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    Ok. New habits. Starting them today will, track a day delayed.

    *100oz of non booze fluid
    *Water > coffee (needs its own rule again bc I've been misbehaving)
    *2+ serving lean protein
    *2+ serving fruit/veg
    *2 or less servings junk
    (Trying to set some sort of guidelines w out making the sort of rules that lead to disorder bc I've been eating like an unsupervised 8 year old and not having energy to work out properly doesn't help my mental health. Going for "gentle nutrition".)

    *Gtfo house
    ​​​*60+ active mins

    Self Care:
    *Composed outfit (not yesterday's god damnit)
    *French lesson
    *1 hr productive relaxation (ie, gaming, reading a book, watching something new w hubby... not mindless scrolling, (re)watching comforting nonsense while scrolling, or reading aita on redit/not always right)
    *4 hrs usefulness (learning something (french lesson counts but it doesn't count double if listning to Pimsleur while working on chores), cleaning house, working on writing project, doing errands, cooking, working on xmas project, sorting bills, job hunting etc)
    *CRM ((co)rin(ne) relationship management)(I want to isolate atm, and this is maladaptive. I need to reach out of my current social bubble w at least a txt or email every day, enough to stay connected to the universe.)
    *Sleep - up before 6:30 and not in bed before 9 unless sick (sleeping too much or putting myself in some strange mid Atlantic timezone is not healthy)


      Got an actually good workout in today, if a bit slowly bc some sinus misary.

      Upperbody Advent <3 whomever linked this one
      Fit xmas day 2 lv 3 (3 sets, rest, 2 rest, 2 rest)
      Sparta 19 15lb dumbbells part 2, lv3 part 2, odd # sets w 2lb weights, even empty-handed

      Current streak 166


        I hope you and shark cat both feel better soon


          Go, go, go @‘rin with new habits!


            Sounds like a great plan that wins the day


              Thanks Whirly DorothyMH TheLibrarian
              Today's sparta was easy, but I was feeling more annoyed w it than anything else so I did lv1.
              Also did fit xmas day 3 as step jacks, and upper body advent calendar day 2.

              Did a downdog restorative yoga for 30 mins.

              I know that my "habits" seem like a lot all at once, but, this is mostly stuff I was trying to do anyway that I am now tracking (and "reasonable nutrition" codified). I am in a pit, and I need to start building a ladder.

              Also adding hygiene to self care. Every day might not require a shower (and my wavy hair is much better behaved if it is not washed every day, frankly) and I'm already washing hands 1000 times between corona worries and cleaning up after shitty-shark-kitty but, skincare needs to not be neglected zomg. If I am consistent w my fairly basic skincare, my skin is clear. If I am not, I very quickly get rosacea pigmentation showing and forehead acne bonanza.... I don't want to not get fucking job once I eventually get a damned interview bc my face looks a mess (which is a thing that can happen in customer facing jobs so...) so I need to keep up w that. It becomes a 2 week process of more expensive products and more extensive regime to fix once I let it get out of hand, so I just need to stay on it. (My normal routine = wash once a day w 1 of 3 cleansers depending what it's doing (twice if I wear makeup during day and need to remove at night); toner (one of 2) twice a day; sunscreen if out more than 30 mins/out at all w out cap; maybe lotion or bb cream depending; clay mask once every 10 days or so. If it gets out of hand I need to wash more often w specific cleanser, use harsher toner 3-4 times a day + light moisturizer after, and use stupidly expensive salicylic acid spot treatment daily + clay mask every 3 days for like 2 weeks to fix it.)

              Hit all goals yesterday, even if I did just relisten to an old french lesson on Pimsleur while I cleaned up the house. I was in a much better mood when hubby got home from work than I have been lately, and was less surley about catering to him/his cat (she wants to sit in his lap basically as soon as he gets home, and atm we don't want to move her till she wants to move, so ofc I need to hand/bring him everything so that we do not disturb her while she is comfortable).

              *100oz of non booze fluid 1/1
              *Water > coffee 1/1
              *2+ lean protein1/1
              *2+ fruit/veg1/1
              *2 - treats1/1
              *Gtfo house1/1
              ​​​*60+ active mins1/1
              Self Care:
              *Composed outfit 1/1
              *French lesson 1/1
              *1 hr productive relaxation 1/1
              *4 hrs usefulness 1/1
              *CRM 1/1
              *Sleep 1/1
              *Hygiene 1/1

              Current streak 167


                one day at a time 'rin, you got this


                  thanks Trbrat75 so do you, you know <3

                  Yesterday's CRM included an inadvertent phone convo w my aunt (I just txted for her address for card project, lol) as well as being neighborly (a few ladies were decorating entry way as I went through to head out and mentioned they were 1 string of lights short for the tree... I have lights, I never actually put them up, and I'm a coop owner anyway so it's not like this isn't sort of my building so... I went and snagged my string to donate to the cause).

                  Yesterday's usefulness included sorting out addresses for xmas/hannukah/new years/boxing day cards into a group in my phone (if you want one, pm me soon) and doing a deep dive into budget bc I know I'm not making much on unemployment but I'm taking more out of savings each month then I like and idk wtf it's being spent on.

                  So yes, I *do* need to be a bit more mindful about not ordering takeout, and cooking things that include the ingredients already in my house but... it's the cat LOL. As well as shitting on everything I own... between vet visits, the plethora of money spent on paper towels, ubers to the vet visits, and the sheer variety of food I have bought trying to get her to eat nutritious things (seriously,I have 4 types of RX food, 3 types of fancy feast, 2 types of treats (hard and broth), pouches of rabbit in gravy from some hippy brand, powdered kitten formula, and high calorie gel) .... I have spent an average of 150$ a week on this cat for the last 15 weeks. She has outlived the average for what she probably has, and her quality of life is still really good outside of the 15 or so mins a day she is shitting and uncomfortable about it, so I don't begrudge her it. At least I know where the hell my money has gone, LOL. I was starting to think there was some identity theft or some shit. Nope, just cat shit.

                  Also I am properly sick. Fucking sinus infection. One of the few traits I inherited from my father which I never like. (Some, like stubbornness, can be double edged but often useful. My "prone to make me sick for no damn reason at least 3 times a year" sinuses tho? Always hate.)

                  So today was just advent calendar and fit xmas, plus some self guided yoga, and I'm not leaving the fucking house and who cares if I sleep extra.

                  *100oz of non booze fluid 2/2
                  *Water > coffee 2/2
                  *2+ lean protein2/2
                  *2+ fruit/veg 2/2
                  *2 - treats 2/2
                  *Gtfo house 2/2
                  ​​​*60+ active mins 2/2
                  *Darebee 2/2
                  *Yoga 2/2
                  Self Care:
                  *Composed outfit 2/2
                  *French lesson 2/2
                  *1 hr productive relaxation 2/2
                  *4 hrs usefulness 2/2
                  *CRM 2/2
                  *Sleep 1/2*
                  *Hygiene 2/2

                  Current streak 168


                    Awe, I hope you feel better soon! Sinus infections suck



                        Healing vibes! ​​​​​​

                        I feel you on the costs for elderly cat. Next time we have a rental car, I will make the local shelter really happy with all the food I bought for grandpa cat that he ate for a few days and then started vomiting again ​​​​​


                          Feel better soon!


                            aweeee This is very disheartening. I hope you will get well very soon, Shark cat too and Grandpa Cat also.


                              Feel better, soon,@rin.


                                Ough, vet costs are no fun.. And sinus infection neither... Hope you both will heal up soon!