after the other. Some side-road finally gets back to the main-road and me back on track, mostly. So, what works for one, does not work for others. But it is great that you know some stuff that makes you feel better. Thats a great thing. and as you said, you are resourceful and smart, and I know you will find a way that suits you in the end. There is always light at the end of a tunnel. In the meantime, sending hugs your way, and if you need anything, no matter what, just reach out to us, we are here for you. .


                                Big hugs, and Mademoiselle Luna sends purrs. Adulting sometimes sucks, right?! So a good rant is always allowed, and may help. After rant is done, counting the good things - like you just did, is actually the healthy thing to do, so kudos for two good steps in managing that weird thing called living.